Anno 117: Pax Romana is finally here.

To salute the fans who have kept unwavering faith in the Roman Empire through the years, the Emperor has decreed that their legacies shall be immortalized in the Scroll of Fame!

Martneb · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Best Date for it would be Anno 117, the territorial zenith of the Roman Empire

Weltenkind · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Anno 9, let's go. Mediterranean Islands and supply chains galore.

Seriphyn · Reddit · 4 yrs ago

"Anno 9AD"?
Too bad it wouldn't actually be the 9th Anno game...

zerg_x · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

ANNO 9. Romans, Egyptions, Greeks, Babylonians, maybe Asian civs. I'd kill for that.

thecommanderkai · Reddit · 5 mos ago

I really want a classical age Anno. Anno 18 or Anno 9....although, if they make one more game and then make Anno 9, Anno 9 could both match the naming system and be the ninth game in the series.

Grey_As_Famine · Reddit · 5 mos ago

Whatever the next one will be, I'm betting the one after that will be Anno 9. Ninth game in the main series, set in 9 AD. Perfect. Hire me, BlueByte.

PineTowers · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Obligatory Anno 9 mention as the 9th Anno game.
Two factions like it was in 2070, Roman and Greeks. Egypt as the secondary population.

MateuszC1 · Reddit · 8 mos ago

I'm all for it.
While 117 was the height of the Roman Empire, Anno 9 sounds better as a title. ;-)

Rengon · Discord · 6 yrs ago

maybe anno 9 ? rome would be pretty cool

Dorwin · Discord · 4 yrs ago

Anno 9? roman empire stuff

Reck00 · Reddit · 6 mos ago

All about the Romans for me!

Minipiman · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Mediterranean anno please!

We want them olives!

davidny212 · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Rome idea sounds good. Aqueducts for example might function like trains in that you need to deliver the water to the bathhouses and wells etc.

LeKerl1987 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Give me Rome!

You get garum, you get garum, and you get garum too!

GuyWhoKindaLaughs · Reddit · 8 mos ago

Anno 117 - My Thoughts on the Next Title
This won’t be a long post. I want to make a case for Anno 117: Rome

-117 AD was the height of the Roman Empire

-117 was essentially right in the middle of the Pax Romana. A century or so of relative peace, therefore, a good place to set an anno game focused on trade and city building.

-They’ve done future Annos but never an Anno title for a historical time during the first foundations of modernish civilization

-Ships could still be a big deal, but they could add traders over land and mix it up that way

-I think about Rome a lot and miss the Caesar games. This would help scratch that itch for me.

That’s all I’ve got. That’s what I’m hoping for friends

Custodian_Nelfe · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

A game set in the Roman era would be day-one buy without hesitation.

KojiMakenshi · Reddit · 5 yrs ago

Good lord. A Roman time anno would bankrupt me. That would be amazing.

NemoTheElf · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

I've always considered an Anno 207, set in the heyday of the Roman Empire, to be an idea so perfect that I'm surprised no one's attempted it yet.

potatochopsticks101 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Greco-Roman Anno! I’m all for triremes, quadriremes, aqueducts, bread and circuses, and cothons!

jmxd · Reddit · 10 mos ago

Really hope the next Anno is somewhere around Roman times.

Snoo33490 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

A Roman Anno that allows you to expand in Egypt, in the North of Europe and also in the West part of Asia would be amazing!

Xforce11 · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

I have the feeling that this idea comes up every week at least once here lol

Pillowsmeller18 · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

I hope the tech would go from bad roads to the discovery of Roman paved roads. Thus improving production through faster delivery.

Gormane · Reddit · 1 yr ago

I love the idea or Greek/Roman style. Maybe a hint of fantasy like you need to look after the gods or you have negative problems happen.

jazz-the-taz · Reddit · 4 yrs ago

a Roman Empire themed Anno

hear! hear!

