Union Update: Let’s start the “Tourist Season”

Hey Anno Community,


today is the day, hordes of Tourists are just waiting to explore your cities, try our expensive dishes and visit all the monuments and wonders you have built in your cities.

For a more detailed look at “Tourist Season”, make sure to check out our DevBlog highlighting all the new features and explaining the DLC’s mechanics. The Bus System even received its very own DevBlog with some additional development insights, considering it’s the feature tying together all other mechanics.


As usual, we’re releasing a big free Game Update alongside the DLC. Game Update 11 adds a reforestation tool, a new slow-mode game speed option and plenty of other quality of life improvements. On top of that, we got rid of various bigger and smaller bugs – the full Release Notes can be found here.

We also want to point out that from today on, you can purchase the “Tourist Season” DLC as well as the “Vehicle Liveries Pack” Cosmetic DLC separately via the Ubisoft Store.


That said: Let’s start the Tourist Season!

We’re excited to hear and see your reactions and hope you’ll have a great time with the new challenges the Tourists as well as the recipe system provide.


The Anno Team

Union Update: Twitch Drops & Vehicle Liveries Pack

Hey Anno Community,

the release of “Tourist Season” is drawing closer – but not just “Tourist Season”.

Next Tuesday also marks the day when the “Vehicle Liveries Pack” Cosmetic DLC will be released in the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and on Steam (for owners of the Steam version of Anno 1800) for the price of 4,99€ or your regional equivalent. You can find details about the Cosmetic DLC here.

This is the first of three Cosmetic DLC we plan to release this year, the others being the two winners of the Community Vote. Expect some early details on the first of them in summer.

Twitch Drops

Over the coming days, we will give you the opportunity to already take a closer look at the contents of Season 3’s second DLC – “Tourist Season” –  by watching some of your favourite streamers during another Twitch Drops Event.

The whole event takes place from Friday, 21.05.2021 until Sunday, 30.05.2021.

During the event, you will be able to watch how a variety of selected Twitch streamers turning their cities into massive tourist attraction spots. Oh, and don’t forget about all the new ornaments!
Anyone watching them construct Restaurants, Hotels, Orchards and the Chemical Factory while planning their bus network can grab two brand new ornaments, the “Tourist Season” Flag  and the “Tourist Season” Lamppost. The only thing you need to do is to first link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch account and then watch the streamers during the event for up to 3 hours to receive your loot. You don’t have to watch these hours consecutively to receive your drop; watching them accumulated on participating streamers will also grant you the ornaments.

After receiving a drop, you need to claim it via the Twitch inventory.
Please be aware that all rewards will only be delivered to you after the end of the Twitch Drop Event.

If you haven’t already done so in the past, make sure to first link your Ubisoft- and Twitch-account by following the steps outlined on this website.

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer below:






DevBlog: “Tourist Season”

Bente Jorgensen appears to have set a precedent. Young men and women all over the world are setting out on travels of their own— ravenous for art, culture and some proper grub— only the most exquisite of destinations will do!

Fresh off the boat they hit the Hotels, springing open their cases, before jollying on down to the riverside for an Éclair, hoping to advance their broad-brims into all the most bijoux pockets of the Old World. Street mimes, artists, sophisticated-looking backgammon players drinking Montmartre 75s.

And then they see it… through the heaving crowds… a glimmer high, high above— a tower of iron, so wild and audacious, it could only be here, right here…

With “Tourist Season” we’re bringing some color and entertainment to your cities! People far and wide have heard about your vast capitals, your Museum collections, and the delicacies from all around the globe which you have on offer.

In this DevBlog we will go over all new features of the “Tourist Season” DLC: The Tourists themselves, their needs, the bus system, Restaurants and recipes, the new goods you need to produce and the Iron Tower, a new multi-stage monument for your cities.

It’s not all about the Tourists themselves, though, as fulfilling their needs does also have a direct impact on your existing population, as you will soon learn.

Tourists and Hotels

Tourists are a new Resident Tier in the Old World who stay in your city over night – in contrast to Visitors who only arrive for a day trip to see the most exciting cultural spots of your city.

First, you need to attract them and the basis for this is upgrading your Public Mooring. This can be done when reaching 500 Engineers.

Which means, that the next thing to do is building Hotels. These are imposing, elegant establishments which are expensive in construction and take up quite some space with their size of 9 by 7 tiles, but make up for it not only with their impressive looks but also with a capacity of up to 500 Tourists each.

In order to attract more Tourists and fill your Hotels to the brim, you will need to fulfil their exquisite needs. These are again split into Basic Needs and Happiness Needs and are a mix of existing and new products, the new food and drink venues, as well as cultural buildings like the Variety Theatre, the Zoo, or the Museum.

Who is the Tourist?

