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We cordially invite you once more…


On Tuesday, February 9th, at 5PM CET (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST) we will present to you our plans for Season 3 and give you a first look at its DLC and the Free Game Updates.

So, mark the day in your calendars! We’re looking forward to seeing you next week over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte


And another piece of news we know you have been waiting for: Next Tuesday will also be the release day for Game Update 9.3, which amongst other things includes a fix for the issues with the Ubisoft Connect Rewards some of you were struggling with. We will share the full Release Notes with you next week.



Oh… one last thing: Let’s make the announcement a bit more interesting and add a small challenge!

We’re giving away three Season 3 Pass keys! The only thing you need to do is to guess the name of one of its DLC correctly. * Nothing easier than that, right? 😉


*Winners will be chosen at random among all correct answers. Only one key per person. Only answers below this post on the Anno Union till Monday 8th, 11:59 PM CET (5:59 PM EST, 2:59 PM PST), are valid entries.




  1. M Misiek_1991 February 11, 2021

    Hey, do we know the Winners?

  2. A Artafern February 10, 2021

    Очень хочется знать что с результатами конкурса!=)
    Уже не терпится купить пропуск, но вдруг окажется что был шанс получить ключ. С учетом правильного названия в моей локализации.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 11, 2021

      Hey, we’ll most likely announce the winners of the competition next week 🙂

      You’re right about the different localization, so your entry will count.

      • A Artafern February 11, 2021

        О, это действительно неожиданно! Тогда стоит повременить с покупкой и ждать счастливый билет!:)

  3.   Ubi-Thorlof February 9, 2021

    Guys, you’re aware the deadline was yesterday evening, right? 😉

    • A Acidello February 10, 2021

      Hey Oli, can I ask if “High Life” is counted as correct? If not I have no chance to win and I’ll buy the Season Pass right away =D

      • A Acidello February 10, 2021

        ok you just answered that on discord, thanks =)

  4. E Extr3m3K1ll3r February 9, 2021

    Looking forward to your announcement!! Cannot wait for 9.3 patch…hope it solves some of the performance issue I am having?

  5. D Dellicc February 9, 2021

    The Tourist Season,
    und vielleicht The High Life?

  6. F FinnHallqvist February 9, 2021

    The High Life für die Wolkenkratzer

  7. I Icefox67 February 9, 2021

    Harbour Lights
    The High Life

    I just hope they can be chosen to be activated in multiplayer saves

  8. T Tim0ph0bi25 February 9, 2021

    I think one should be: docklands 😉

  9. y yoontien87 February 9, 2021

    the high life
    tourist season

    • M Misiek_1991 February 9, 2021

      Its too late 😀
      After a leak 😀

  10. b bartirix February 9, 2021

    I’d be hoping for some..
    Wondrous Waterways

  11. M MisfitDex February 9, 2021

    I cant wait for the update 🙂
    Good Job Everyone !

    High Tourism
    Port City

  12. a alleria.sb February 9, 2021

    given the screen shown in video background, I’d think of something around the lines of:

    the age of commerce and innovation
    the age of expansion
    the age of culture

    looking forward to the announcements!

  13. A Antipotheosis February 9, 2021

    Pyphorian Invasions
    Pyphorian Raids

    Dairy Dreams
    Dear Dairy

    All Aboard
    Trains and tracks
    Commuter Rails
    Island Express

    Spycraft and Espionage

  14. d drum_sem February 9, 2021

    Civil aviation
    Transport company
    Military supplies
    Military orders
    World War

  15. A Adelaar47 February 9, 2021

    Glanz und Gloria

    Modern marvels

    Shining waves

    Smoke and Steam

    Fire and Steel

  16. P PawelMalecki February 8, 2021

    Dry Dock
    Baptism of Fire
    Full Steam Ahead
    Grand Tour
    Fin de Siècle
    End of Century
    La Belle Époque
    Great War
    Opera House
    Art Nouveau
    National Park
    Periodic Table
    Blood and Steel
    Class Struggle
    Law and Justice
    Deus ex Machina
    Origin of Species
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Red Alert
    High Seas
    High Tide
    Wheels in Motion

