Anno 1800 & Modding

This page is dedicated to everything modding-related for Anno 1800.
Find below links to further resources around the topic of modding as well as the new mod browser. Look through all mods available on, subscribe to your favourites and use them in your game!

With the integrated mod loader as well as the mod browser in collaboration with, using mods in your game has never been easier!

There are dozens of fantastic creations by the Anno community already, from new buildings and production chains to ornaments, balancing changes and various smaller and bigger tweaks. This page aims at providing with you all information and resources on mods and modding.


FAQs for everything modding

If you have questions about mods and user generated content for Anno 1800 in general or the mod browser and specifically, we have put together an article with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You have questions on using or creating mods for Anno 1800 and are looking for some additional information? A good starting point is the community-managed modding Discord server

For answers to some frequently asked questions for both mod users and modders, as well as further links to useful resources, we have also created a dedicated page.


Mod browser by

Scroll through all available mods below. Login to subscribe to any of them, which will prompt an automatic download of the mod next time you start the game – assuming you also logged into the mod browser in-game.

Click on the button to load the content from mod browser.

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