Tom D. - Destroyer of Wibbly's · Discord · 1 yr ago

Rome or Riot 🔥

Le0n225 · Discord · 5 yrs ago

I would play the shit out of a rome anno

Zulaq · Discord · 4 yrs ago

Rome would be super sick as well

Fam · Discord · 5 yrs ago

Literally call it "Anno Rome" too. I like the numbers but they're getting a little confusing for new players

Medaurus · Discord · 3 yrs ago

An Anno in the ancient rome or some culture of that time is bound to come eventually

Dr Super Good · Discord · 3 yrs ago

It does not even need to focus on Rome, but rather the trade throughout the Mediterranean and beyond as a whole.

Stephen69455553 · Twitter · 2 mos ago

Anno Roma! Anno Roma! Anno Roma!!

crinsow · Twitter · 1 yr ago

When Anno Rome?

radlerauge · Twitter · 2 mos ago

I dreamed of Anno 9 again today…When will this dream finally become reality

77pali · Twitter · 5 yrs ago

Anno 9 😜

Martothir · Reddit · 5 yrs ago

Anno IX. I want it.

Big_al_big_bed · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

Can't wait for anno 9 AD

Villifraendi · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Anno 9 B.C.

Now that would be something.

AsteroidColony · Twitter · 6 mos ago

A ancient Rome themed Anno would really be great!

Bonaz19 · Twitter · 2 mos ago

hopefully the next game is set in ancient Rome (Anno 117)

fer_axi · Twitter · 5 yrs ago

Anno, please. Roman Empire? When?

OmaTanaSpielt · Twitter · 5 yrs ago

Gar nicht so viel anders als 1800, denn auch damals kannten die Menschen schon die Landwirtschaft. Vielleicht mit Emmer und Einkorn statt Weizen. Sie haben auch sehr früh schon Bier gebraut.
Ein Anno 126 BC würde mir sehr gut gefallen :-)

PolitikQuack · Twitter · 2 mos ago

Hopefully the next Anno is in the ancient roman empire

лиля́ кебáб · Twitter · 9 mos ago

Мечтают ли андроиды о релизе Anno Roman Empire?

desman2k6 · Twitter · 2 yrs ago

Es gibt nur ein Anno was dem „Anno 1800“ Konkurrenz machen kann! Und das ist

„Anno 9“ ❤️

Wir als Community müssen uns stark machen für dieses fantastische Spiel 🎉🙌🏼

Eine Petition wäre auch was 🤔

Spieleklecks · Twitter · 2 yrs ago

Ebenfalls frohe Weihnachten und gesegnete Festtage. Genießt die freien Tage und danach gehts an Anno 9 😍🥰

Nickcha · Reddit · 1 yr ago

No, I want an Anno 9, thats it. Finally an ancient Anno, been waiting for that for about 15 years now, with the 9th title coming up in this or next decade, maybe I'll finally get lucky.

SkyeMreddit · Reddit · 3 mos ago

Classical Greece, Rome, and Egypt and others at around 9 AD. Lots of worlds and lots of monuments

electrikketchup · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Here me out. Anno 9. We get triremes and shit

AdmiralJedi · Reddit · 1 mo ago

You can Google for this answer. Google for "height of the Roman Empire" and the first entry contains:

By AD 117, the Roman Empire had reached its maximum extant, spanning three continents including Asia Minor, northern Africa, and most of Europe.

1+1+7 = 9

I have spoken.

Arbeit- · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

What do you think of a Anno set during ancient rome? Building up trade colonies in Mediterranean Sea-esque climates. The 54 was the easiest date I came up with that adds up to 9, so not that important.

DaGurkensepp · Reddit · 1 mo ago

Anno 9 would be nice, but it would really bother me, if "Anno 9" would be the 8th installment in the series.

LeoAnno1404 · Reddit · 4 yrs ago

I also had that idea a while ago, but would like them to actually wait until its time to produce the 9th anno. There is just such a massive amount of content to explore during that period that I believe, despite Anno 1800s giant leaps, we should be patient for even better technologies and engines.

TheGalator · Reddit · 3 mos ago

Anno 0009

Give us romans

Open_Seeker · Reddit · 1 mo ago

I think you guys are placing way too much emphasis on this naming convention.