Do not let her over-familiarity and lively conversation fool you, the Tourist is as informed a critic as any, particularly when it comes to food & drink. A dry sponge, or a flavourless Chantilly cream might see her vexedly reaching for her notebook and a 2H pencil. Yet if you can stay on the right side of it, that same pencil is the rod of enchantment to draw her many daffy friends to your shores, through letters and postcards riddled with hyperbole about the wonders of your Zoo, or quite possibly, Botanical Garden— So chum up with her if you can!

– Matt, Lead Narrative Designer

While you can easily spot the status of each need via the Hotel’s UI, there’s a change on how happiness impacts your new Tourist population:

The fulfilment of a need can be limited by their happiness. This is marked with an unhappy red icon next to the respective need and the info, to which percentage a need can be currently fulfilled. Possible causes for limits can be low island attractiveness or a lack of variety when it comes to Hot Spots like Museums. Solve these issues to make sure Tourists are willing to visit your island and to maximise the number of potential Tourists in your city.

Happy Tourists spend more money in your city – and since the pockets of these wealthy individuals are well-filled, it’s definitely worth fulfilling their demanding needs.


We said above that Tourists are a new Resident Tier. As part of that mechanic, they’re also providing a sort of “workforce” which we called “Customers”. These are essential for your Restaurants, Bars and Cafés which thrive on tourism. For them to work at 100% capacity, a certain number of Customers is required. If a venue lacks Customers, the buff to the surrounding residences is decreased – more on that in the next paragraph.

Lastly, we need to warn you that Tourists are a spoiled, demanding bunch (let’s not say “lazy”) and absolutely no fans of long walks. So, in order to fulfil their needs, you will need to set up a complete bus network on your island with Bus Stops next to all important places. We’ll go into detail on the bus system later in this DevBlog.

DLC Synergy
Owners of any of previous DLCs can look forward to a certain level of interconnectivity, which gives them alternative ways of fulfilling your Tourist’s needs. Ingredients from the Artic or Enbesa open up new recipe options (how about a dish with fresh Lobster or Caribou Meat?) while visiting your impressive Docklands or a mighty Palace can distract Tourists from the fact you didn’t build a Museum on your island. While not providing stronger bonuses, having activated any of the other DLC does give you different options on how to tackle “Tourist Season’s” new challenges

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

So, we created a place to stay for our Tourists. But as mentioned above, they’re rather more demanding than your regular Visitors, and having an attractive island with a Zoo or a Museum is not enough.

When staying for several days, culinary needs naturally become a matter of great import, which makes the Tourist’s request for Restaurants, Cafés and Bars quite understandable.

All three buildings function in a similar way to Public Service buildings but in a more challenging way since they use the new recipe system and therefore combine production and public service. Based on the recipe you choose, the building will prepare a dish, dessert or drink and fulfil the Tourists’ needs while also providing a boost to regular residences in a certain area. Let’s take a closer look:

“We had Flour, Sugar and Chocolate but could not bake a cake – that always floated around in our heads when thinking about new content. The recipe system solves this and allows us to combine goods to new products that would otherwise be too specific for our normal needs system.”

– Dominik, Game Designer

As you can see, each recipe requires certain ingredients – so make sure you got a Warehouse not too far away. Some recipes might require ingredients from different sessions, while others have ingredients that are easier to obtain. Since we’re always looking for a) new systems to try out and b) ways to spice up your gameplay with new features, we came up with the recipe system as a new challenge.

All recipes fulfil the Tourists’ need for Restaurants, Cafés or Bars in the same way – they will enjoy any of the delicious dishes you can present them with. However, the aforementioned boost to the surrounding residents varies: If your Restaurant, for example, serves the “Archduke’s Schnitzel” then your surrounding residents will receive a +3 boost to their happiness while consuming less Bread, Fish and Chocolate. If you choose the “Stroggof Goulash”, nearby residents receive a +2 happiness boost and consume less Fish, Sausage and Canned Food.

Restaurant placement as well as choosing recipes based on the required ingredients and the surrounding residences (with their respective needs) should provide you with a nice puzzle challenge if you love optimization.

Selecting any of these three types of buildings will display their influence radius with a circle, while the affected residences are additionally highlighted.

More recipes are unlocked either via quests from the Tourist or by fulfilling certain conditions: Have a look at the recipe book for details.

In-Game Tutorial

With the maturity of Anno 1800 and being in the third Season of DLCs, a lot of new features unlock with the Artisan level. This can result in a lack of focus by the players in our onboarding, leading to them not understanding features and ending up with a bad gameplay experience. “Docklands” introduced new gameplay concepts. We felt the players would benefit from being able to reference the concepts’ explanations at their own pace, outside of the onboarding flow.

For “Tourist Season” it made sense to follow the same approach, with the newly introduced bus system and Tourists. All new features have direct links to the tutorial pages, where the new game mechanic can be revisited at any given time.

The challenge was to find the right balance with the explanations, being both concise and not omitting information the players might need. We are excited to hear player feedback for our new in-game tutorial so we can keep improving it.