  17. K Kragee February 8, 2021

    Black Gold
    Industrial evolution
    Industrial revolutian
    Industrial boom
    Industry enlightenment
    Enlightenment thinkers
    Factories revolution
    Steel and Oil
    Dawn of Industry
    Sunset Harbor
    Harbor life
    Fireworks and parades
    Industrial Art
    Industrial age
    Machines age
    Age of Machines
    Natural Disasters
    Trade unions
    Grand Fleet

  18. E Elestothen February 8, 2021

    Shipping Forecast
    The diplomat
    The Nine Arts
    Bank Holidays

  19. M Misiek_1991 February 8, 2021

    Grand Tour
    Rising High
    Orient Express
    City of Culture
    The first cruise
    Majestic Cruisers
    20th Century
    Industrial Revolution

  20. H Haakon_XIII February 8, 2021

    Industrial Revolution
    Vive La Revolution
    Age of Discovery
    The Shipyard
    The shipwreck
    New heights
    For the peace
    Peace & War
    War and Peace
    Under construction
    New Horizons
    Dawn of revolution
    Tides of change
    Across the sea
    Natural disasters
    For the Queen
    For the Empire
    Pride of the Fleet
    Gran Armada
    Winds of Change
    Marvelous Inventions
    Marvelous Wonders
    Modern Marvelous
    Steam Age
    Engineering Marvels
    Architectual Marvels
    The guest
    The invited

  21. h harute125 February 8, 2021

    Journey Home
    Home Again
    Welcome Home
    Home Revolution
    Returns Home
    Returning Home
    Across Continents
    Comeback Home
    Home Again
    Coming Home

  22. p pablo1713 February 8, 2021

    Red Dragon
    Tiger of the East
    Silk Road
    Anicent Dragon
    Orient Tiger

    The Lost Atlantis
    The Forgotten City
    The Road of Gold
    The Forgotten Gods
    The Rising of an Empire
    The Lost Worlds
    Eye of Eagle

    Gods of Disaster
    Rampant Nature
    The Forecast
    The eye of a storm
    The Fire of Gods

    Back To the Venice
    Age of Discovery

    Silver Shields
    Swords of Glory
    Land Battles

    The Return of Hassan Ben Sahid
    The Return of Old Friends
    Waves of Danger

  23. D Darkdesire85 February 8, 2021

    My guesses are
    Homeward bound
    Or if the oriental pics I’ve seen are a real clue then
    Oriental express

  24. V Veieli February 8, 2021

    The warship
    The flagship
    The Underground
    Bellow the sea
    The war
    New heights
    For peace
    The discovery
    The threat
    One/the chance
    The project
    Down under

  25. l llon11 February 8, 2021

    I guess something like :
    “The east India Company” so either a new area or some mechanic to trade spices and whatnot with India

    and “Aerial Combat” like weaponized airships and countermeasures.

  26. c csaniryan1990 February 8, 2021

    I am waiting tomorrow annoucment so hard :)))
    Also I see literally zero chance to guess the name but heres my try:

    Rise of the Technology
    Welcome Home

    But I dont think its really matters, cause I will buy 2 anyway for me and my wife 😀 as soon as its possible.

  27. A Acidello February 8, 2021

    I am so glad you are releasing a Season 3, I am sure it will be marvellous! One can see that you put all your love into Anno =)
    Here are some hypotesis I made:

    Beauty of the Seas
    City Beach
    City Heights
    City of Arts
    City of Culture
    City of Dreams
    City of Heights
    City of Tourism
    Dream City
    Dreaming Metropolis
    Gem of the Seas
    Golden Age
    Golden Boulevards
    Golden City
    Golden Heights
    Golden Rivers
    Golden Shores
    Harbour City
    Harbour Life
    Heights of Glory
    High Life
    Island of Dreams
    Jewel of the Seas
    New Heights
    Pearl of the Seas
    Rising Metropolis
    Scaling Heights
    Shanties of the Sea
    Shanties of the Seven Seas
    Shanties of the Ocean
    Sky Life
    Sky Metropolis
    The Golden Lighthouse
    The Land of Dreams
    The Lighthouse

