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Anno 1800: Game Update 11

Release date: May 25, 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT

Download Size: 3.7 GB

Support for “Tourist Season”

  • Game Update 11 adds support for our second Season 3 DLC, “Tourist Season”, for all Season 3 Pass owners. “Tourist Season” will also be available as a stand-alone purchase from May 25th onwards.

Expedition Difficulty and discard option

  • When the Captain informs you of a new Expedition, its difficulty is now displayed. You also have an immediate discard option within the Captain’s message. Moreover, you can directly discard Expeditions from the archive on the left with a discard button – or with a right-click like you can do with regular notifications or warnings.

Send Money to Human Players

  • Players can now send money to each other in a multiplayer match

Edit existing profile during the game

  • Added a new profile section to the achievements screen. Players can edit the current game profile and change avatar, company logo etc.

Minimize single quests in the quest tracker

  • Quests can now be minimized in the quest tracker to keep a better overview

Event messages tracker

  • In this Event Tracker, you can choose for all events (like a finished World’s Fair Exhibition for example) if you want to be notified by character message, a notification, or not at all.

Island stock  in Trade Route menu

  • When hovering over a good while setting up a trade route, the stock, as well as the tendency of the good, is shown on the island map

New ½ Game Speed

New tool to regrow natural-looking trees

  • … for all regions!

Option to choose light green ground textures for various ornaments

  • Ornaments that were released with dark green grass as a ground texture now also have an alternative light green grass texture. In the Options menu, you can define which ground texture you want to use by default for newly built ornaments. This options also gives you the choice to change the ground textures of all already built ornaments in your savegame that support this. Moreover, when selecting any built ornament in your city, you can also change the green ground texture individually.

New tutorial quest on how to settle new islands

  • A new questline guides new players through the early phases of expansion

3 new player portraits

  • You can now also pick the Tourist, the Obrera and the Green Pyrphorian portrait

Additional Storyline for Enbesa (“Land of Lions” DLC)

  • The new questline unlocks soon after completing Kidusi’s questline, whatever the outcome of it, starting with Ketema giving the player a decision quest.

Added a Research Queue for the Research Center (“Land of Lions” DLC)

We have updated some of the set effects for both the Museum as well as the Zoo, specifically:


Extinct animals

  • Attractiveness increased from 5% to 10%

Marine predators

  • Affected buildings now include all coastal production
  • Productivity boost from 5% to 10%
  • Workforce reduction reduced from -10% to -5%


  • Added an effect of +2 attractiveness per affected building

White animals

  • Attractiveness increase in Zoo from 10% to 20%


  • Attractiveness changed from “per public service” to per “Trade Union” and increased from 1 to 30



  • added reduced maintenance of -5%
  • productivity buff set from 5% to 10%


  • increased the additional happiness and income from 5 to 10


  • removed timber yards and hunters from the pool
  • increased attractiveness from +2 to +15
  • added additional output every 10th cycle
  • increase production of +5%

  • The firework can now be disabled by pressing Shift+V after equipping the Sceptre of Capon in the Museum
  • The “Explorer” Company Logo is now available for all players
  • It is now possible to buy back the Great Eastern from Archibald Blake after it was lost on an expedition
  • Destroyed or attacked Docklands Main Wharf modules can’t be demolished or rebuilt anymore during an island siege
  • Players can now exit the pause screen via the ESC button
  • The Oil Store in the Old World and Cape Trewlaney is now also affected by the “Optimisation” influence bonus
  • Rebalancing on how the AI handles the priority of defending an ally
    • Allies are now more likely to prioritize helping you (and with more ships) than to follow their own agenda
  • Improved sorting of ornaments in the Construction Bar
    • In the “sort by category” sorting, there were unlogic differences between Old World and New World. And there was a group for park fountains, but not for city fountains, for example.


