Anno 1800 x Art4Fans – art prints for your home

Hey Anno Community,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Art4Fans!

Together we’re bringing five selected Anno 1800 artworks as deluxe prints to the Art4Fans store.

Art4Fans, located in the heart of Montreal, offers high-quality artworks designed for art fans and also works with, for example, our colleagues at Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege.

Fitting to Anno 1800’s birthday, you can choose from large posters, framed or canvas prints of artworks ranging from the popular Anno 1800 key art, over the world expo, the busy city streets and vibrant cities to the zeppelin in the Arctic.

We hope you like the selection!


Head over to the Art4Fans store and bring a piece from the world of Anno 1800 to your home!

And that’s not all: Tomorrow we’ll be giving away five framed artworks to random winners via our official Twitter account. Keep an eye on our channel tomorrow afternoon!

Play Anno 1800 for free from November 2nd – 6th!

Hey Anno Community – and everyone who wants to join it!

You can try Anno 1800 for free on PC from November 2nd to November 6th!

The ideal opportunity to tell your friends and acquaintances about your time in the 19th century. Build cities together, set up trade networks, discover new regions and vie with competitors for the control of the seas.

With this Free Weekend on Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store and Steam you will be able to access the full base-game of Anno 1800 and play solo, PvP or co-op with others!

Love it so much you want to keep playing – or successfully convinced your friends? – Just make use of the current discount on the store and simply continue your savegame where you left off!

And if you’re looking for additional challenges or more options to beautify your cities, there’s loads of content to discover. Grab the full Anno 1800 experience with the Definitive Annoversary Edition or pick and choose which DLC and Cosmetic DLC you want to add to your game!

Enjoy the Anno 1800 Free Weekend – and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Discover the new Definitive Annoversary Edition

Hey Anno Community,

It’s been a while since Anno 1800’s release and over the last years we released a lot of content. It’s time to bundle all those DLC in a “mega pack” of sorts, right?

Let us announce the “Anno 1800 Definitive Annoversary Edition” which includes all DLC content for the game, including all Cosmetic DLC. The perfect bundle for that one friend who doesn’t yet own Anno 1800!

Additionally, we’re releasing a new Gold Edition and a second Cosmetic DLC bundle.

When, you might ask? Well, today, October 17th!

Let’s take a more detailed look at these new digital editions and bundles:

Anno 1800 – Definitive Annoversary Edition

This new complete includes the Anno 1800 base game, all 4 Season Passes, all Cosmetic DLC and the Deluxe Pack. In short: it includes all types of DLC that we have released and will release for the game. The Definitive Annoversary Edition is priced at 129,99€ (or regional equivalent).

Anno 1800 – Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes the base game, all 4 Season Passes and the Deluxe Pack. This means this edition focuses solely on gameplay DLC – but of course gives you the option to buy the Cosmetic DLC separately. The new Gold Edition is priced at 99,99€

Anno 1800 – Cosmetic Pack Bundle 2

This new bundle contains Cosmetic DLC 7 to 16 and is priced at 39,99€. This comes in addition to the already existing Cosmetic Pack Bundle that includes the first 6 Cosmetic DLC.


These new digital editions are available right now and the “Definitive Annoversary Edition” and “Gold Edition” will replace the “Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4” and “Gold Edition Year 4” in the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and Steam Store.

Now, the ones of you with keen eyes will likely have spotted this very quickly: 16 Cosmetic DLC? And indeed, we can confirm that we’re planning to release three more Cosmetic DLC. These are already included in the price of the new editions and will release throughout 2024.

We can’t share more details on these future Cosmetic DLC quite yet – that will have to wait till 2024 – but maybe we’ll have a first little teaser at the end of this year? We shall see…


So, if you know someone who (shockingly!) does not yet own Anno 1800 or if you always wanted to give those Cosmetic DLC a try: This is as good of an opportunity as any!

