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Union Update: It’s “Docklands” release day!

Hello Annoholics!


It’s release day for “Docklands”! You can now download and play the first DLC of Season 3!

Not only will this allow you to construct your very own modular warehouse district to make more efficient use of your harbour area, but also give you access to the new “Export/Import Contracts” feature. With those you can exchange goods at specific rates, even in large quantities, which allows you to specialize your economy and even focus exclusively on certain goods while importing the rest via contracts.

The Docklands and its modules allow you to turn your harbours into global trade hubs which you can make shine additionally by various new harbour ornaments like *drumroll* two different kinds of lighthouses! We know you’ve been waiting for those 😉

More details and screenshots can be found in our extensive DevBlog from last week!


Alongside the new DLC, we’ll be releasing Game Update 10, with various improvements as well as some new features free to all players. We have published the Release Notes yesterday and you can find them here.



Both “Docklands” as well as Game Update 10 released today at 6 PM CET (12 PM EST, 9 AM PST) and the DLC can then also be purchased as individually for 6,99€ in the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and on Steam (for owners of the Steam version of Anno 1800).

“Docklands” is also part of the Season 3 Pass – you can read all details about it here.


We’re excited to see you create your very own Docklands and are looking forward to your feedback on the new features! Don’t forget to share some screenshots!







  1. Y Yatto_redwings March 8, 2021

    The dlc is good but the docklands are very cheap and I don’t understand the attractions the give you other than that they’re great I really like them they make a good experience

  2. D Darkdesire85 February 28, 2021

    You know I thought I’d come and just say thanks to the devs of this game. I’m an avid city builder fan. I’ve played most if not all of them at some point throughout the years and this one is by far the best I’ve ever played. It’s beautiful and also challenging I can play every night for weeks and still have things to do to make improvements. You’ve truely excelled in what you do, in making this game. Well done, don’t ever stop being the best at what you do

  3. c chetkowa February 25, 2021

    Simply love it. It has removed many of my headaches, especially in regards to lacking metal ore of different kinds. This DLC has made me very happy indeed.

  4. A Artafern February 24, 2021

    Первый день прошел, и хоть я и видел все заочно на стримах, все равно, впечатлений полно!
    Прекрасное дополнение! То, чего не хватало для полноценной картины прибрежной территории. И альтернативная торговля это круто=)

    p.s. конечно думал, что корабль Тобиаса будет больше=)

    p.p.s. Обязательно необходимо добавить в настройки право выбора альтернативной постройки декоративных элементов ( вручную, как раньше )!
    1) придется заново тратить часы на постройку лабиринтов из живых изгородей=(
    2) в целом теперь получается двойное действие. Сначала постройка изгороди, а потом вручную ее перестраивать как надо. Увы, это не экономия времени, а лишние трудности.
    Спасибо за понимание!

    Обновление супер!=)

  5. d deepmikoto February 24, 2021

    Hey guys, great release!

    Just, the shark from the quest “deep blue last leviathan” is stuck in Cape T., I followed it for a while the it stops on the edge of the map, I’ve waited besides it for 30+ minutes and it does not move at all. Tried to reload the game from a save before the quest start but ended up in the same situation.

    Any Ideeas?

    • A Avenger432 February 24, 2021

      I have the same issue. It must be bugged.

    • F Fips2016 February 25, 2021

      Jep, I’ve got the same problem. Either the shark disapaers and nothing else matters or it just stays on the edge of the map and waits. 🙁

      • i ineedtoplay February 25, 2021

        It worked ok for me.
        You get a Blueprint as the reward for finishing the quest.


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