  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases NPC trade routes could be accessed through the statistic menu
  • The message “You city has become more beautiful” does not incorrectly trigger anymore after loading a save game
  • The planting progress now gets restarted when moving a production building that requires planting (e.g. Lumberjack Hut)
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to drag-and-drop items from a ship into a 2nd party’s building
  • Fixed an issue where the World Class Reefer ship did not receive the bonus speed effect from investing influence in trading
  • The shortcut to donate to science cannot be used anymore for items that are socketed in public buildings
  • Fixed an issue where a notification for the AI to settle on an island could be accepted even though the player settled already
  • Fixed an issue where the refund notification for demolishing the Docklands complex did not include the modules
  • Fixed temporarily game freeze after upgrading multiple Piers from blueprints
  • The “Elder needs” filter now does display the shepherd level needs of elders
  • Fixed the issue with missing Scholars’ Radio Tower in the “Social Welfare Act” policy
  • Fixed an issue with the transition between quay and paved streets
  • Fixed the issue when the paved street was available with a shortcut before being unlocked in the New World
  • Fixed the problem with the lack of additional income bonus promised by “Generous Innkeeper” Town Hall item
  • Fixed the issue with missing refunds after demolishing the Advanced Pier
  • Fixed the issue with invalid positions of Docklands buildings if they were rotated with “Rotate Building” hotkeys
  • Fixed the issue with inconsistency between factual and claimed working conditions settings for some edge cases
  • Fixed the issue with Hugo complimenting the player when a Tractor Barn is built, despite him being defeated
  • Fixed the issue with missing refunds after demolishing the upgraded Oil Harbour in Enbesa
  • Fixed the issue when occasionally goods didn’t automatically move up in the export “pyramid” of Docklands’ meta-menu
  • Fixed the issue when a socket in the Specialty Exports “pyramid” was still displayed locked after manually placing goods in it, skipping previous export tier sockets
  • Fixed the issue with the wind which did not change its direction in Enbesa
  • Fixed an issue in which the description of a trader was used as keyword instead of the trader’s names
  • Fixed the issue when the Grand Oil Harbor upgrade in Enbesa didn’t consume resources
  • Fixed missing progress counter for “DLC: Flooding the Market” achievement

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with delayed opening of residents list in the statistic menu
  • Fixed an issue with misleading maintenance costs in the monuments infotip
  • Fixed an issue in the happiness tooltip that described the wrong start during War/Peace
  • Fixed an issue with some treaty buttons not being disabled after the treaty was made
  • Added missing icons of import goods for the exchange ratio infotip in the Docklands menu
  • Fixed an issue in Old Nates transmute menu where not all items could be displayed correctly.
  • The last entry in the controls menu is no longer cut-off
  • Fixed an issue where fluff text was not displayed for all of the palace effects
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect goods highlight in the ships object menu
  • Meta menus for cultural buildings now close when opening other fullscreen menus
  • Fixed some issue for scrolling in the item list of cultural buildings
  • Fixed minor visual issues in the construction menu
  • Fixed an issue with the expedition preparation screen that only displayed two rows of goods after closing and reopening the screen
  • Fixed an issue with stretched item sockets in the ship transfer menu
  • Fixed an issue where some infotips where wrongly displayed when hovering on certain areas in the landing screen
  • Removed the scholar tab from the ships menu – back to the Research Institute, everyone!
  • The loading speed value is now rounded in the Docklands Main Wharf Object menu when buffed by Khadija Tsegaye
  • Fixed the infotip for “Potential Rewards” in the expedition menu
  • Polished overlaid dividers in production object menus
  • Fixed misleading infotips for export unlock conditions for Docklands
  • Polished infotips for items when they are equipped in cultural buildings
  • Fixed missing “Great White” from the infotip for Trade Ships in the Influence menu
  • Fixed the issue when it was possible to enter numbers that exceeded max. value in the Charter Routes menu
  • Fixed missing  infotip for “Undo” button in ship preparation part of Expedition Menu
  • Fixed the issue with list of goods in expedition preparation screen which displayed only two rows of goods after being fully scrolled down
  • Fixed occasionally misleading progression bar for “Chartered Company” achievement
  • Fixed occasional issue when timer showed “-1:00” remaining time after finishing the second phase of building at Excavation Site menu
  • Fixed the issue with goods infotips which were adjusted to lower left corner and covered goods icons in Advanced Pier menu
  • Fixed the issue with “Jump to” button overlapping the trader status in Main Wharf object menu for some localizations
  • Fixed the problem for save files with long names getting cut in the Load Game menu


  • Fixed an issue where the “Deep Blue Ship Blueprints” could be picked up by another team in multi-player
  • Propaganda edit of a newspaper is no longer reset if a multiplayer co-op partner leaves newspaper screen
  • Fixed some issues with tutorial hint bubbles for a co-op game
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning of the co-op indicator in the monuments object menu for multiplayer
  • Fixed the issue in multiplayer mode when the game was unpaused after receiving a second multiplayer invite
  • Fixed the issue when the lobby for loading a multiplayer save game could be entered by any friend via public game join, even if this option was activated on creation


  • Fixed some idle enemy ships during the quest “Deep Blue – The Last Leviathan” that were not attacking the shark
  • Added a missing questmarker above the shark during the Docklands quest “Deep Blue”
  • The “Growing process” quest from Mercier now accepts Enbesan food
  • Fixed the inconsistent description of the quest “Field Trip”


