Anno 1800 & - FAQ

Q: What is, and how does it benefit players of Anno 1800? is a user-generated content (UGC) platform powering submission, delivery and access of Anno 1800 player-created mods for PC players across Ubisoft Connect, Steam and the Epic Games Store. By partnering with, Anno 1800 mods are made available to all players on PC.

Q: How will UGC work in Anno 1800?

PC players of Anno 1800 will be able to access mods by selecting the browser on the main menu. From there, players will be able to browse, subscribe, download, and play custom made content.

Q: When will the mod browser for Anno 1800 release? 

PC players of Anno 1800 will be able to make full use of the mod browser with Game Update 18, scheduled to release on August 22nd 2023 at 3PM CEST.

Q: Why are Ubisoft & Anno 1800 partnering with, rather than using Nexus Mods or Steam Workshop? 

When exploring ways to celebrate our creators, we wanted to offer a pathway for the largest number of PC players to experience mods. provides an in-game solution where new content can be browsed and subscribed. In addition, powers our Anno Union showcase of mods, to feature new content and creators on the Anno Union ( It was important to provide in-game and out of game experiences which celebrate the community and players, in our jubilee year.

Q: On which platforms can I access UGC?

Following the update, players on Ubisoft Connect, Steam and the Epic Games Store will have access to mods, powered by All players can view submitted and approved mods in-game, on the Anno Union, or directly by visiting

Q: What sort of user generated content can we expect to be available?

Players can create and share a variety of new content, starting with buildings, ships, maps, and gameplay changes. Based on the strength of the Anno modding community, we’re excited to see content categories evolve as players discover new ways to experience Anno 1800.

Q: Do I need a account in order to submit or download Anno 1800 UGC?

In order to submit mods created for Anno 1800, creators will be required to sign into either directly in-game in Anno 1800, or via Account creation allows creators and subscribers to add UGC to their collection. Account creation is simple, requiring email authentication for the user. Once a user account has been created, players can browse, rate, comment on and subscribe to UGC at

Q: Which platforms will support user-generated content?

Mods will only be available to PC players of Anno 1800.
We are excited to see our vision for UGC embraced by PC players and are open to feedback from our wider fanbase.

Q: Will the experience differ for Steam players compared to players using Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store?

Our goal is to offer the same experience for all PC players.

Q: How do I share my user generated content in Anno 1800?

To share your content, you can upload via our page here: by clicking on the “add mod” button

Q: How do I find and access new user generated content in Anno 1800?

All players can view submitted and approved mods in-game, here on the Anno Union, or directly by visiting

Q: Can I decide which installed mods to use for each individual savegame? 

You can change the selection of active mods before every new and saved game. If a save game already has a different selection than your current choice you are given the option to change the active mods or reload the mods from the save game.

Q: Where are mods saved to?

All mods you subscribe to via the mod browser are saved to: C:\Users\Public\\4169\mods

Q: How do I uninstall mods? 

Mods are uninstalled when you unsubscribe from them in the mod browser.

Additionally, you can temporarily deactivate a mod to disable it for your next game but keep it installed.

Q: Is it possible to use mods in multiplayer matches? 

It is possible to use user generated content in multiplayer but only if all players are using the exact same mods. Anno 1800 will notify the players if their mod setup does not match the one of the person hosting the game.

Q: What do I need to keep in mind when using user generated content? 

Mods are created by other players and not by the Anno development team. This means we cannot guarantee that these mods are functioning correctly and aren’t causing issues or bugs.

Also be aware that not all mods are compatible with each other, and some mods might require additional mods or tools to function. Often, the mod creators put this kind of information in the description of their project.

Q: What if a mod is not working / having issues? Who do I contact?

If you are facing issues following the activation of a mod for your savegame, we recommend getting in touch with the creator, for example by leaving a comment on their page on Some mods might not be compatible with each other or have known issues – this is sometimes also mentioned directly in the description of the mod.