    And if I don’t guess any I’ll take the Season Pass anyways…

  28. M Mantees February 8, 2021

    Tides of change
    Promised land
    Orient Express

  29. L Lethanii February 8, 2021

    In The Heights
    City of Culture
    World/Age of Wonders
    By the Seaside

  30. d devoidwolf February 8, 2021

    “Into the East”
    “Across the Jade Sea”
    “In Search of Beauty”

  31. J Justin_One_Shot February 8, 2021

    “Winds of the Future” / “Tides of the Future”

  32. A Annoholic_2070 February 8, 2021

    So my guess would be :

    Home Sweet home / Welcome Home
    The Philatelist
    Dawn of Democracy
    Foreign Visitors
    Royal Visit
    Flying Machines
    Wonders of Nature

    Other guesses, but very unlikely imo:
    Spices of Orient
    The Silk Road

    Love your work !!

  33. R RadixRR February 7, 2021

    Winds of Change
    Marvelous Inventions

    Best regards 🙂

  34. Z Zabetaf February 7, 2021

    *Natural disasters
    *Evolution of the fleet
    *City beautification.
    *New level of buildings

  35. f fehlxb February 7, 2021

    * Growing Together
    * Calling Home
    * Cables and Communication
    * First Contact
    * Messenges
    * The Great Eastern
    * Under the sea

    * Mass Production
    * Welcome Home
    * Age of Revolution
    * The Challenges
    * Collaboration
    * Founding Companies
    * Import & Export
    * Innovations
    * Evolution

  36. G Gargammel77 February 7, 2021

    “Home, sweet Home”
    My suggestion, but anyway so happy to have a a third season.

  37. H HerOfOlympus February 7, 2021

    Age of Revolution
    To the Sky
    Reaching Stars
    The New Era

  38. V VaIhaIla_Rising February 7, 2021

    I’ll try my best)

    High Life
    Age of Progress
    Age of Wonders
    Time to fly
    Sky century

  39. S SuTheOwl February 7, 2021

    Land on Water
    The Age of Art

  40. J Jonas0218 February 7, 2021

    Looking forward to Season 3!
    My guesses:
    Welcome Home
    Time of science
    Adventure in the new world
    Old friends
    Forces of Nature

  41. K Katje-Katrien February 7, 2021


    Will the Game Update 9.3. also solve the problem with the Chess Table and the Explorer logo?

    Looking forward to the stream and the new Season 3 Pass.

    My guesses are:

    Wonders of Steel.
    City of Commerce.
    The Age of Trade.


  42. L Lucky-No.1 February 7, 2021

    Bin schon so gespannt was Ihr uns da wieder geiles präsentieren werdet.

    Zu meinen Tipps für die DLCs:
    – Old Friends
    – La Corona
    – Revolution
    – Steam Age
    – Homecoming
    – End of a Journey

  43. s shijin83 February 7, 2021

    Freue mich wahnsinnig auf die Ankündigung 🙂

    Meine Tipps für DLC Namen:
    – Zu den Waffen
    – Königliche Häfen
    – Hafenstädte
    – Railroad Tycoon
    – Abenteuer in der neuen Welt
    – Zeitalter der Schifffahrt
    – Handelsimperium

  44. M Minister-Coehn February 7, 2021

    -Kräfte der Natur/Forces of Nature*
    -Königsroute/(Royal) Railroad stations
    ..dabei wären Bahnhöfe für Touris ganz schön!

    *wie ein 2070-OST-Titel, immer noch schön anzuhören 🙂

  45. F FidoPlay February 7, 2021

    Under the sea
    Expand islands
    big cruisers
    Great cruisers
    cruiser by the sea
    tourist airport
    independance war
    Mining industry

  46. C Clickbeetle February 7, 2021


  47. b biwesty February 6, 2021


    My guess is “City Beach”!

