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Discover the new Definitive Annoversary Edition

Hey Anno Community,

It’s been a while since Anno 1800’s release and over the last years we released a lot of content. It’s time to bundle all those DLC in a “mega pack” of sorts, right?

Let us announce the “Anno 1800 Definitive Annoversary Edition” which includes all DLC content for the game, including all Cosmetic DLC. The perfect bundle for that one friend who doesn’t yet own Anno 1800!

Additionally, we’re releasing a new Gold Edition and a second Cosmetic DLC bundle.

When, you might ask? Well, today, October 17th!

Let’s take a more detailed look at these new digital editions and bundles:

Anno 1800 – Definitive Annoversary Edition

This new complete includes the Anno 1800 base game, all 4 Season Passes, all Cosmetic DLC and the Deluxe Pack. In short: it includes all types of DLC that we have released and will release for the game. The Definitive Annoversary Edition is priced at 129,99€ (or regional equivalent).

Anno 1800 – Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes the base game, all 4 Season Passes and the Deluxe Pack. This means this edition focuses solely on gameplay DLC – but of course gives you the option to buy the Cosmetic DLC separately. The new Gold Edition is priced at 99,99€

Anno 1800 – Cosmetic Pack Bundle 2

This new bundle contains Cosmetic DLC 7 to 16 and is priced at 39,99€. This comes in addition to the already existing Cosmetic Pack Bundle that includes the first 6 Cosmetic DLC.


These new digital editions are available right now and the “Definitive Annoversary Edition” and “Gold Edition” will replace the “Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4” and “Gold Edition Year 4” in the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and Steam Store.

Now, the ones of you with keen eyes will likely have spotted this very quickly: 16 Cosmetic DLC? And indeed, we can confirm that we’re planning to release three more Cosmetic DLC. These are already included in the price of the new editions and will release throughout 2024.

We can’t share more details on these future Cosmetic DLC quite yet – that will have to wait till 2024 – but maybe we’ll have a first little teaser at the end of this year? We shall see…


So, if you know someone who (shockingly!) does not yet own Anno 1800 or if you always wanted to give those Cosmetic DLC a try: This is as good of an opportunity as any!




  1. W Washington5827 February 18, 2024


    I purchased the old Complete Edition Year 4 on Ubisoft Connect. Now it has turned into Anno 1800 Golden Edition. Does the Complete Edition Year 4 include the bonus content in Anno 1800 Golden Edition and Definitive Annoversary Edition written in the article? Besides, does it mean that I only need to purchase Cosmetic Pack 1 and Cosemtic Pack 2, and then I will get the complete Anno 1800 (including all DLCs, game content and cosmetic)? Will you release any more cosmetic DLCs after 2024?

    Thank you very much.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 20, 2024

      Hey Washington, the “Complete Edition Year 4” is the same – content-wise – as the Anno 1800 Gold Edition, yes, and includes all gameplay DLC for Anno 1800.
      Not included are the Cosmetic DLC without gameplay effect, those you would need to purchase separately (e.g. via the two bundles you mentioned) to have all content we released (and will release) for the game.
      There are no plans to do more cosmetic content after 2024.

  2. N Nerd_Ted November 25, 2023

    I have the same symptom as minhnguyendhth8. (on Epic Games)

  3. m minhnguyendhth8 November 24, 2023

    I previously purchased the base game and have now acquired this new version. However, upon launching the game, I don’t notice any differences. Could anyone provide assistance with this issue?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 27, 2023

      You should now have access to more content (all DLC and Cosmetic DLC) than before. Where did you buy the base game, and where did you buy the Annoversary Edition?

  4. V VacatedTundra68 November 11, 2023

    now if I get a pc and buy this will it save the pre-order content I got for console and will it save my worlds from console

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 14, 2023

      The PC and the console versions are not compatible in terms of savegames, progress or content ownership, I’m afraid. So, you won’t be able to transfer your saves or DLC content from one platform to another.