Anno 1800 x – the mod browser is coming

Hey Anno Community,

You remember April, when we unintentionally released the integrated mod loader? Well, technically that was only one part of our modding support plans for Anno 1800 on PC, so, let’s talk about part 2 today!

Over the last months we have been working together with the team at on a more comfortable way to use mods: A dedicated mod browser for Anno 1800!

Not only will this enable you to find, activate and use mods much quicker than before, but it also gives all of you who are creating all those fantastic mods for Anno 1800 a spotlight right in the game! partnership

To achieve this, we are partnering with, a platform for UGC (User Generated Content), who are already supporting over 150 other great games for millions of players. They helped us with integrating their browser into Anno 1800, ironing out any remaining issues and lending us their expertise for a smooth release.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Ubisoft, powering official mod support for Anno 1800. As a pillar of the strategy genre, it’s fitting that Anno continues to lead the way by providing players with new experiences, while celebrating its jubilee. Bringing mods to the forefront, to players in-game and on the Anno Union, we’re proud to collaborate with Ubisoft, and the creators they inspire,”
said Scott Reismanis, CEO and Co-founder of

It’s been a pleasure working with the team from and we hope you’re all just as excited as we are for letting you use this new feature to customize your Anno 1800 experience to your needs with mods from our fantastic community.

Mod Browser Functionality

Let’s talk about this UGC solution for a moment then: The mod browser for Anno 1800 on PC will allow you to browse through all available mods directly within the game itself or in a web browser via the website. You can then subscribe to any mods you like, prompting an automatic download and install. The already integrated mod loader will make sure the mods are recognised by the game and activated.

On, where the mods are being hosted, all Anno 1800 modders can set up pages for their creations, add descriptions and images as well as and see statistics on ratings, downloads and subscribers. Leave them a nice comment if you enjoy their mods!

You can also have a look at the available mods directly here on the Anno Union. On this page you can also find further resources and an FAQ for everything related to mod support.

Next Steps

So, what are the next steps? We are planning to release the update with the mod browser on August 22nd at 3PM CEST, together with the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC.

Already before that, however, starting today, our friends at and us will be launching the official Anno 1800 subpage on their platform. This will allow any of you modders to already upload your creations there and set up your pages – this way players can immediately find and use your mods on release day!

You can find the Anno 1800 hub on here:

Finally, and very importantly, we want to specifically say thank you to the group of modders who helped us test earlier versions of the mod browser integration and provided us with valuable feedback and bug reports. Your support was greatly appreciated and helped immensely with providing a much better user experience in the end!

This is an experiment for us, too, and we’re excited to release the mod browser in just a few weeks to further strengthen our awesome modding community!

The Anno Team

Revealing Anno 1800 Console Edition

Today, we’re very happy to reveal the Anno 1800 Console Edition!


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For the first time in Anno’s 25-year history, a core Anno game is launching on consoles, marking this not only an exciting step for us as a team, but for the Anno brand as a whole!

Anno 1800 Console Edition includes the full Anno 1800 base game experience with all major Free Game Updates released so far, with multiple improvements to make the game just as enjoyable on consoles as it is on PC. We will go into more detail on that in the next paragraph and future articles in the week until release.

Talking about the release: Anno 1800 Console Edition will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 16th this year!

Bringing Anno 1800 to consoles

For us as a team, this project was an exciting challenge, after years of PC-focused development for Anno. From the obvious use of a gamepad instead of mouse and keyboard to the larger distance between you as a player and your screen: many things had to be considered and redesigned.

At the same time, we were very excited to not only gather new experiences, professionally, but to also be able to bring our “baby” to new platforms and therefore a new audience.

You probably already noticed in the trailer above that we redesigned the full UI: The construction menu is now a radial menu – much easier to navigate with a gamepad – while other elements have moved to other parts of the screen. There are multiple further changes, like an enlarged region map to quickly jump between islands, the option to automatically build roads around building blocks and the Annopedia with lots of useful information on game mechanics and features, just to name a few.

