The community - you - have always been not only one of the pillars for the success of the Anno games but also a source of inspiration and motivation for us here at Ubisoft Mainz. The Anno Union stands as a sign of the importance of our community for our projects. Reason enough, to dedicate a page on it to you, both as a resource as well as a thank you.

On this page, you can find links to all our official channels as well as download links for official wallpapers and artworks. Most importantly, though, this is the place where we feature and link to awesome community-created content like websites, community platforms where you can meet and talk to other Annoholics, and useful tools like calculators and layout designers.


*Please be aware that visiting any non-Ubisoft websites linked here happens at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any content posted on these websites or platforms.

Anno Social Channel

Wallpapers Download




The Annoverse is a Discord server created and managed by fans. The place to go to discuss all Anno titles, find people for a multiplayer match or have a chat with some of us from the team.

Anno Subreddit

With over 30,000 members, the Anno subreddit is a great place to share screenshots, discuss layouts and ask any questions you might have to the wider Anno community.

Other Community Platforms


  • Anno 1800 Modding Discord
    While using any kinds of mod happens at your own risk, you might want to visit this dedicated Discord to get some tips or discuss any mods, especially if you run into any problems.


  • Anno Designer Discord
    The place to go for discussions and work on the Anno Designer, a tool we’ve also linked below in the next section.

  • The Anno 1800 Wiki
    Probably THE place to go if you want to look up Anno 1800’s features and mechanics. Lovingly maintained and expanded by a small group of community members, this is ideal for new players to find answers to their questions and for veterans to share some of their knowledge about the game.


  • Various Calculators
    Different community members created and updated calculators over the past years to help with figuring out the perfect number of production buildings for your population without wasting space, money and valuable resources. Follow the link for an overview of the most up-to-date ones with their individual features.


  • Annolayouts
    A little bit of everything, this website not only has efficient layouts for all production chains but also info on all items, the Docklands import goods as well as monuments and their respective function like all research projects or all World’s Fair options.


  • Anno Designer
    Talking about layouts, to play around with various layouts, be it for efficiency or beauty building to make the most out of your islands’ limited space, the Anno Designer is a great tool. Downlod it, extract it and launch the .exe file.


  • Anno Speedruns
    You might not believe it, but there’s a dedicated section for Anno 1800 speedruns on “”. If you want to try to beat a record or have already achieved one of your own – why not put it there for all eternity and internet fame?


  • Anno 1800 Asset Viewer
    Another handy tool to have if you don’t want to look up some information directly in the game or haven’t unlocked certain buildings yet, is the Asset Viewer. You can look up all items and buildings of Anno 1800 with their respective stats and bonuses.


  • Other fan created tools
    A great overview of all the fan created tools can be found on the already-mentioned Wiki.