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Anno 1800 x mod.io – the mod browser is coming

Hey Anno Community,

You remember April, when we unintentionally released the integrated mod loader? Well, technically that was only one part of our modding support plans for Anno 1800 on PC, so, let’s talk about part 2 today!

Over the last months we have been working together with the team at mod.io on a more comfortable way to use mods: A dedicated mod browser for Anno 1800!

Not only will this enable you to find, activate and use mods much quicker than before, but it also gives all of you who are creating all those fantastic mods for Anno 1800 a spotlight right in the game!

mod.io partnership

To achieve this, we are partnering with mod.io, a platform for UGC (User Generated Content), who are already supporting over 150 other great games for millions of players. They helped us with integrating their browser into Anno 1800, ironing out any remaining issues and lending us their expertise for a smooth release.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Ubisoft, powering official mod support for Anno 1800. As a pillar of the strategy genre, it’s fitting that Anno continues to lead the way by providing players with new experiences, while celebrating its jubilee. Bringing mods to the forefront, to players in-game and on the Anno Union, we’re proud to collaborate with Ubisoft, and the creators they inspire,”
said Scott Reismanis, CEO and Co-founder of mod.io.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team from mod.io and we hope you’re all just as excited as we are for letting you use this new feature to customize your Anno 1800 experience to your needs with mods from our fantastic community.

Mod Browser Functionality

Let’s talk about this UGC solution for a moment then: The mod browser for Anno 1800 on PC will allow you to browse through all available mods directly within the game itself or in a web browser via the mod.io website. You can then subscribe to any mods you like, prompting an automatic download and install. The already integrated mod loader will make sure the mods are recognised by the game and activated.

On mod.io, where the mods are being hosted, all Anno 1800 modders can set up pages for their creations, add descriptions and images as well as and see statistics on ratings, downloads and subscribers. Leave them a nice comment if you enjoy their mods!

You can also have a look at the available mods directly here on the Anno Union. On this page you can also find further resources and an FAQ for everything related to mod support.

Next Steps

So, what are the next steps? We are planning to release the update with the mod browser on August 22nd at 3PM CEST, together with the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC.

Already before that, however, starting today, our friends at mod.io and us will be launching the official Anno 1800 subpage on their platform. This will allow any of you modders to already upload your creations there and set up your pages – this way players can immediately find and use your mods on release day!

You can find the Anno 1800 hub on mod.io here: https://mod.io/g/anno-1800

Finally, and very importantly, we want to specifically say thank you to the group of modders who helped us test earlier versions of the mod browser integration and provided us with valuable feedback and bug reports. Your support was greatly appreciated and helped immensely with providing a much better user experience in the end!

This is an experiment for us, too, and we’re excited to release the mod browser in just a few weeks to further strengthen our awesome modding community!

The Anno Team




  1. B BernardoCosta99 April 13, 2024

    I never managed to open my mod browser, it simply crashes the game. I cannot use mods, mods that I have always used before the so wonderful partnership, that clearly doesn’t work.

  2. O Opanoot October 4, 2023

    Is dit MOD gebeuren al in Anno 1q800 verwerkt of …………

  3. O Opanoot October 3, 2023

    ik speel anno spellen vanaf het begin. Ondertussen 72 jaar. Ik heb me geabonneerd op een aantal mods maar er gebeurt niets. Ik zal wat vegeten ofzo zijn. Kunnen jullie me bijpraten hoe ik ze actief krijg

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 4, 2023

      Hello Opanoot – unfortunately, I don’t speak any Dutch and will reply in English.

      Without a closer look it’s not easy to say what the problem might be, so, some ideas:
      – there are mods that require the start of a new game (for example everything, that changes the islands or regions)
      – it could be that certain buildings (if you subscribed to such mods) only unlock at a certain point in the game

      Finally, there’s a chance that Windows is blocking the game from writing in certain folders, meaning: mods can’t be saved on your PC.
      The mods from the mod browser are saved here: C:\Users\Public\mod.io\4169\mods
      If that folder is protected or Anno 1800 is not allowed to save files there, the mods will likely not work.

  4. S Samadu61 August 14, 2023

    Hi there,

    First time commenting here, just wanted to thanks the entire Anno team that made an incredible work for the past 4 years.

    I just want to let you know that I’m encountering a bug with the wheel (building items shortcut) in lock mode.

    I’m playing in 2560×1440 resolution, and when I switch from one world to another, it moves the wheel to another fixed position (near the notifications at the left of screen).

    I already submitted the issue to the Ubisoft team but after one year (yes, I submitted the issue in october 2022), the Ubisoft team told me that the issue was not important enough to fix it.

    So please, I love this game and have so much respect for your work, can you please see what you can do ?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. A Alister-MIV August 11, 2023

    Good time, developers of Anno 1800, I have a question-request, perhaps the creators of mods will also pay attention to it. Question to the developers: Is it possible for you to update, where there will be a function to sell the island to another player for money or influence points? I really like to build beautiful cities in the “sandbox” mode, but the cities of computer players do not differ in such quality. I want to design the city myself according to my idea and sell this city to AI – unfortunately, this is impossible. Please pay attention to this before we end the support of the project. I’m sure this feature will find its fans. Thank you for your great work and great project. I am writing to you as a player who has played 1000 hours of Anno 1800. Thank you!

  6. D D4Cap0 August 7, 2023

    Thank you, Anno and mod.io Team. That sounds really terrific and fascinating. Can you add information whether it is also available when streaming the game, in my case especially GeForce NOW?

  7. i intenscia August 7, 2023

    On behalf of the entire team at mod.io, we are delighted to collaborating with The Anno Team and Ubisoft on this, and all of the creators and players from the community.

    If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to ask, we welcome the input and look forward to making mods more accessible and fun for all.


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