  48. B Boska1982 February 6, 2021

    Belle Epoque
    Civil war
    Industrial Revolution
    Machine Age
    Mass Production
    New Imperialism
    Victorian Era
    Wild West

  49. R Ragnaraven. February 6, 2021

    Art of the Sea
    Deep Seas
    Edge of the World
    Extended Sails
    Familiar Shores
    Familiar Coasts
    Friendly Waters
    Into the Wind
    The Kraken
    Maritime Marauders
    Maritime Ventures
    Mass Transit
    Nautical Ventures
    Neptune’s Tides
    Neptune’s Voyage
    Oceans Adventures
    On the Water
    Sailing Seas
    Salty Winds
    Sea Struck
    Seven Seas
    Setting Sail
    Shanties of the Sea
    Shifting Tides
    Shining Seas
    Stock Markets
    Tested Tides
    Wall Street

  50. S Simon-Sy February 6, 2021

    after intesne screenshot analysis my suggestions:

    -Harbour Life
    -At the sea side
    -Exploring new depths

  51. w wolfi7820 February 6, 2021

    Hotels and Tourist

  52. M MandyB4u February 6, 2021

    Die Befreiung
    Der große (Börsen-)Crash
    Unentdeckte Geheimnisse

  53. H Hleb2018 February 6, 2021

    Meine Tipps

    :Die Revolution

    :Hoch hinaus

    :Tor zur Welt

  54. A AnnoPrince February 6, 2021

    Heavy Industries
    Industrial Revolution
    The Golden Age
    Cultural Expeditions
    Foreign Cultures
    Journey around the World
    Journey towards the East
    Stormy Seas
    Welcome Home
    Engineering Marvels
    Architectual Marvels

    • A AnnoPrince February 8, 2021

      Asteroid Belt
      Alpha Centauri

  55. c catafalca February 6, 2021

    Mis reseñas son: Bienvenido el circo
    Mercados orientales
    Inventos Submarinos
    La gran Exposicion Mundial

  56. M Martinclark08 February 6, 2021

    Thank you for your hard work Ubisoft!

    I hope you guys continue to add more contents, DLC’s, quests and cutscenes.

    My guesses would be:

    The Homecoming
    Welcome home
    Welcome abode
    The great exploration
    World exhibition
    La Corona
    The empire strikes back
    Age of discovery
    The great ship
    The East empire
    The empire
    The golden age
    The Great War
    Deus ex machina
    Age of Enlightenment
    Victorian Era
    Age of sail
    Age of industrialization
    Age of mechanization
    Age of music
    Sound of music
    La revolution
    Free suffrage
    Woman’s rights
    The conservation
    The ivory tower
    The Silk Road
    The ship called Dahlia
    The great Dahlia
    Dalian Ship
    The Parisian life
    City of light
    The city of the free people
    Cinco de Mayo
    La fiesta
    Black Gold
    The crown
    The jewels of empire
    Plague the great plague
    Black Plague
    Butter upon bacon
    The bourgeois
    Le Marxism
    Bill of rights
    The equal rights

  57. c corsbu February 6, 2021

    The dam
    The hotel
    The visit
    high above
    to the sky

  58. R Rastfarian February 6, 2021

    My guesses…
    Grand Design,
    Botannica 2
    Peers of the Realm

  59. S SuTheOwl February 6, 2021

    The President from the west
    The Congress

  60. V V0lk5 February 5, 2021

    Энергетическая революция

  61. E EnceladusCarbon February 5, 2021

    The Monarch
    Royal Shores
    Royal Isles
    Victorian Dreams
    Victorian Heights
    Victorian Shores
    Heady Heights
    New Heights
    Sky High
    Scaling Heights
    Welcome Home
    Guns and Roses
    Age of Democracy
    Birth of Democracy
    Democracy Rises
    The Mandate
    The Vote
    People’s Mandate
    Class Struggle

  62. S Soldat625 February 5, 2021

    Die Börse/ The Stock Market
    Die Zeit der Aufklärung/ The time of enlightenment
    Das Parlament/ The Parliament
    Integration/ Integration
    Adlige Resorts/ Aristocratic Resort
    City of dreams/ Stadt der Träume
    Zeiten des Krieges/ Times of War
    The Great Age of Piracy
    New Wealth/ Neuer Reichtum
    New Powers
    Times of Change/ Zeiten der Veränderung
    Heimkehr/ Homecoming

  63. c cHabu_032 February 5, 2021

    Empire of the Sun
    The Silk Route
    Going Down (Under) / Going Down Under / Down Under
    The Search for Roo
    The East
    The Queen’s Gambit
    Monarchy Down