– Jan, Lead UI Designer


Orchards and Chemical Plant

Of course, using only existing goods to fulfil the needs of your Tourists and for the creation of delicious new dishes would be… boring? So, let us introduce you to two new production buildings: The Orchard and the Chemical Plant.


Orchards produce new agricultural goods which are either directly fulfilling the Tourists’ needs (Jam) or are functioning as input goods for recipes. They function similarly to your Lumberjack’s Huts by planting trees in an area around them. You do not have to build fields like you do for a Red Pepper Farm or a Vineyard, which would have required a rework of the existing system so that modules or farm fields can be upgraded or would automatically change. Lumberjack huts already had such a system in place where they modify their surroundings by growing trees, the new goods all required trees, and so using this system was the much more fitting way.

Not all the special new ingredients can be grown in the Old World, though, so you will have to make some space in the New World to also build Orchards there. Only then can you produce goods like Cinnamon, Camphor Wax or Citrus Fruits for new products like Shampoo or Lemonade. More on that in a second.

Similar to Restaurants, Orchards are also using a recipe system, where you can select the seed you want the respective Orchard to grow from a catalogue. However, Orchards don’t need any input goods.

Also using the recipe system is the Chemical Plant. Patents for three new consumer goods are available to you, all three products are highly requested by your Tourists. Produce fruity Lemonade (using Saltpetre, Sugar and Citrus Fruits), soapy Shampoo (using Soap, Cinnamon and Coconut Butter) and Souvenirs (using Glass, Camphor Wax and Cotton) to make your Tourists happy.

Both the Orchards as well as the Chemical Plant need a Warehouse nearby to gather input goods and deliver their finished products.

Bus System

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, it’s not enough to simply have a great Zoo or a five-star restaurant: Tourists are demanding and don’t want to travel too far on foot. This is where the bus system comes into play.

Bus Stops have to be placed at all important places in your city which Tourists want to visit. This starts with your Public Mooring and Hotels and extends to places like Variety Theatres, Restaurants, Bars and your Museum. When placing a Bus Stop, you will have to pay attention to two influence radiuses: For a building to be reachable by the Tourists, it has to be in the circle radius. This means, if your Zoo is outside this circle, it’s not part of your Bus Network and the Zoo need for your Tourists will not be fulfilled.

The second indicator you have to keep an eye on is the green street overlay: This marks the overall reach of your Bus Network. For a Bus Stop to be connected to the network, its green overlay has to overlap with the existing network.

Since tourists aren’t fans of long travels when seeing all your city’s marvels, a need’s fulfilment level can be reduced if the distance between Hotel and the respective venue is too far. Keep an eye on the needs overview of each hotel to spot these kinds of problems.

We have covered the bus system in detail in last week’s blog. So, if you want to get some additional insights, make sure to check it out!

Where do our Designers see the most fun and challenging aspect of the DLC?

Well, we assume that the most fun part is the challenge itself: Positioning all new buildings for maximum effect, to minimise traveling distance for the Tourists and make the most out of the residence buffs of the Restaurants, Bars and Cafés. The latter also need constant input to function and provide their buffs, making them significantly more challenging than regular Public Service buildings or Items. Additionally, the demanding nature of the Tourists also means that they’re more likely to leave when their happiness goes down compared to other population tiers.

– Volker, Lead Game Designer

The Iron Tower

Nothing impresses your Tourists more than monuments (except maybe for an Archduke’s Schnitzel), so it’s only logical to give you a completely new monument to build: The Iron Tower. Like other monuments, it’s constructed in three stages and, when finished, not only increases your island’s attractiveness but also provides another option to buff surrounding residences. “La Reine”, the finest restaurant in the land, offers three unique recipes to choose from, each providing a strong buff and reducing the consumption of specific goods, but requiring four ingredients each instead of the usual three. Who could say no to the “Trifle Tower”, the probably most majestic of all desserts?

There’s one more special feature about the Iron Tower: By assigning additional Tourist Customers to it, you can greatly increase the influence radius of its buff. When placed at a central location, it might even cover your whole city…

And let’s not forget that such an extravagant monument might indeed attract royal attention.

Last but not least…

As it is now tradition, “Tourist Season” will also come with a beautiful bunch of themed ornaments fitting to the setting. Build a Souvenir Shop, Lookout Point, Signposts, Flowerbeds, and more to turn your cities into authentic tourist hot spots.


And as usual, we will release a free Game Update alongside the “Tourist Season” DLC featuring several quality-of-life improvements as well as bug fixes. We’ll have the full Release Notes for you next week, so stay tuned for more details on that.


Finally, for your chance to get some first-hand info from the devs, you should not miss our live stream on the “Tourist Season” release day, May 25th, from 5 to 6 PM CEST (11 AM – 12 PM EDT). Mark it in your calendars!