Of course, you will also profit from various features that we developed for the PC version over the last years like the statistics screen to keep an overview of your production, population and finances, a day-and-night cycle to see your cities in a completely different light and co-op mode to tackle the challenges of the 19th century with friends and family. Like on PC, up to 16 players can join up for some fun multiplayer time.

If you’re curious how the Console Edition looks like in action: Please head on over to and check out the VOD of our reveal live stream!

Editions and Early Adopter Offer

Starting today, Anno 1800 Console Edition is available for pre-order in two versions:

The Standard Edition includes the base game and is priced at 40€.

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game as well as three Cosmetic DLC: The “Amusements” Pack, the “Pedestrian Zone” Pack and the “Vibrant Cities” Pack with more ornaments and building skins for your cities. It is priced at 50€.

The three Cosmetic DLC included in the Deluxe Edition, as well as all other Cosmetic DLC that have been released for the PC version so far, will also be available for individual purchase for the console version after release. The “Dragon Garden” Pack releasing in January on PC will also become available on consoles later this year.

Additionally, there’s a limited Early Adopter Offer if you pre-order the Console Edition or purchase it within the first 30 days after release (until April 16th). This bonus pack includes the Imperial and Console Founder pack with several additional skins, logos and ornaments as well as the digital artbook. And, in the meantime, if you cannot wait to listen again to the superb soundtrack of the game, it’s as always available on all main streaming platforms here!

Anno 1800 Console Edition will release on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on Thursday, March 16th. Until then, you can expect more news from us with a dedicated DevBlog on our work on the console version, as well as a trailer giving insights into the development process. We’ll also have several videos to help you get started in the world of Anno 1800. So: Stay tuned for the coming weeks, we’re excited to share more!

You can preorder Anno 1800 Console Edition right now for the platform of your choice by following this link:

Development of Anno 1800 Console Edition is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.

Union Update – Anno 2070 is getting an update

Hey Anno Community,

It’s time for an update on Anno 2070, we know many of you have been waiting for news.


We have worked hard this summer to update the game, upgrade and replace various legacy online services and test if it all runs smoothly in the end. Thank you to the testers from our community who helped us find some newly introduced bugs.


We started with Anno 2070’s singleplayer (campaign, sandbox, missions) as well as special features (the Ark, world events, the voting system and achievements), then tackled the multiplayer (regular versus mode, coop mode and domination mode) and the migration of player progression (old savegames, existing Ark with its items).

Today, we are happy to announce that we’ll be able to release an update to Anno 2070, that will allow you to continue to play the game past September 1st and hopefully for many more years to come.

After installing said update, you will be able to do World Events and vote in the regular council elections as you used to. You will also keep your full progression and be able to continue your existing savegames including your Arks and their content.

For the multiplayer fans, be it in coop mode or PvP, you dive right back into the Domination Mode or simply a regular multiplayer match.

In fact, your experience should even be a bit smoother now than before: We ported the game to 64bit, which enables the game to address all your PC’s memory. Additionally, the new online services should make for a nicer matchmaking experience. And you can still use the in-game friendslist to set up matches.

Anno 2070 will enter maintenance mode on September 6th at 6 AM UTC+2. During this maintenance, we’re going to migrate all your progression to the new version. This maintenance could take up to 24h, meaning that from September 7th, 6 AM UTC+2, onward, you can dive into the updated version of Anno 2070.

Be assured, we will give you an update as soon as the maintenance is over.


Thank you for your support – and a special shout-out to the small crew that worked on the update over the last months!

Please note: Due to the changes done, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that old mods etc. are still working in this new version of Anno 2070.

An update on the Green Game Jam & Ecologi

Hey Anno Community,

Today we have a great follow-up to the Green Game Jam topic: You might remember, last year we participated in the Green Game Jam (GGJ) organised by the UN.

The “Eden Burning” scenario we released for everyone in December 2021 was the result of it. It’s goal, aside from being a cool challenge for Anno fans, was to raise awareness for various environmental issues impacting forests world wide.