  • Fixed an issue with terrain flickering on low camera angles
  • Feedback units do not get wet feet anymore when crossing docklands ornament bridges
  • Food is served again on tables that are part of the Cosmetic DLC City Life – people were getting hungry
  • Fixed a visual issue that appeared during the movement of the Airship equipped with the “North Sea” skin
  • Visual impact effects of projectiles from mounted guns now disappear after hitting a target
  • Fixed an issue for the position of the engine smoke for the flagship for some skins
  • Fixed an issue where the “North Sea” switched to the regular flagship wreck model in destroyed state
  • Fixed a visual issue for the “North Sea” clipper flagship skin that appeared on certain camera distances
  • Added some intermediate damage visuals for several ship types
  • Fixed an issue with the “Iris Garden” ornament having incorrect colors on medium graphic settings
  • Fixed missing collision in the marine part of the commuter pier
  • Fixed some minor visual issues for the Enbesan “Salt Works”
  • Fixed an issue for the smoke effect after the Extravaganza Steamer was destroyed
  • Fixed missing feedback units for the Chess Table ornament in the New World
  • Polished “Loaded Barge” asset from Docklands ornaments pack
  • Fixed the issue with foundations of monuments that were not adjusted to the ground while in preview mode or while being demolished


  • Added missing renovation sound effect for the Docklands Main Wharf building
  • Added missing destruction sound effect for some harbor buildings
  • Fixed the issue with missing sound while destroying the new “Quay Street”

Localization & Text

  • Fixed a typo in the German localization for “Pleasant Settlement”
  • Adapted the descriptions for some items that were incorrectly mentioning to affect “All Enbesan Crop Farms”
  • Adapted the name of the Pyrphorian Battle Cruiser to the ships object menu for certain languages
  • Naming of the exporter levels in the Docklands tutorial is now consistent with the in-game levels
  • The term “filter traders” in the trade route menu is now localized
  • The term “Throw Overboard” in the expedition screen is now localized
  • The term “Required goods exporter” in the infotip of imported goods in the Docklands menu is now localized
  • Fixed some misleading text for Docklands infotips
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the name of the item “Loving Goatherd” and its effect
  • Fixed some text issues for various achievements
  • Fixed localization for the “Keepers of the Worlds of Old” buff
  • Fixed text for the tallow extra ration in the infotip of “Mother of Pearls” item
  • Polished text formatting in multiplayer-lobbies for German language
  • Polished infotips for switching between map regions for Polish and German localizations
  • Polished text for “Loading…” status in multiplayer loading screen for Polish language
  • Added localization for Sheet music infotips for all languages
  • Fixed misleading “0/1 Progress” text for the achievements where the player has to achieve more than “1”
  • Polished Russian localization for “Donate to Science” Buttont in Control tab of Options menu
  • Fixed the issue when the line “All Goods” in the storage tab of Statistic Menu was not translated immediately after changing text language
  • Fixed the issue when some shortcuts were not translated immediately after changing text language
  • Fixed the issue with “City Lights Pack” name which was not capitalized for Russian, Polish and Italian localization
  • Disabled “Only Use Sans-Serif Fonts” option for Asian languages




  1. A Ashemi May 24, 2021

    Can’t wait, thanks so much! 🙂

    But please can you fix the Nvidia Direct X 12 crash bug, its been years and its so painful for so many of us!

  2. A AMA-911 May 24, 2021

    I hope you add a tool to reposition a multi items once (exp. you can remove 4 or 5 houses at once ) better then removing them one by one

  3. M Menobodyknows May 21, 2021

    Thank you for all of these amazing new features, improvements and bug fixes. This game is amazing.

  4. t tcuvillier2 May 20, 2021

    Anno 1800 is the first and only game I ever bought the collector edition for. And I don’t regret that decision 1 second !

  5. G Goose7118 May 20, 2021

    Отдельное спасибо за эти 2 пункта:
    “Сложность экспедиции и возможность сброса

    Когда капитан сообщает вам о новой экспедиции, теперь отображается ее сложность. У вас также есть опция немедленного сброса в сообщении капитана. Более того, вы можете напрямую удалить экспедиции из архива слева с помощью кнопки «Отменить» или щелкнув правой кнопкой мыши, как вы можете делать с обычными уведомлениями или предупреждениями.”
    “обавлена ​​очередь исследований для исследовательского центра (DLC «Земля львов»).

    Теперь вы можете добавить несколько предметов или крупных открытий в очередь исследования, которая автоматически продолжит разработку следующего интересующего объекта в очереди, если у вас достаточно очков исследования.”
    Ну и за новую сюжетную линию Энбесса.

  6. o olblf May 20, 2021

    This update is amazing! Thank you! These fixes will really improve the game, however small the fixes may be. As far as game updates go, I really think you’ve outdone yourself with this one!

  7. F FabLau May 20, 2021

    Gosh ! This is some massive improvments for such a small-sized update 🙂
    Can’t wait to test the tourist season on my own !

  8. r ruzen_qures May 20, 2021

    Thank you for slow speed.
    Please consider adding a feature in the settings to make it auto
    Game will automatically set to slowest when a build item selected.


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