DevBlog: “Tourist Season” – The Bus System

Hey Anno Community,


Today we want to give you some first insights into the upcoming DLC “Tourist Season”, specifically: the bus system.

When we presented Season 3 in February of this year, we already gave you a first overview as to what you can expect, we mentioned restaurants, recipes and the aforementioned buses. We want to dedicate a separate blog to this specific feature and give you some development insights since it’s the mechanic connecting all other parts of this DLC.


Buses are a new mechanic which is needed to connect your guests, the Tourists, with their Hotels and all amenities of the city: Restaurants, Bars, Variety Theatres, the Zoo and more.

“The Tourists should not feel like a new working class, they demand more services and need to be more pampered, they won’t walk to the Museum: they expect a transit in style.”

Specifically, you will need to free up some space to build Bus Stops, a 2 by 3 building, on various points of your city in addition to the other new buildings.
Each Bus Stop has a certain radius, displayed by a circle, indicating which public buildings are in reach of each bus stop. Only when a building like a Restaurant or a Zoo is inside this radius does the game consider it being part of your bus network. Your Tourists are not willing to walk too far from the Bus Stop to the Zoo, after all.

The second indicator to keep an eye on is the street range radius. It’s displayed via a green street-overlay, like you’re used to, from public buildings and indicates the reach of each bus stop making up your bus network. The street markings of two Bus Stops have to touch or overlap for the stops to be connected to the overall bus network.

Let’s just visualize this with a simple screenshot, showing the upgraded Public Mooring with a Bus Stop to the left and the Hotel with its dedicated Bus Stop on the right:

Connecting your Hotels on one end of the island to a Museum on the other, however, isn’t optimal, since your Tourists aren’t fans of long bus rides. So, if the distance is too long, the fulfilment of the “Museum need” (in this example) for the respective Hotel can be reduced. More on the topic of needs in the next DevBlog.


By clicking on a Bus Stop, you can see which public buildings are part of your island’s bus network and how good the connection is. Our UI Team made sure to provide you with the necessary information at first glance:  A new icon above buildings will inform you when they are missing a bus connection. Buildings that are frequented by Tourists (for example a restaurant or a theatre) received a little bus marker inside the construction bar.

For improvements like these, the feedback from the testers of the last Diary Study organized by the User Research Lab in Düsseldorf has been a great help.

Additionally, like for “Docklands”, we implemented a Tutorial Panel directly in the game that explains the underlying mechanics for all new “Tourist Season” mechanics – including the bus system. Just select one of the new buildings and click on the “?” icon in the building’s menu.

What made you choose buses over trams, you might ask. Well, as with so many things in game development, it comes down to prioritization.

Cause a first check made it clear for us that creating a second railway system would require a very high development effort combined with an increased risk for issues. Two separate railway systems but both using the same general rules are tricky and can lead to problems – take something as “simple” as crossings for example. Another approach, a street/railway hybrid, on the other hand, has also not been done by us before and would need a lot of initial effort.

So, in this case, the questions were: How many work hours would developing this new feature take? Is it worth spending several weeks on a completely new feature that will only make up a portion of the new DLC? Is there a different solution that provides a similar logistical challenge and fulfils the same gameplay requirements? All the while, of course, there’re still plenty of other features being designed and developed for “Tourist Season” to create the “complete package” that our team has in mind for the DLC.

The decision to not have buses use fuel, however, was an aesthetic one: While requiring you as players to supply your buses with fuel – like the tractors – would be a nice additional challenge, having polluting buildings inside your cities would not quite fit the tourist fantasy we want to present.

Dealing with this new logistical layer adds a new challenge for your city planning skills considering the already packed inner cities. Making sure your Tourists can reach all important spots in your city is a key component to “Tourist Season” next to satisfying your Tourists’ needs with extravagant new products.

“The logistical challenge would have been interesting, of course, but the resulting Fuel Stations next to the parks and Museums did not fit the theme of the DLC.”

Finally, we are happy to announce that “Tourist Season” is already releasing in a little bit more than two weeks – on May 25th at 6PM CEST (12PM EDT). Expect more news, a detailed DevBlog and the full Release Notes in the weeks leading up to the release.

Until then: Stay safe and keep an eye on our channels to not miss any news.

The Anno Team

Union Update: It’s “Docklands” release day!

Hello Annoholics!


It’s release day for “Docklands”! You can now download and play the first DLC of Season 3!

Not only will this allow you to construct your very own modular warehouse district to make more efficient use of your harbour area, but also give you access to the new “Export/Import Contracts” feature. With those you can exchange goods at specific rates, even in large quantities, which allows you to specialize your economy and even focus exclusively on certain goods while importing the rest via contracts.

The Docklands and its modules allow you to turn your harbours into global trade hubs which you can make shine additionally by various new harbour ornaments like *drumroll* two different kinds of lighthouses! We know you’ve been waiting for those 😉

More details and screenshots can be found in our extensive DevBlog from last week!