They are going to make the game that feels right in the right moment. I don't think if they have amazing ideas for "Anno 9" roman era and are excited to do it, that they're going to say "actually no, we'll do something else instead just so the naming convention lines up"

Trabolgan · Reddit · 3 mos ago

I think the Anno community has our little hearts set on an Anno 9 that has as its regions Rome, Egypt, Gaul / Brittany

Serpentrax · Reddit · 4 yrs ago

1800 was the Seventh Anno, so I really hope they visit another time period before Anno 9 sets sail in 9 AD. I still find it pleasing how the fourth installment, 1404, has "4" in its title twice. :)

UraniumSavage · Reddit · 1 mo ago

I think anno #9. Should just be anno 9. I think anno #8 should be in the distant future. Like 3006 or something.

Don't miss the opportunity to use the number 9 in the title blue byte!

C1DR4N · Reddit · 4 mos ago

I would love Anno IX with a Roman focus

NODsBlackHand · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

All I hope for is an Anno game in the era of the Roman empire in which we can choose different factions with each of them having unique buildings, ships and abilities.

josephnicklo · Reddit · 1 yr ago

I love the idea of Roman times, but there would need to be a lot more War.

Zdruviak · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

Bring in a roman Anno, for the glory of the Senate and the people of Rome.

HealthyAmphibian · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

234 BC Roman Republic including Greek, Punic, and Alexandrian-successor regions. Beyond the obvious benefits of the mediterranean setting and diversity of cultures, it would also be the perfect setting for land warfare mechanics.

Soarin249 · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

i wanna build the first aqueducts givb me!!

PlatesOnTrainsNotOre · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

My excitement for anno Rome would be unlimited

MarkGamer76 · Reddit · 6 yrs ago

A game about the Roman empire times would be great. Or a game about the evolution of settlements in time.

Grabs_Diaz · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

I'm sure that a Roman setting would offer more than enough room for fun and complex game mechanics. I'm just thinking about an aqueduct and sewer system for example that really challenges your city layout or some religious system with difficult trade-offs or balancing different social classes. In terms of late game challenges Rome should also over plenty with large sprawling cities and monuments like the Colosseum or Circus.

Isuckwizards · Reddit · 3 mos ago

I hope so much for a Roman/Greek ancient times Anno. Bluebyte, you would make me a happy man <3

2bitinternet · Reddit · 3 yrs ago

If I had to bet, I'd say that the next Anno will be set in ancient times. Rome or Greece, both would work. Other civilizations that you meet could be Egyptians, Kelts and Norse/Rus.

Religion and temples could be an interesting mechanic.

Ayyymeric · Reddit · 1 yr ago

I also like the idea of a Roman time game, I can see Italy as main world, with Northern Africa & Egypt, Gaul & Germany, Greece, England as potential 2nd worlds/DLCs. But would we have enough population tier for that? A quick wiki search shows Patricians (upper-class), Plebeians (lower-class) and slaves?

Sigmarsson137 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Greek or Roman please

Titan7771 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Let's do both. Ancient Rome aesthetics but in space! Ave Imperator!

Aetius3 · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

A Roman setting for an Anno game would be incredible (remember Caesar 3?)

Assupporter · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Roman era themed Anno game: Anno 0

Does anyone have interest in a Roman themed Anno game? Alternative civilizations can be chosen such as Greek or Roman with their own benefits to express the cultural divide of the late Classical period between the two similar to Anno 2070, and Egyptian could be the culture of the southern regions of the map similar to the Arabs in 1404. The pyramid can be their central building. A massive Greek Temple, or a Coliseum can be built as the massive project for the two civilizations.

AugustusClaximus · Reddit · 1 mo ago

You would not want Rome in 414, but definitely 117.

BarnieCooper · Reddit · 1 mo ago

I would love to see the Roman Empire, but I doubt they'll make it. The advanced automation and high productivity chains in 1800 were a lot of fun. I can't see how those could work in an ancient setting, and I don't think they want to give up features like that.

btw339 · Reddit · 4 yrs ago

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

ElVagapundo · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Would love Romans, like Cesar III was my fav game as a kid.

frogasaur2 · Reddit · 1 mo ago

Anno 333 set during the late roman empire

General_Mosh · Reddit · 1 yr ago

I'd love to see them go Mediterranean classical era. Anno 108 or 207.

CaptaiinCrunch · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

I would prefer that they move on to the next Anno game. Ancient Rome or Egypt.