  64. T Topsen08 February 5, 2021

    1. Heimkehr
    2. Industrielle Revolution
    3. Zeit der Wissenschaft

  65. s shynik February 5, 2021

    Botanica #2
    Ботаника №2

  66. o oppa91 February 5, 2021

    Homecoming ( welcome home / welcome back )
    Wonders of the world
    Golden Empire / golden Era / golden times
    Globalization age / Industrialization age
    Unity / gate of the world
    Blossom season / harvest the fruits of work
    The next Sunrise / in the sunset
    Metropolis / cities of the world

  67. F FabLau February 5, 2021

    Hey there !
    I’m glad to know that you’re going to show us more about this season 3 pass, I can’t wait to look at it 🙂

    For the suggestion, here are my propositions :
    – Dahlia’s Return
    – Dahlia’s Odyssey
    – The Curse of the Dahlia
    – The Lost Ship
    – Flower of the West

  68. E EliteNoobna February 5, 2021

    Finally! Season 3 is almost here. Been waiting for it for ages, can’t wait for Tuesday!

    Assumed DLC names:

    The Empire of the Rising Sun
    Eastern Fairytale
    The Wonderland
    Lost Paradise
    Dust-Laden Wonderland / Dust-Laden Paradise
    Mist of the Lost Ruins

    I’m running out of words…

  69. A Artafern February 5, 2021

    “Новые высоты”
    “Расцвет империи”
    “Империя восходящего солнца” / “Империя солнца”
    “Цветок сакуры”
    “На пике прогресса”
    “Новый век”
    “Век технологий”
    “Назад домой”
    “Родной край” / “Родные земли”
    “На встречу неизведанному”
    “Новый путь”
    “На заре века”

  70. J Justin_One_Shot February 5, 2021

    “Empire Rising” / “Empires Rising”
    “Wonders of Man” / “Man’s Wonders”
    “Revolution” / “Independence”
    “Treasures of the Past” / “Treasures of Old” / “Treasures of the Future”

    What if this is just a way for Ubisoft to choose good titles because they haven’t decided themselves? O_O

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 5, 2021

      Clever, right? 😛

      But no, all names including their translations are already set in stone.

      • A AnnoPrince February 6, 2021

        Something to keep in mind for the next Season Pass…

  71. S SuTheOwl February 5, 2021

    Eastern Gem
    River of Life
    Rise of the Technology
    The land of Rising Sun

  72. s skyphoenixv February 5, 2021

    The deep
    All aboard

  73. s skyphoenixv February 5, 2021

    The new age
    Iron Seas
    Empire dawn
    The new horizon
    The frontier
    Smoking sea

  74. I Ishindar February 5, 2021

    The Great Wall
    Lords of the Rising Sun
    Far Far East
    Far Far West
    Middle Earth Empire
    Hobbit’s World
    The Hunt of Yellow Submarine

  75. E Eurofighter1200 February 5, 2021

    Sehr schön freue mich drauf.

    Mein Tipp:

    Das Tor zur Welt
    Die alte Welt
    Hoch hinaus

  76. D Dugal.Brynach February 5, 2021

    1. Die Tore der Stadt (Homecoming und Städteerweiterungen)
    2. Die Kraft der Sonne (Erneuerbare Energien)
    3. Wunder der Technik (z.B. Moderne Schifffahrt und Eisenbahn)

  77. K Kochsalz February 5, 2021

    Awesome News!

    My guesses for the DLC titles:
    – “Empire”
    – “The Crown”
    – “Wonders of the World”
    – “Revolution”

  78. C CzarnyKOX-PL February 5, 2021

    My guess:
    The Return
    Tycoon Wars
    Golden Age
    Industrial Wonders
    Architectural Wonders
    War of Tycooners
    Time of Expansions
    Time of Innovation
    Grand Exhibition
    Display of Steam
    Drydock Fantasies
    Oil Cracking
    Welcome Home
    7 Seas
    Industrial Wars
    Electrical Revolution
    Distant Trades
    Far Trades
    Display of Power
    Machines & Equipment
    Industrial Machinery
    Scholar Expansion
    Science Expansion
    Unfinished Business
    Race of Builders

  79. G Gohryt February 5, 2021

    I think there must be something like “Botanika 2” (because it has an visual *bug* in menu), something like “New heights” because it sounds like Communist and something like “Family ties” because all the NPC’s has quest lines but it’s too simple and short. It was logical, but i want believe that there will be something about war.