Alongside the new DLC, we’ll be releasing Game Update 10, with various improvements as well as some new features free to all players. We have published the Release Notes yesterday and you can find them here.



Both “Docklands” as well as Game Update 10 released today at 6 PM CET (12 PM EST, 9 AM PST) and the DLC can then also be purchased as individually for 6,99€ in the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and on Steam (for owners of the Steam version of Anno 1800).

“Docklands” is also part of the Season 3 Pass – you can read all details about it here.


We’re excited to see you create your very own Docklands and are looking forward to your feedback on the new features! Don’t forget to share some screenshots!




DevBlog: Docklands

The “Speicherstadt” of Hamburg, a UNESCO world heritage site, translates merely as “city of warehouses”—  a near-unbroken chain of upright red brick structures, standing proud and composed on the waterfront, behind whose facade lie carpets, cocoa, tea, spices— you name it!
It is often captured at dusk in photographs, under mellow orange lamplight, when the day’s tumult has subsided, its alleys and avenues of water lying smooth and still, its wares securely under lock and key.
There is a particular pragmatism and confidence to Speicherstadt’s arrangement, with its neat canals and lifting bridges, that speaks to an era of Hanseatic free trade— commercial agreements brokered with efficacy between Hamburg and ports along the chilly Baltic coast. Such places evolve only by necessity, when there is really nowhere else for the vast and collected goods of the globe to go! Such a place can surely be justified in dubbing itself the heart of maritime trade.

What are the Docklands?

With the “Docklands” DLC we’re focussing on one of the central points of every Anno empire: the harbour area and trade. To help you turn your ports into massive trade hubs, Season 3’s first DLC gives your access to the modular Docklands.

As with so many things in Anno, the Docklands’ art design is a happy medium between real-world buildings and those of the Anno world: In order for the player to visually distinguish the different parts and functions, certain features of the buildings had to be exaggerated in a way you wouldn’t find if you were to visit Hamburg.

Considering the historical success and distinctive architecture of these Docklands, it’s a perfect fit for the world of Anno 1800. Especially since we know how many fans the historic warehouse monument in Anno 1404 still has.


In Anno 1800, however, the Docklands are not a single monument but a modular one, like the palace. After constructing the “Main Wharf” (unlocked with 250 Artisans) you can add a variety of modules via its menu, each with their distinctive own functions. Some of the modules are alternatives to already existing buildings like the Harbourmaster, the Depot or the Repair Crane – they are, however, more space-efficient than the regular versions. Others are new, like the Loading Wharf (reduces load times) or the Exports Office (increases number of Export/Import Contracts you can have).

You can increase the limit of how many of each module you can build by successfully exporting vast quantities of goods – but more on that later.

The Docklands Main Wharf and the modules have to be placed in your harbour area but differ in one key aspect from the palace: modules do not have to be placed next to each other but can stand separate! If you prefer to combine all modules to one big district, you will be rewarded with a bonus to your island’s attractiveness.

You can therefore design your Docklands district in any way you want, and we have already seen a lot of creative designs in previous tests.

An ever-growing Anno empire is made of a multitude of islands and trade routes, with hundreds of tons of resources being transported and unloaded at all times. To support all your trading needs, the Docklands can be built once on every island in both the Old World and Cape Trelawney.

Captain Tobias

No worries, though, we have made sure to provide you with an experienced guide to lead you through all the new mechanics in the game. Through a short series of quests, Captain Tobias will provide you with an overview over the construction of the Docklands and the aforementioned Export/Import Contracts.

There are few waters Captain Tobias hasn’t plumbed, and fewer ports he hasn’t berthed in. Armed with an amiable disposition and an insatiable curiosity, this grizzled old seafarer is something of a legendary figure among the close-knit world of global trade, and it just so happens he’s taken an interest in helping you bring your company to new, boundless lands of opportunity and profit.

He will, however, also request your aid in a matter of personal importance to him when you have convinced him of your skills as a trader.  Without wishing to spoil anything, let’s just say that as a reward, the Captain has a rare blueprint for your shipyard which you may certainly find interesting…

Export/Import Contracts

Now, we have mentioned these “Contracts” often enough, time to explain one of the core new features of the “Docklands” DLC.

Captain Tobias not only serves as your guide, but primarily is a traveling merchant by trade. Via the Docklands you can make use of a new trade mechanic that lets you exchange one good for another. Instead of selling or purchasing goods using money, you can create Export/Import Contracts by selecting one good to export and one good to import.

The exchange ratio partly depends on the “value” of the good (calculated via the complexity of the production chain and the amount of building space it requires), meaning, for example, that a single ton of sewing machines is worth several tons of raw fish. This opens up completely new strategies and, for example, allows you to specialise in certain goods based on local fertilities or deposits and trade them in for other goods you don’t produce enough of. Or even substitute whole production chains with imports – the choice is yours.