Dinokknd · Reddit · 1 yr ago

Anno: Rome could be pretty good. The Mediterranean works well for the island based theme. They already have Africa assets through Enbasa from Anno 1800.

Knightbrah_II · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

Anno 108 would be even more heyday-y. And for everyone who loves challenges, the name Anno 270 could provide that ;)

kuvazo · Reddit · 1 mo ago

Apart from a game with a similar setting to Anno 1800, I could also see a few possibilities.

Anno 414 - the Roman Empire could definitely make for an interesting game. The architecture was beautiful, and I do think that you could make it complex enough with public buildings and population needs. Maybe you could add in irrigation in a similar way to water in 1800. And you could expand the game with other regions in the Mediterranean sea. So maybe Greece, Morocco, Egypt - maybe even bring back Venice.

But I don't know if it could match the gameplay depth of 1800. Another interesting idea could be to go through history, similar to civilization. That would give you the ability to watch your city grow and get more advanced over time. You could end up somewhere around 1800, or even go beyond.

Or maybe revisit a period that already has an Anno game. 1503, 1602 and even 1701 are old enough that a new game in those periods could add a ton of features. But with any of the earlier periods, you'll run into the problem of how to make them nearly as complex as 1800.

Nolotow · Reddit · 8 mos ago

Instead of trains transporting oil we have aqueducts transporting water

Gingrpenguin · Reddit · 3 mos ago

Anno 0117

I just googled "height of roman empire" and that's the year it gives, it's too perfect

Pheon0802 · Reddit · 1 yr ago

I would want a new era. So out of those choices Classical Roman /Greece. Though I liked all the future anno too.

One_King_4900 · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

That game was released in the mid/late 90’s and was my second computer city builder ever. I would DIE for Anno to do an early AD Mediterranean Anno.

They probably would shy away from Rome for some reasons: they were very militaristic in expansion. Also, “all roads lead to Rome” not “all sea routes lead to Rome.” Lol. Romans may have been seafarers but they preferred dry land. I feel they would set the base game in Greece. If they went this route. The Greek Islands are a no-brainer Anno world. I could see Egypt being the “new world” Greeks and Romans basically stuck to the delta region on the Nile. Which in itself is very much a bunch of islands.

Significant_Step_193 · Reddit · 1 mo ago

It will be cool to see Roman Empire

Tummerd · Reddit · 8 mos ago

I so hope we get an Anno with Greek/Roman architecture. At one point they just gotta make one.

Having a version of Colosseum, Pantheon, Temples and viaducts as Pont Du Gard with a water system similar to how to Romans transported water to their cities would be so awesome

syphonhail · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

You can always go back and play the Ceaser series.

A Roman Themed Anno would be good for sure.

VLOOKUP-IS-EZ · Reddit · 1 mo ago

Maybe Roman-era Mediterranean focus?

WiTHCKiNG · Reddit · 8 mos ago

An anno during this period would be awsome, rome, greece, aegypt, celts, gallics would play really well together for the different climate zones.

yogiebere · Reddit · 8 mos ago

This ancient Anno idea been proposed many times on on the subreddit but I'm also super interested so I'll bite with my ideas:

Game would make the most sense either focused on Phoenicia, Greek, or Roman eras each with their plusses and minuses. I'd personally vote for Roman with the Phoenicia/Greek colonization influence spread throughout (as it was in real history).

Anno traditionally focuses on islands and islands certainly were a focus in the Mediterranean: Sicily, Greece, etc. but some peninsulas (with unsettlable terrain dividing larger land masses) could also be functional. It's a game afterall, it doesn't need to be super historically accurate, Anno 1800 isn't.

Mediterranean islands could be the primary area for the start of the game and form the core of the empire just like Old/Trelawney in 1800. Classes could be as follows: Plebians (farmers), Proletarians (workers), Merchants, Equites (rich land owners), Senators (ruling elite). Economy and goods are not going to be as detailed and diverse as Anno 1800 my goodness but some ideas for mediterran goods could be as follows: bread, wine, salt, fish sauce, olive oil, honey, citrus, meats, tunics (workers), robes (elites), boots (workers), sandals (elites), lamps, etc.