  80. T Thrawn05 February 5, 2021

    My guesses:
    Welcome Home/ Homecoming
    Shadows of the Great War / for Queen and Country / Independence / Independence War / War for Independence / Seas of War
    The Trade Union/ Trade Empires / Harbour Comfort / Better Harbours / Modern Travel/ Harbour Improvement / Spies / Industrial Sabotage / Spies of Industry
    The Great Revolution / The Red Flag / Street Warfare / Streets Aflame / Under the Red Banners / Civil War

  81. V VLCKano February 5, 2021

    My guesses:
    1) “Welcome Home” / “Innovative Advances” / “Industrial revolution” / “Innovative Inventions” / “New Technologies”
    2) “Sea of War” / “Sea of Trade” / “Sea of the Crown” / “Time of Trade” / “Age of War” / “Time of War” /
    “Harbour Improvemt” / “Improved Harbours” / “Harbour Improvemts”
    4) “Age of Energy” / “Age of Electricity” / “Time of Electricity” / “Time of Energy”

  82. h horstikl February 5, 2021

    Heimkommen zurück in der heimat

  83. M Misiek_1991 February 5, 2021

    Wonders of Electricity maybe?

  84. M McSpy07 February 5, 2021

    I’m super excited for season 3! Can’t wait to see what they end up being, but for now if I had to throw some guesses out…

    Homecoming/Welcome Home/Returning Home
    Industrial Espionage/Cloak and Dagger/Agents of Industry
    Monumentality/Rising Monuments/Monumental Projects
    Seasons of Change

    Honestly there are so many places the game could still go. I can’t wait to see where this year leads us all. 🙂

  85. A Akhomie65 February 5, 2021

    I am hype for the season 3 pass!!!

    My thoughts of the upcoming season pass 3 names:
    1) “Homecoming” / “Rising Metropolis” / “Megaprojects & Grand Monuments” / “Pinnacle of Metropolis” / Grand Metropolis” / “Towering Cities”
    2) “Sea of Titans” / “Harbour Expansion” / “The Grand Habour Expansion” / “The Grand Voyager” / “The Great Expansion of the Seas” / “Conquring Tide”
    3) “The Next Industrial Innovation” / “Age of Globalisation” / “Age of Innovation”

  86. F FishingFrenzy February 5, 2021

    Foreign Treasures
    Luxurious Hospitality

    Ahhh how do i know?? Just take my money already!

  87. J Justin_One_Shot February 5, 2021

    “new heights”
    “rising high”
    “Steel Giants”
    “Tides of War” / “Wartide”

  88. K KingxOfxVoids February 4, 2021

    On a sidenote give us flower mills on rivers if possible 😉

  89. K KingxOfxVoids February 4, 2021

    I am really hyped for S3 with all that sitting at home
    As for S3 expansion name

    Homecoming (was hinted at)
    Spotlights (hope more electricity/lights)
    Megaproject (missing those from 2205 but something like it is in embesa I guess)

  90. G GarSteele February 4, 2021

    Golden Future
    Future Revealed
    Man and Machine
    Safe Harbor
    Lighthouse Revelation
    The Lighthouse
    Let There Be Light
    Spy Diplomacy

  91. S Sycend February 4, 2021

    Golden Ages
    Climate Change
    gateway to the world

  92. S Sycend February 4, 2021

    Building up

  93. S Sycend February 4, 2021

    Season 3 ;D
    Harbour live
    Harbour city
    Industrial revolution
    Early republic
    Diplomatic revolution
    independence to the crone
    gold rush

  94. c chris02918 February 4, 2021

    city harbour
    industrial heights
    down the mineshaft
    industrial machines
    advanced diplomacy
    nations of diplomacy

  95. c cestleh9 February 4, 2021

    Industrial Land
    land of industry
    industrial revolution
    land of gorillas

  96. R Raduzz34 February 4, 2021

    Looking up.
    Shining stars.
    Down the mine.
    Let’s travel.
    Foreign markets.