If you own “The Passage” or “Land of Lions”, you can also set up contracts with goods from those DLC.

By building Exports Office modules, you can increase the number of  Export/Import Contracts you can have active at the same time and the Captain will do his best to fulfill them all – based on how many goods (or how much free storage) you have left.

Tobias will enter your region at regular intervals and fulfill current contracts at each of your Docklands. His ship is a massive vessel and its stocks basically unlimited.

The second factor to impact the exchange ratio is your export volume. When you produce and export large numbers of a specific good, you will establish yourself as a serious business partner in this product and see it gain an “exporter level”. That means that this good becomes one of your export “specialties” and its exchange ratio against other goods improves— you will now receive more tons of other goods in exchange! Take a look at these specialty goods in the pyramid below— the higher the total export volume of a certain good, the higher the good will rise in the pyramid, and the better its exchange ratio will become. You can move and even remove goods from this pyramid to fill the limited bonus slots to your preference.

Even if all slots are filled, you can still export other kinds of goods of course, but you won’t profit from an improvement to the exchange ratio.

Better ratios are not the only advantages of mass-exports, though:

The more your reputation as a respectable trader grows, either via the number of active trade contracts or your exporter level, the more goods will unlock for you to import. You can see the requirements you need to meet to unlock a good in the overview on the right of the Export/Import screen.

Furthermore, you will also increase the building limit of each module by unlocking more “specialty” slots in the pyramid, allowing you to add more and more modules to your Docklands and create a massive trading district.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you can build a complete Docklands on every single island, allowing for potentially vast amounts of imports and exports of goods that you can then still transport within your empire via normal trade routes.


Don’t want to produce soap but prefer to have a clean population? Then Import soap in exchange for that beer you’re producing and make your citizens (and most likely Tobias’ crew) very happy!

Since we know this new feature might need some getting used to, we’ve developed a completely new type of in-game help. Clicking on the “question mark” icon at the top of the Export/Import Menu will open a tutorial screen with explanations of all steps involved in setting up Export/Import Contracts.


Now, we all know how much you all love ornaments and we may have seen one or two comments about having a lighthouse in your own city – maybe…

The “Docklands” DLC is a great opportunity to combine both, so we’re happy to announce that you can look forward to not just one, but two types of lighthouse and a sea of additional ornaments for your harbour – both in the Old as well as in the New World!

We’re excited to see your new harbour layouts with Docklands and its new ornaments!

As announced in our Season 3 live stream as well as the Season 3 Pass trailer (you should re-watch them, just in case), all DLC releases will be accompanied by a Free Game Update. Game Update 10, which is going to release alongside “Docklands”, will for example make changes to your trade route menu and allow you to build streets onto the water in your harbour area.

We’ll go into detail on all these topics later this week.


This leaves only two questions, right, “when” and “how much”?

Well, the “Docklands” DLC will release on February 23rd at 6PM CET / 12 PM EST in the Ubisoft Store, the Epic Store and Steam for 6,99€ and is also included in the Season 3 Pass which is available for 19,99€.

Make sure to check out our blog with an overview to the Season 3 Pass and last week’s live stream where you can already see some gameplay from the DLC.


Stay safe, take care – and keep an eye on the Anno Union for the latest news.



*Please be aware all screenshots of the Export/Import UI are taken from a development-in-progress version of the game and may contain unfinished elements and placeholders.

Union Update: Season 3 announcement – FAQ

Hey Anno Community!


It was great to see your reactions to the Season 3 announcement on Tuesday, the excited comments, the speculations – and the questions.

We’ve seen a few questions pop up repeatedly over the last days and instead of answering them on an individual basis again and again, we though the Anno Union is the perfect place to reach all of you at once ?


How are the Export/Import Contracts integrated into the statistics menu?

Via the “Storage” tab you can get an overview over all previous contracts fulfilled by Captain Tobias. Just like you can with your regular trade routes.

Like all trade, however, the goods exported and imported are not included in the production overview, as production and trade are two different systems in the game which work differently. The production tab checks for constant production and consumption, it presents absolute, reliable values.

Trading, however, is unreliable and therefore can’t be properly calculated into the production tab. Ships have differing traveling time, can be sunk, wind may affect their speed, they may have to wait to fulfil their trades etc. Incorporating goods from these sources as guesses would make the production tab unreliable, and therefore not useful anymore.


The new Docklands buildings and ornaments look like they might put yet more strain on my limited harbour space. Could you increase the harbour space?

Generally, with the introduction of the harbor street and being able to place certain buildings in the water instead of only along the coast, you will already be able to use the available space of your harbour area a lot better – especially if you like to play around with buildings to get the perfect layout. Add to that the modules of the “Docklands” like the depot, which are more space efficient than their regular counterparts.