The scenario required you to construct a hydroelectric dam, to help the local population to become independent from oil. You also had to keep an eye on your eco balance, making sure soil, air and water quality was not reducing too far while investing into means to counteract the negative effects of your industry.

There was more than “only” the scenario, however, since we also released the “Plant A Tree” Cosmetic DLC at the same time. From each purchase, all net proceeds (that means after any fees or taxes are deducted) went to Ecologi, a social enterprise dedicated to the planting of trees.

The “Plant A Tree” CDLC was available until end of March of this year, and now with the administrative topics done, we can finally communicate on the results:

Thanks to your generous support,

Over 230,000 trees

were planted by Ecologi across several countries. Want to take a closer look? – You can keep track of the planted trees including their location on this website dedicated specifically to this project.

For us, those are some fantastic news. Exploring the subject was both fun and educational for us (and for you, too, we hope) and we’re happy to have such a great community that supported this project.

A big Thank You from the Anno Team!

Please note: The special Ceiba Tree ornament from the “Plant a Tree” CDLC will be added to Anno 1800 for free at the end of the year, as we communicated previously. 

Union Update – We’re entering the “Empires of the Skies”

Hey Anno Community,


We know you have been (im)patiently waiting for news on DLC 11 – Empire of the Skies – and we can now say: It’s time, we’re on the road to release!

In fact, we already kicked it off last Thursday: Have you ever seen such happy airships before?

Over the next weeks you can expect more news, teasers and of course the usual DevBlogs with details on the airships, the new scenario and of course DLC 11 itself while we’re nearing the release at the end of August. Follow us on Twitter to not miss out any news!

Something else you shouldn’t miss: Our DLC 11 live stream!

Mark August 9th in your calendars (that’s in exactly one week), since we’ll be showing off DLC 11 and its scenario in our live stream starting at 5PM CEST/UTC+2.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the chat next week on

Cosmetic DLC 9

We did say we wanted to give you an update on Cosmetic DLC 9 – the winner of the community vote – before we really started with our DLC 11 coverage.

Some of you may have already seen it in late July when we posted it on our social channels: Our Art Team wants to share a first glimpse at what they’re currently working on for the “Old Town Pack”. Having seen your comments during the vote, we’re sure a modular medieval city wall should make many of you quite happy, no? While the concepts for all ornaments in the pack are ready, we’re still working on the 3D models. More on Cosmetic DLC 9 later, after the release of “Empire of the Skies”.

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.

Union Update – An update on Anno 2070’s online services

Hello Anno Community,

Today we are informing you that  Ubisoft has decided to decommission online services for some older games on September 1st, including Anno 2070. You can find the full list of all impacted games here. And, as you know, Anno 2070 has several features tied to its online services.

That said, after an initial investigation, we have decided to dedicate some of our development resources to work on upgrading Anno 2070’s aged online services infrastructure to a new system, so that these features can continue to be used past the mentioned date. However, we cannot yet guarantee that we’ll be able to successfully upgrade/replace the old services as we’d like to.

Please note that until September 1st, the current online services will still be fully available. We will provide more detailed updates on the future of Anno 2070 in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for your understanding.

Announcing the Season 4 Pass

Hey Anno Community,

Earlier today we used our latest Dev-Stream to finally lift the curtain on the highly anticipated Season 4 Pass for Anno 1800, which will add three exciting new DLCs to the game throughout 2022. As mentioned, when we first teased Season 4 at the end of last year, the three new DLCs will focus on your New World region, giving you new optimisation opportunities, a new resident tier to attract and new islands to settle.

Each DLC will also ship with a scenario, providing brand new challenges outside of the main campaign or sandbox game.


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DLC 1 – Seeds of Change (releasing April 12th, 2022)

Season 4 kicks off in just two weeks with the first DLC – “Seeds of Change” – that allows you to revolutionize the agricultural sector of the New World.