  97. p pizzoy February 4, 2021

    1. Die Metropole
    2. Aufblühendes Königreich
    3. Die Rückkehr
    4. Das Land der Königin
    5. Das goldene Zeitalter

  98. T Tobsgi February 4, 2021

    Heimkehr / Rückkehr / Heimwärts / Zurück zum Anfang

  99. C Columbo0721 February 4, 2021

    Age of Tourism
    War and Peace
    United Nations

    Looking forward to this season so bad!

  100. c creynam February 4, 2021

    Captains of Industry.
    Age of Steam.
    Origin of Species.
    Ancient Wonders.
    Winds of Revolution.
    Wheels of Progress.

  101. J Janneman_2020 February 4, 2021

    Whatever You guys do…
    I loved it so far so good
    This is not a game!
    This is Anno 1800 ⚓

  102. S Steyer1500 February 4, 2021

    My ideas are:
    Wonders of Electricity
    Fires of Industry / Steam of Industry
    War and Peace
    Cradle of Evolution (based on Darwin’s expeditions)

  103. k kaanarun1 February 4, 2021

    Welcome Home
    Rising Power
    Industrial Revolution
    Botanica 2
    Left Wing (Marxist Ai???)
    Pirates Paradise

  104. J Jeruzame February 4, 2021

    “cordially” has triggered me that it may have something to do with the Queen, so:

    A Royal Homecoming
    For Queen And Country
    Long Live The Queen
    Monarchs and Dictators
    Loyal To Royal

  105. S Sad0x_ February 4, 2021

    Well… A key would be much appreciated 😉
    Here are my guesses:
    -Homecoming / Returning Home
    -Sky is the Limit
    -The wide sea
    -Free Market
    -Pearl of the sea
    -Steel Giants
    And to everyone else: Good Luck!

  106. D Deepbr016 February 4, 2021

    “New Heights”
    “Docklands or Riverfront”
    “Fresh Weathers”

  107. h hamderaben February 4, 2021

    Venetian Waters
    The Uprising
    The friendly skies
    The promise land
    Pirates Bay
    Global commerce

  108. W Wa39 February 4, 2021

    “land and water”
    “new horizons”

  109. A Almeydah February 4, 2021

    “Green leaves from Far East”;
    “Riches from the Rising sun”;
    “Forbidden cities”

  110. A Angeell009 February 4, 2021

    “Far East”
    “Gilded age”

  111. T Tonton_Yip February 4, 2021

    Nice challenge ! I think one of the DLCs will be named “Sky is the Limit”.

  112. Y YunaKung February 4, 2021

    ” Lost Worlds ”
    ” Sky Height ”
    ” Metropolis “

  113. R Rockefeller157 February 4, 2021

    I have literally no idea so let’s try those (I would love new monuments btw :b) :
    – Back to the Old World
    – Coming home
    – Engineering marvels
    – Engineering wonders
    – Towards the sky
    – The future of mankind
    – The Royal Council
    – From the past to the future
    – Innovation’s Golden Age
    – Climatic wonders

  114. L Lunathic22 February 4, 2021

    Mother Nature/ Forces of nature

  115. A Alkingernl February 4, 2021

    ”Harbor Life”

  116. W W0LFEY93 February 4, 2021

    “Architectural Marvels”
    “Age of Giants”
    “The Nineth”

  117. M Mihail_M. February 4, 2021

    1. Crime
    2. Cold winter
    3. Infrastructure Port
    4. Returning home
    5. Class struggle

  118. J Justin_One_Shot February 4, 2021

    “Scourge of the Seas”
    “Free Market” / “Free Enterprise”
    “Powder and Steel”
    “Seas of Steel”

  119. J Justin_One_Shot February 4, 2021

    “High Life” / “Sky Life”

  120. D Darkbirt February 4, 2021

    Just trying something:
    – Oriental discovery / Discovery of the far East ( like the name says, I guess I’m not the only people hoping for it.)
    – Tourism and Ambiance/ Let the world see you (improvement on tourism, building stations for the trains at touristic spots, build buildings for more attractiveness, give income from decorative buildings that should give income, no free food anymore at the stalls.)
    – Wars and treaties (Still hoping on land combat, but no air battle’s please (see early 20th century).)
    – Sneaking around (use spies to sneak around and sabotage you’re enemies.)
    – World destruction (A tornado in the New World, an earthquake in the old world or a volcano in the Arctic (they’re happy with the heat).)

  121. J Justin_One_Shot February 4, 2021

    “Sky is the Limit”
    “Reach for the Skies”
    “Harbor Life”
    “Island Life”
    “To the Seven Seas”
    “Land of Opportunity”
    “Engineering Marvel”
    “New Shores”
    “Grand Canals”
    “Streams of Industry” / “Streams of Commerce”
    “City Streams”
    “Surge of Industry” /”Stream of Industry” / “Rush of Industry”
    “By the Water”
    “Pearl of the Sea”

  122. S Sethy9 February 4, 2021

    – The Fotress
    – The Skyscraper
    – Homecoming

  123. K Kosa51 February 4, 2021

    1.Above the land/To the sky
    2.Beauty of old/Homecoming
    3.ehh… Really dont know the third one 🙂

  124. M Misiek_1991 February 4, 2021

    1) “Showtime”
    2) “Home sweet home”
    3) “Sky is the limit”

  125. s sebairi February 4, 2021

    Hello, I think they will improve the tourism tool so one would be: “Universal Tourism”.
    Something that has to do with challenges with the climate, droughts, floods: “Climate challenges”.

  126. r richeekdey February 4, 2021

    “Coming Home”
    “Homecoming 2021”
    “Welcome Home”

  127. A Acinoyx February 4, 2021

    My pick is “Life at the seashore”.

  128. B BEEBEE1800 February 4, 2021


    in no specific order :

    Age od Science

    Architectural Revolution

    Art of Production

    • B BEEBEE1800 February 4, 2021

      upss…misspelled ..& 3 more

      Age of Science *

      Age of Reforms
      Research Wonders
      Wonders and Marvels
      Gems of Science

      • B BEEBEE1800 February 8, 2021

        one more try 😉

        Age of Inventions
        Vital Inventions
        Age of Designs
        Power of Science
        Age of Motor
        Time for Research
        Age of Machines
        Age of Formulas
        Time for Science
        Engines Time
        Great Inventions
        Discoveries and Science
        Age of Research
        Science Struck
        Scientific Discoveries
        Power of Research
        Time of Experimentation
        Age of Experimentation
        Scientific Formulas
        Laboratory Time
        Age of Discoveries

        🙂 Thx

        I wouldn’t say I badly need the 3DLC as a gift 😉

        — Just having Fun with words 😉 .

  129. M MSpitzig February 4, 2021

    “The Height of Glory”
    “The Height of Power”
    “No Place Like Home”
    “Home Sweet Home”

  130. e ersing2020 February 4, 2021

    i hope it has something to do with Tourism, so “Tourism” would be a good name : P

  131. k kskudlik2 February 4, 2021

    I think it’ll be something like: Docklands

  132. s suchyfritz February 4, 2021

    I think it’ll be something like: High up or in German: Hoch Hinaus.
    Or Welcome Home

  133. 7 76561198054530453 February 4, 2021

    Docklands, Tourism, High Life

  134. g gerardbss February 4, 2021

    I think one of the DLC will be called Metropolis or high rises

  135. A AnnoyingoDoggo February 4, 2021

    I’m gonna guess that one of the DLCs will be named “High Life”, for the rumored skyscrapers 😉

  136. D Deepblue123 February 4, 2021

    Well, besides that I dont have any Idea.
    I’ll just try by guessing *:) Since you already said, that this Season will be about homecoming, I’ll go with “Homecoming”.

  137. g guigui135 February 4, 2021

    Great news! Yep i think one of the dlc will be Metropolis too.

  138. A Anunnaki_85 February 4, 2021

    Hi, I think the name of a DLC is “Monuments of Glory”.
    Hopefully we will get some new of them 🙂

  139. C CoolFactsCarl February 4, 2021

    My guess for a DLC name is “Steel Giants”

  140. s stcoes February 4, 2021

    I think one of the DLC’s will be called “Rising High”. Very excited!

  141. K KleinerIngo February 4, 2021

    Ich rate dann Mal
    “Griff zu den Wolken”
    Aufgrund des Trailers scheint mir so etwas plausibel.

    Freu mich auf die News am Dienstag.

    Gruß Lembert

  142. e eballack13 February 4, 2021

    Thanks for the opportunity! I think one of the DLC will be called “Metropolis”


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