However, we are not planning to increase the size of your islands’ harbour area. All maps are separated into island and ocean areas. The harbour area is always part of the island area and designed to expand from a certain line along the coast outwards to a certain limit. Reworking and expanding the construction space in the harbour area for all islands would have a significant impact on the game’s balancing and can further lead to issues impacting the stability of the game, AI navigation, and in certain cases, even corrupt savegames.


“Docklands” let’s you import goods from other DLC like “Land of Lions”. Will “Tourist Season” and “The High Life” provide similar interconnections between the DLC?

Yes, all 3 DLC will provide a certain level of interconnectivity with previously released content. Our goal with Season 3’s DLC is to offer you multiple paths to reach your goal. Owning another DLC will not make your life easier or be the “best” solution, but it will provide you with more options as to how to approach certain challenges.


“Tourist Season” sounds like it’s rather focused on beauty builders. As a record builder, will I also enjoy the contents of this DLC?

All DLC of Season 3 offer options for both beauty builders and record builders. The restaurants you’ll build to satisfy your tourists’ needs will also have an impact on the residents living nearby. Just like you might also order a burger at a restaurant nearby and won’t just leave it to tourists and other visitors. This might lead to residents e.g. consuming less bread or beer. Making the most of the bonuses provided by restaurants can be a great strategy to reduce the consumption of certain goods and instead focus on the production of other wares.


The skyscrapers in the gameplay footage to “The High Life” look strange, just like extended Investor residences.

Many of you have pointed out that the skyscrapers prototype footage seen in the Season 3 trailer and stream look suspiciously as if someone had just “stretched” our existing investor residences higher- which is coincidentally exactly what they are! It is very common in game development to try and reach a playable prototype state for experimentation as quickly as possible by “kitbashing” any existing assets and features you already have, so you can first test a feature’s potential before wasting valuable time only to find out later that it wasn’t much fun in the first place.

This is an aspect of development that is rarely seen outside of perhaps “making of” videos and usually never makes it into a proper trailer, though in this case we chose to do so as we thought it would be cool to give you a glimpse at our third DLC that is coming this Summer. One of the challenges we have when presenting a new Season to you is that, contrary to many other games, all DLCs for Anno 1800 are being developed by the same core team here in Mainz – which means that by the time we announce a new Season Pass, we are knee-deep in the development of our first DLC, but don’t have any polished gameplay from DLCs 2 and 3 to share (this was also true for Season 1 and 2).

TL; DR: The skyscrapers seen in the Season 3 trailer are just early prototypes based on existing assets, and do not represent the final quality of the feature, which will allow you to build truly modular high rises of various shapes and looks.



We know there’re many more questions out there and we’re currently planning to give you a Q&A opportunity soon. Keep in mind, though, that some answers will have to wait a bit until we’re closer to the release of the respective DLC.


Current technical issues

We have seen reports from players still having their Ubisoft Connect Rewards locked in the game. In that case, please verify the game files of Anno 1800 and then restart Ubisoft Connect. This should solve the problem.

If you’re missing your Chess Table ornaments: no worries, our team is currently looking into this.


Additionally, our team is currently investigating possible causes for the freezes and lags some of you have been reporting since Game Update 9.3. We will keep you updated on this topic and are hoping to have more news soon.


Winners of the “guess a DLC name” contest

Finally, it’s time to announce the winners from our last contest where we asked you to guess the names of the 3 DLC of the Season 3 Pass: “Docklands”, “Tourist Season” and “The High Life”.

Among everyone who guessed correctly, we have randomly selected 3 winners from both the German and the English comment section. Congratulations to:







We will contact you over the next few days via the e-mail address you’re using for your Ubisoft account to send you your Season 3 Pass key. So please keep an eye on your inbox ?


We wish all of you a great week, stay safe!

Announcing the Season 3 Pass

Hey Anno Community,

Earlier today we used our latest AnnoCast-Stream to finally lift the curtain on the highly anticipated Season 3 Pass for Anno 1800, which will add three exciting new DLCs to the game throughout 2021. As mentioned, when we first teased Season 3 last Fall, the three new DLCs will be focused on your home session in the Old World, giving you new challenges to master, residents to attract, and monuments to construct.


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DLC 1: Docklands (coming February 23, 2021)

Season 3 kicks off in two weeks with the release of our first DLC, “Docklands”. This will allow you to construct a modular new warehouse district, the eponymous Docklands, in your harbor, turning it into a global trade hub. The Docklands building is inspired by the “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg, Germany, which is not only the world’s largest warehouse district, but also a globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

To allow you to truly live the fantasy of being a trade mogul, “Docklands” not only allows you to completely remodel your harbor, but also gives you access to import/ export contracts. These allow you to exchange specific goods at set rates with several trading partners, enabling you to further specialize your economy by focusing on certain goods while reliably receiving missing wares via import and export with your partners.

To properly show your mercantile prowess to the world, “Docklands” also includes a variety of new harbor-themed ornaments to deck out your island with.

