Modding in Anno 1800 - FAQ

The modding community for Anno 1800 has created some truly impressive content over the last years: From ornaments over balance tweaks and ship skins to new mechanics and entire production chains. With our last updates this year we want to make it even easier to use these fantastic mods and for modders to gain additional visibility for their creations.

If you are interested in using mods or creating them, on this page we want to provide you with some useful information, as well as links to further resources and community channels.

What is the mod browser for Anno 1800?

The mod browser is a user-generated content (UGC) platform by, powering submission, delivery and access of player-created mods.

PC players of Anno 1800 will be able to access mods by selecting the browser on the main menu. From there, players will be able to browse, subscribe, download, and play custom made content.

It’s also possible to access the mod browser outside of the game on the website ( or directly here on the Anno Union.

You can find more information in this dedicated blog.

How do I install mods for Anno 1800? Where are they saved to?

The easiest way is to start Anno 1800 and click on the “mod browser” button in the main menu. Simply subscribe to any mod you like to prompt a download. Mods installed this way are saved to:

  • C:\Users\Public\\4169\mods

You can also download mods from other sources (e.g. GitHub, Nexus, …). Just follow their installation instructions. By default, these mods will have to be placed in either of these two folders:

  • <user folder>\Documents\Anno 1800\mods
  • <game installation>\Anno 1800\mods

Can I change where the mods are saved to?

Yes, you can, but it requires editing a file to do so.

You will need to find “globalsettings.json” that is located in the …\AppData\Local\ folder. You can also find it by searching for “%localappdata%” in the Windows search bar.

Open the file with a program like Notepad and search for “{“RootLocalStoragePath”:”C:/Users/Public/”}“. This path you can edit to whichever folder you would prefer.

Can I decide which installed mods to use for different savegames?

You can change the selection of active mods in the main menu before loading a save, or creating a new game.

A popup shows if the selection differs from what you used previously in a save game. There you can adjust to match the save or continue with the new selection.

Can I add and remove mods from an existing save game?

That depends on the mod. Many mods can be added to an existing save game. Be sure to read the description to check whether it is supported by that mod or not.

Removing mods from a save game is not recommended. Mods often leave trails in your save game. Adding removed mods at a later stage again can also lead to problems.
Only remove mods from an existing save game if you encounter serious problems with it.

How do I uninstall mods?

Mods are uninstalled when you unsubscribe from them in the mod browser.

Local mods need to be deleted manually to remove them from the game.

Additionally, you can temporarily deactivate a mod to disable it for your next game but keep it installed.

Is it possible to use mods in multiplayer matches?

It is possible to use user generated content in multiplayer but only if all players are using the exact same mods. Anno 1800 will notify the players if their mod setup does not match the one of the person hosting the game.

Where can I find mods for Anno 1800?

There are a few different places you can go to look for mods.

Firstly, there’s or simply directly within the mod browser in-game.

Secondly, there’s GitHub where also some modders have added their creations:

A third larger platform for Anno 1800 mods is Nexus:

What do I need to keep in mind when using mods?

Mods are created by other players and not by the Anno development team. This means we cannot guarantee that these mods are functioning correctly and aren’t causing issues or bugs.

Also be aware that not all mods are compatible with each other, and some mods might require additional mods or tools to function. Often, the mod creators put this kind of information in the description of their project.

My game is crashing after enabling mods, what do I do?

One or more of the mods you’re using might be outdated or there might be a conflict between different mods. The solution can be a bit time-consuming, but if you can’t pinpoint it immediately by, for example, checking the individual mod pages for their descriptions, you best keep disabling mods until you find the one that likely caused the problem.

If you disable recently added mods make sure to check with a new save, or with an existing save from before issues occurred.

I’ve encountered bugs or progression blockers while using mods, what do I do?

Similar to above, one or more of the mods you’re using might be outdated or there might be a conflict between different mods. Disabling and enabling mods one by one to find the culprit usually is the best strategy. Make sure to compare the list of mods with the exact nature of the issue you’re facing; for example, if the Sail Maker disappeared from the construction menu and you have a mod that changes something about Sail Makers, this would be a good point to start.

I added a mod to a save game and now my save is broken. What should I do?

While you can remove mods from a save again, mods leave trails in your save game.
It is best to go back to a save before you added the problematic mod.

What happens if I have several versions of the same mod installed?

Most mods have version and ID information. If that is the case, the game will detect the newest version and load only that.

I added a mod but it doesn’t show in game

Many mods unlock later in the game and are not visible at the beginning. Especially mods that do not explicitly support creative mode still unlock with their normal conditions, but they usually work.

Best way to check if a mod is properly loaded is to check the log file.

Is there a log file where I can see mod issues?

There is a log file in the following location:

  • <user folder>\Documents\Anno 1800\log\mod-loader.log

You can see all loaded mods, from which folder, the version information, in which order and if there are any warnings and issues with said mod.

Warnings and errors are only indicators of issues. There’s no guaranteed statement if a mod works or doesn’t work.

I want to create a mod myself, are there any information on how to get started?

Our great modding community has created some guides for anyone who wants to get into modding Anno 1800. Two good places to start would be this page on GitHub ( or this overview on schwubbe’s page (

Are there any platforms to talk with other modders to get some help or advice?

A good place for discussing anything related to mods is the community-managed modding Discord server you can join via this link: