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Union Update: Vehicle Liveries Pack release

Hey Anno Community,


last week we talked about our Cosmetic DLC plans for 2021 and the upcoming “Vehicle Liveries Pack”. The latter is now available via Prime Gaming and can be claimed by following the instructions at the end of this article.


The following pictures give you an overview of all available skins, just click on an image to see it in full size.

As mentioned last week, the “Vehicle Liveries Pack” will later this year become available via the Ubisoft Store, Epic Store and Steam (for owners of the Steam version) for the price of 4,99€.

Make sure to also check last week’s post for more details on our Cosmetic DLC plans.


You can already look forward to Thursday, when we will launch the vote for the remaining two Cosmetic DLC for this year. We’re already curious, which topics will end up being your favorites 😉

How to claim your “Vehicle Liveries Pack” with Prime Gaming:

  • Subscribe to Prime Gaming (https://gaming.amazon.com/)
  • Visit the Prime Gaming rewards page (https://gaming.amazon.com/anno1800)
  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Link your Ubisoft account with your Amazon account
  • If you accidentally linked the wrong Ubisoft account to your Amazon account and you haven’t yet claimed the “Vehicle Liveries Pack”, go to https://primegaming.ubisoft.com to unlink your accounts
  • Visit https://support.ubi.com/ to troubleshoot any issues with your Ubisoft account
  • Visit the Prime Gaming FAQ for any questions about Prime Gaming


You will receive your “Vehicle Liveries Pack” automatically in-game. Keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours for the content to be delivered in-game!




  1. c camrule April 10, 2021

    Sehen echt gut aus. Cool ist auch die Option bei den Zügen das diese ein zufälliges Design bekommen. Wäre es hier noch möglich das man einzelne Skins dafür blockiert?

  2. c catafalca April 10, 2021

    Yo compre el juego en Steam antes que saliese luego he ido comprando todos los DCL que han salidoy estoy contentisimo con el juego pero tengo 2 problemas, uno cuando lo instalo me carga en Steam y Ubisoft con lo que se produce doble almacenamiento de Gbs y donde vamos al segundo problema que deja sin memoria al PC Muchas gracias

  3. M MFN1973 April 9, 2021

    it is only for sale with a credit card, how old-fashioned ??? I do not have a credit card, I would like to purchase the extension but via a normal payment method. Please make it available for a payment method other than credit card only

    • D Drysyn April 12, 2021

      Most Debit cards(Bank cards) can make the payment as if it were a credit card these days, Obviously you must have the funds ready to go out at the time of payment

  4. S SureOverlord April 8, 2021

    I don’t know how many hours I’ve played this. the production chains are fantastic, the different areas, and I love being able to walk across the islands in first person as well. The liveries are very well done. Would be nice to get one for the oil tankers but I’m not sure that’s doable.

  5. F FuzballTable April 8, 2021

    You guys made a great game and continued to polish it and add new features. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you’ve provided 😀

    The new skin pack is awesome, especially as it can be obtained for free! I’ve decided to assign specific skins based on where my ships operate- bright white decks to match the white sands of South America, a deep beautiful maroon hull on ships in the old world, grand black wood with gold designs for the Royal colonies on Cape Trelawney, plain wood for our simple yet gorgeous East African settlements, and rugged grey ships and airships for the brutal yet efficient Arctic territories.

    Can’t wait for Tourist Season! I might just have to start a YouTube channel to share this awesomeness 😉

  6. m mfuegar2018 April 8, 2021

    And those of us who buy the game through Ubisoft, they don’t give us the option to get the “Vehicle Liveries Pack”.
    Only for Steam and Prime?

    • U Ubi_MarcelH April 8, 2021

      The Pack will be available to buy from Ubisoft Connect, Epic games Store and Steam later this year. Currently you can only redeem it from Prime gaming but not buy it.

  7. K KingTitan95 April 8, 2021

    I have a Amazon Prime account.But My Country (INDIA) does not support amazon gaming. Please guide me how to get this pack.

  8. K Kaizen_1985 April 8, 2021

    Now I can finally live out my Thomas the Tank Engine fantasy with those fantastic three stock colors! The gold Ship of the Line and Battleship look great too! Great work!

  9. A Artafern April 7, 2021

    Классно конечно быть обделенным невероятным контентом, из-за мерзкого, отвратительного, убогого Amazon =)
    Не иметь возможности пользоваться чем-либо в момент выхода это просто супер! Amazon one love!!!…

    • i iznano4nik April 7, 2021

      да ладно бро, я подключился к прйм трай фо фри, ну ввел карту да. Получил набор текстурок и через сутки удалил карту. Все сработало!

      • A Artafern April 7, 2021

        =) Я пишу это не с потолка, в мерзком амазоне только видимо “Элита” мира, в очень коротком списке стран может подключать prime gaming. Все остальные, вроде меня, должны наслаждаться ничем=)
        Очень печально наблюдать как прекрасные ребята из Ubisoft связываются с таким мусором как Amazon…

        • i iznano4nik April 8, 2021

          эмм…и? я из СПб активировал, хотя РФ в списке нет. Выбираешь other parts of the world и получаешь недельный триал, вместо месячного как у белых френчей. Активировал подарок и удалил карту. гг вп

          • A Artafern April 8, 2021

            Их система сразу сломалась, выбила ошибку аккаунта, и на этом конец=) Войти только с подтверждением кучи данных, но и тут у них все сломано и обратной связи нет. В саппорт писать только через вход в акк=) Тупик…
            А баловаться с впн у меня нету никакого желания.
            Теперь только ждать выхода в стиме.

  10. K Katje-Katrien April 7, 2021


    Thank you very much.
    Those skin looks very beautiful.
    I will need to build more ships to have all those new skin all together in my game. 😀
    Looking forward to all the rest that will come out in the future and also to those Cosmetic DLC’s we can vote for.



    •   Ubi-Thorlof April 7, 2021

      Happy to hear you enjoy the new skins! 🙂
      We’re sure you’ll like the topics we’ll present tomorrow.

      • K Katje-Katrien April 8, 2021


        You make me very curious.

  11. d deepmikoto April 7, 2021

    Thank you for the nice addition!

    P.S. Disappointed the Great Eastern didn’t get some love

  12. m mayosa7 April 7, 2021

    Thanks very much that’s some grand looking transportation.

  13. G Goofy2004 April 6, 2021

    Die neue Modellvatiante für das Flaggschiff sowie für das Luftschiff sind eine Bodenlose Frechheit mit diesen minimalistischen Modelländerungen.

    Der Rest ist gut gelungen was ich auch gar nicht kritisieren kann jedoch ist dass mit den “Modellvarianten” einfach nur ein Schlag ins Gesicht!

    (Sollten das diese Gewesen sein)

  14. H HansWilhelm2018 April 6, 2021

    Vielen Dank. Super Arbeit.

  15. S Sycend April 6, 2021

    Thanks for the new skins. Sad to see that my favorite sheme the red-grey one has sutch an ugly deck texture, dark wooden planks would be so mutch better, than the metal one, which looks like carpeted floor when zoomed out D:


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