DLC 2: Tourist Season (planned for Spring 2021)

Our second DLC “Tourist Season” introduces a new residential tier to the Old World, the aptly named Tourists. Whereas the Visitors we already have in the game are only, well, visiting your island for a day, Tourists want to stay awhile, and thus need proper accommodations: the new hotels. To ensure that tourists reach their accommodations and all the hot spots places on your island– like hotels, museums, or new restaurants – it is necessary to establish a network of bus lines to carry them around.

Should you succeed in attracting enough Tourists, you may even get the chance to construct a new monument inspired by a world-famous tourist attraction of the 19th century…

DLC 3: The High Life (planned for Summer 2021)

Ending Season 3 on a high note both figuratively and metaphorically is “The High Life”, which introduces new modular skyscrapers as an alternative and space-efficient housing for your Investors. Of course, rising buildings go hand in hand with rising desires, so you should expect your Investors to develop an interest in commercial goods created in the new Multi-Factory, which they will be able to buy in your Malls.

Finally, “The High Life” allows you not only to reach new city-building heights by reaching new citizen records, but also with the construction of the game’s largest building, the monumental Empire Tower!

 Bonus Content

While all DLCs will once again be available for stand-alone purchase, there are a few benefits for buyers of the Season 3 Pass. You will receive three exclusive ornaments immediately upon your purchase, each of them themed after one of our new DLCs: the Cyclopean Anchor, a Traveler’s Kiosk and the Endless Skies Memorial. Buyers of the Season 3 Pass will also be able to get all three DLCs for 19,99€/$, which represents a saving of around 5€/$ versus individual purchases.

Best of all, the Season 3 Pass is available today, so you can already enjoy the three new ornaments and use them to pass the time until “Docklands” releases in two weeks.

New ways to buy Anno 1800 for Season 3

While the Season 3 Pass is the best way to enjoy all the new content for our existing Anno 1800 players, we also want to offer new ways to users who want to jump into the age of the industrial revolution in time for Season 3. That is why we have created two new editions of the game that will be available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, starting today. At the same time, we are removing the previously available Gold Edition and Complete Editions for new buyers (existing owners will, of course, keep all their content, and still be able to re-download it in the future)

Anno 1800: Complete Edition Year 3 – 109,99 €/ $

The best way to jump aboard Anno 1800 is the new Complete Edition Year 3, which includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, as well as all three Season Passes. This edition represents savings of around 30€/ $ versus buying all included content individually.

Anno 1800: Gold Edition Year 3 – 79,99€

If you just want to dive right into the new Season 3 content and worry that all previously released DLCs may overwhelm you, the Gold Edition Year 3 is the right choice for you. It includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, and the Season 3 Pass. This edition represents savings of around 10€/$ versus buying all included content individually.

We are, of course, also still offering the classic standard version of the game for 59,99€/ $, giving to anyone looking to build their personal industrial empire the maximum flexibility in how they want to get started.

Thank you all for your tireless passion and support for Anno 1800, which has not only allowed us to reach more than 1.7M players by the end of 2020, but also to support the game with a third year of new content and free game updates that will improve the game for our community!

Stay safe,

The Anno 1800 Team

We cordially invite you once more…


On Tuesday, February 9th, at 5PM CET (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST) we will present to you our plans for Season 3 and give you a first look at its DLC and the Free Game Updates.

So, mark the day in your calendars! We’re looking forward to seeing you next week over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte


And another piece of news we know you have been waiting for: Next Tuesday will also be the release day for Game Update 9.3, which amongst other things includes a fix for the issues with the Ubisoft Connect Rewards some of you were struggling with. We will share the full Release Notes with you next week.



Oh… one last thing: Let’s make the announcement a bit more interesting and add a small challenge!

We’re giving away three Season 3 Pass keys! The only thing you need to do is to guess the name of one of its DLC correctly. * Nothing easier than that, right? 😉


*Winners will be chosen at random among all correct answers. Only one key per person. Only answers below this post on the Anno Union till Monday 8th, 11:59 PM CET (5:59 PM EST, 2:59 PM PST), are valid entries.

The Season 3 Pass is coming

Hey Anno Community,

Yesterday, we answered the question that had been on many of your minds recently: What does the future hold for Anno 1800? And since pictures can say so much more than mere words, we answered with our Season 3 Teaser, which you can watch once more right here:


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We are very happy to confirm that Anno 1800 will be back for a third Season of content in 2021! While we don’t want to give too much away, there a few things we can share:

  • Season 3 will once again consist of three new DLCs, all of which have been inspired by community feedback and wishes
  • Season 3’s DLCs thematically represent something of a homecoming after your globetrotting adventures in the Arctic and Enbesa, and won’t be adding a new session to the game
  • Each DLC release will once again be accompanied by a Free Game Update that will further improve the game for all our industrial pioneers

We look forward to sharing much more about our plans for Season 3 with you all in early 2021, and to reach new heights of city-building with you all.

Stay safe,

The Anno Team