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An update on the Green Game Jam & Ecologi

Hey Anno Community,

Today we have a great follow-up to the Green Game Jam topic: You might remember, last year we participated in the Green Game Jam (GGJ) organised by the UN.

The “Eden Burning” scenario we released for everyone in December 2021 was the result of it. It’s goal, aside from being a cool challenge for Anno fans, was to raise awareness for various environmental issues impacting forests world wide.

The scenario required you to construct a hydroelectric dam, to help the local population to become independent from oil. You also had to keep an eye on your eco balance, making sure soil, air and water quality was not reducing too far while investing into means to counteract the negative effects of your industry.

There was more than “only” the scenario, however, since we also released the “Plant A Tree” Cosmetic DLC at the same time. From each purchase, all net proceeds (that means after any fees or taxes are deducted) went to Ecologi, a social enterprise dedicated to the planting of trees.

The “Plant A Tree” CDLC was available until end of March of this year, and now with the administrative topics done, we can finally communicate on the results:

Thanks to your generous support,

Over 230,000 trees

were planted by Ecologi across several countries. Want to take a closer look? – You can keep track of the planted trees including their location on this website dedicated specifically to this project.

For us, those are some fantastic news. Exploring the subject was both fun and educational for us (and for you, too, we hope) and we’re happy to have such a great community that supported this project.

A big Thank You from the Anno Team!

Please note: The special Ceiba Tree ornament from the “Plant a Tree” CDLC will be added to Anno 1800 for free at the end of the year, as we communicated previously. 




  1. K Katje-Katrien August 5, 2022


    Happy to see that “Green Game Jam” project is a success.
    Congratulation with planting so many trees.

    I have “The special Ceiba Tree” ornament from the “Plant a Tree” CDLC.
    And this is a very beautiful ornament.

    The “Eden Burning” scenario was fun to play.

    Don’t forget to drink enough these day’s.



  2. P Pinepyi August 4, 2022

    Such a lovely ornament, amazing to see the results 😀

  3. K KingxOfxVoids August 4, 2022

    Thats going to look nice with my farmers workers instead of the basic apple tree and might actually use this on the higher tier populations as well
    is this going to be 1×2 or 2×2 ?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 4, 2022

      The ornament is 3×4, so you’ll need a little bit more space 🙂


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