To make this possible, you’ll first have to build the powerful Hacienda, which will become the agricultural hub of your New World empire. Construct and expand your own country estate with new ornaments as well as various highly efficient modules.

Those allow you, for example, to brew beer directly in the New World and house your population in more space-efficient residences. Benefit from the adoption of island-wide policies through the Hacienda and produce high-quality fertiliser to boost your local farms and even export it to the Old World.

The new scenario, Seasons of Silver, you will follow Vasco Oliveira’s story into a different part of the New World where you will need to face harsh weather conditions while fulfilling ever increasing silver production quotas.

DLC 2 – Empire of the Skies (planned for Summer 2022)

This summer, our second DLC, Empire of the Skies, will usher in the Age of Airships.

Using the latest construction materials from the New World, you can build a variety of new specialized airships.

Optimize your logistical network by transferring goods and workers between your islands in the New World, and keep your people connected with the new mail system.

Your tactical planning will also take on a whole new dimension as you and your competitors vie for aerial mastery.

Empire of the Skies we will also come with another new scenario. More details on this later this year.

DLC 3 – New World Rising (planned for late 2022)

Season 4 will come to its grand finale towards the end of the year.

With the third DLC, New World Rising, you will not only experience the industrial and economic boom of the New World first-hand, but also let your residents embrace their cultural roots and welcome a new population tier.

Discover a highly demanded feature introduced with New World Rising – newly discovered islands offer crucial additional building space to further expand your empire.

You get to enjoy the sight of colourful, thriving cities and build an iconic monument as the ultimate landmark for a self-confident identity of your New Worlds residents.

And like the two previous DLC, “New World Rising” is also accompanied by a scenario.

Bonus Content

While all DLCs will once again be available for stand-alone purchase, there are a few benefits for buyers of the Season 4 Pass. You will receive three exclusive ornaments upon the release of DLC 10, each of them themed after one of our new DLCs: the Ornamental Fountain, the Airship Monument and the Splendid Gateway. Buyers of the Season 4 Pass will also be able to get all three DLCs for 24,99€/$, which represents a saving of around 10€/$ versus individual purchases.

New ways to buy Anno 1800 for Season 4

While the Season 4 Pass is the best way to enjoy all the new content for our existing Anno 1800 players, we also want to offer new ways to users who want to jump into the age of the industrial revolution in time for Season 4. That is why we have created two new editions of the game that will be available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, starting today. At the same time, we are removing the previously available Gold Edition and Complete Editions for new buyers (existing owners will, of course, keep all their content, and still be able to re-download it in the future).

All these bundles below will be available from April 12th onwards.

Anno 1800: Complete Edition Year 4 – 119,99 €/$

The best way to jump aboard Anno 1800 is the new Complete Edition Year 4, which includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, as well as all four Season Passes. This edition represents savings of around 50€/$ versus buying all included content individually.


Anno 1800: Gold Edition Year 4 – 79,99€/$

If you just want to dive right into the new Season 4 content and worry that all previously released DLCs may overwhelm you, the Gold Edition Year 4 is the right choice for you. It includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, and the Season 4 Pass. This edition represents savings of around 15€/$ versus buying all included content individually.


We are, of course, also still offering the classic standard version of the game for 59,99€/ $, giving to anyone looking to build their personal industrial empire the maximum flexibility in how they want to get started.


“Cosmetic Pack” Bundle – 24,99€/$

In addition to these editions, you can now also buy all six Cosmetic DLC of the previous years in a dedicated Cosmetic DLC bundle. This bundle is perfect for all beauty builders and includes the “Holiday” Pack, “Amusements” Pack, “City Lights” Pack, “Vehicle Liveries” Pack, “Pedestrian Zone” Pack, and “Vibrant Cities” Pack.

Thank you all for your tireless passion and support for Anno 1800, which has not only allowed us to reach over 2M players by the end of 2021, but also to support the game with a fourth year of new content and free game updates that will improve the game for our community!


Stay safe,

The Anno 1800 Team

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.