Egypt could be a secondary land similar to Enbesa but more specific to northern Egypt with an Alexandria/delta/coastal vibe focusing on rivers and fertility with goods such as reeds/papyrus, egyptian art, other foods like fish or beer, chariots, linen, etc. Society in these secondary zones can be simpler with 2-3 classes.

Other secondary locations could include north africa (Carthage) potentially with Spain influence, northern France/Germany, England, and the near east (Constantinople, Turkey, Black Sea, Syria, etc.)

Buildings would have a big focus on roman technology: bath houses, aqueducts, arenas (colosseum wonder), racing tracks (pontifex maximus wonder), forums (senate), grand estates for ruling class members. And some on religion in each region with roman religion temples, egyptian religion monuments, pagan religion shrines, etc.

Military could be primarily naval as was in Anno 1800 but also with land army as in some other Annos. While military was hugely important in Roman society it could be more a status/prestige importance, a police function, and only sometimes fighting off pirates or conquering lands. This isn't a rome total war game.

OneSharpSuit · Reddit · 1 mo ago

Anno 81 then!

mindcopy · Reddit · 2 yrs ago

That said I'd definitely buy a Mediterranean-based Greco-Roman Anno of pretty much any variation. They could do much worse.

meh · Discord · 4 yrs ago

ancient greek / rome / egypt would be perfect

Otters · Discord · 3 yrs ago

Honestly, I liked it, but, I really really want to see a Roman Anno game

Resender · Discord · 4 yrs ago

I'm hoping on an anno rome or acient greece

schorsch · Discord · 4 yrs ago

roman/greek empires would be sooo awesome though

Taka · Discord · 3 yrs ago

I know it's overdone in the city building genre but I would like to see them do a Roman Republic setting or Roman Empire

Antonio Gjorgjioski · Discord · 3 mos ago

A prehistoric ANNO would be cool, rome greece etc..

AnthonyDemarchi · Discord · 2 yrs ago

Anno with a Roman Empire setting would surely be interesting

Regions: Egypt, Britain, Italy, either Iberia, France or Turkey

Brooks_EU · Discord · 5 yrs ago

Roman Empire ❤

Banan · Discord · 2 yrs ago

There are plenty of ways how they could make ancient time Anno work, there are many potential mechanics that could add complexity into the game. Ancient Greece and Rome or medieval times, there is potential in all those periods

Bo Kops · Discord · 3 yrs ago

I think rome themed would be a hit

Cronos · Discord · 3 yrs ago

The Antique area, like Rome, Greece, Egypt all that I find very appealing for a future Anno title.
The premise fits, its an unused timeline, there are enough buildable things and productions and many opportunities to make a setting like that unique!
Compared to a setting like I presented its a lot safer to pull off.
I still believe in my idea tho!
I think for its risk to try a lot of new things it offers more expansion options.
(I also really love stylised tech/steampunk looks!!!)

Stefan :anchor: · Discord · 3 yrs ago

i would love to have a Anno in the Past like Anno 9 its more Anno then if its in the Future

Final_Fantasy87 · Discord · 3 yrs ago

Anno Nummer 9 im Jahre 9 wäre nice 😍 Anno 8 kann dann noch andere Zeit sein

Hyper · Discord · 4 yrs ago

sooo.... Roman Empire styled Anno called Anno 0009 when?

DoughnutDoney · Discord · 6 mos ago

Anno: Ancient Rome, Anno: Ancient Greece or even Anno: America (when the Europeans went over) perhaps?

Diane Annastasia Valdis · Discord · 2 yrs ago

Anno AD 200 Rome when

Emberlight · Discord · 3 mos ago

I would love a roman time anno

Herman de Buschauffeur · Discord · 3 yrs ago

I'm already glad some people agreed XD (But yes Roman game is good, me wants)

inky · Discord · 11 mos ago

We need Roman Empire Anno now.

Jinkha | Oleg · Discord · 3 yrs ago

i would personally like if the next Anno would go back in the history timeline. Roman/Greek empires or anything similar or even something before that

Joe · Discord · 3 yrs ago

Anno: Rome

What Darren Plays · YouTube · 3 yrs ago

Please please please make a roman anno game please please god roman anno game

We salute you, future Governors.
We can’t wait to see you in Anno 117: Pax Romana!