  5. d dearmoukas November 4, 2023

    What about the existing buyers of the Anno Franchise? Like Darkbirt, I’ve been there supporting and purchasing the myriad of games in the Anno Franchise, not just Anno 1800. Lot’s of moo-lah ($$$$) invested for over the years for the success and profitability of Anno.
    Are the existing buyers not gonna get a chance ahead of time at the extra benefits like the ‘newbies’ to the game platform(s)? Such as the upcoming 3 indicated DLCs? Why are they getting it “much” cheaper? Is there no consolation for the faithful supporting members that help to cultivate the Franchise in the first place with their investments? I’m a bit confused and feeling well jilted. Unless I’m mis-understanding? Some clarity for me and those veterans with the same questions/concerns please.

  6. D Darkbirt October 28, 2023

    I’ve followed this game since the start, on the moment it’s in my Ubisoft connect library. Now my question is: Can I synchronize it with my Steam library. I want to put in some positive review as this is a game that deserve to be an all time favorite.

    Another question: Can we have a sneak peak to the new game in development? Not much, I just want to know what time period or theme it will be? Will it be Anno 0108, Anno 2025, Anno 1008 or something new with a fantasy concept? Or might the gamers chose which one?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 3, 2023

      You can add non-Steam games to your library, there should be such a feature in Steam. But you can’t take synchronize the game itself/transfer ownership from Connect to Steam, since it was purchased on Ubisoft Connect.

      Regarding the future: We have nothing to communicate just yet, but are already looking forward to the time this changes, when we can share what exciting things we’ve been working on.

      • D Darkbirt November 5, 2023

        Thanks for the response!

        I really want to put a review of ANNO 1800 with the time played in Steam. The hours spend on ANNO 1800 breaks all my records compared to other games. But it’s frustrating that ANNO 1800 is parked in another library.

        I thought we will get some news in 2025, I just hoped that the community can chose the new theme of the new ANNO.

        •   Ubi-Thorlof November 6, 2023

          Thank you for considering the review, even if it doesn’t work from technical point. Great to hear you’re having such a fantastic time with Anno 1800, though 🙂

          We wouldn’t let such a central aspect like the setting for a game be decided by a community vote, I’m afraid – there’s just too much connected to the choice of setting (or genre) and we’d also have to do such a vote much much earlier for a game.
          That said, for all games in the past, we’ve always looked at surveys and player feedback to support such decisions.

  7. Y YeshYs October 28, 2023


    Could you update the PC version to FSR 2+ (and maybe a dynamic resolution mode with either a fps/resolution target/baseline) and a specific ultrawide mode?

    I played on a friend’s TV which would not accept ultrawide custom resolutions on a 16:9 screen

    Just a better settings screen overall, shouldn’t need restarts to change settings etc.

  8. P Praedator_ October 18, 2023

    I fully agree
    GIEV all DLC’s on console version for crying out loud
    Come on plz

  9. P Praedator_ October 18, 2023

    I fully agree
    GIEV all DLC’s on console version for crying out loud
    Come on plzzzzz

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 20, 2023

      Hey Praedator_, as we already communicated early on, we are not planning to release the gameplay DLC on console. We will, however, continue to release all Cosmetic DLC for the Console Edition.

  10. e eviltox October 18, 2023

    Any of this for PS5 ? Or we won’t get anything besides base game and cosmetics? Maybe it’s time to release S1-S4 content for consoles? Also KBM and Controller support and UI switch on all platforms would be great. At lest UI scale slider on consoles would be great.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 20, 2023

      Hey eviltox, there are currently no plans for any further updates for the console edition (or PC, for that matter) outside of some potential bug fixes and the release of the mentioned Cosmetic DLC.
      As communicated together with the announcement of the Console Edition earlier this year, we are not planning to release the gameplay DLC (that we developed for the PC version) on console. Sorry to disappoint.


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