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Announcing the Season 3 Pass

Hey Anno Community,

Earlier today we used our latest AnnoCast-Stream to finally lift the curtain on the highly anticipated Season 3 Pass for Anno 1800, which will add three exciting new DLCs to the game throughout 2021. As mentioned, when we first teased Season 3 last Fall, the three new DLCs will be focused on your home session in the Old World, giving you new challenges to master, residents to attract, and monuments to construct.


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DLC 1: Docklands (coming February 23, 2021)

Season 3 kicks off in two weeks with the release of our first DLC, “Docklands”. This will allow you to construct a modular new warehouse district, the eponymous Docklands, in your harbor, turning it into a global trade hub. The Docklands building is inspired by the “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg, Germany, which is not only the world’s largest warehouse district, but also a globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

To allow you to truly live the fantasy of being a trade mogul, “Docklands” not only allows you to completely remodel your harbor, but also gives you access to import/ export contracts. These allow you to exchange specific goods at set rates with several trading partners, enabling you to further specialize your economy by focusing on certain goods while reliably receiving missing wares via import and export with your partners.

To properly show your mercantile prowess to the world, “Docklands” also includes a variety of new harbor-themed ornaments to deck out your island with.

DLC 2: Tourist Season (planned for Spring 2021)

Our second DLC “Tourist Season” introduces a new residential tier to the Old World, the aptly named Tourists. Whereas the Visitors we already have in the game are only, well, visiting your island for a day, Tourists want to stay awhile, and thus need proper accommodations: the new hotels. To ensure that tourists reach their accommodations and all the hot spots places on your island– like hotels, museums, or new restaurants – it is necessary to establish a network of bus lines to carry them around.

Should you succeed in attracting enough Tourists, you may even get the chance to construct a new monument inspired by a world-famous tourist attraction of the 19th century…

DLC 3: The High Life (planned for Summer 2021)

Ending Season 3 on a high note both figuratively and metaphorically is “The High Life”, which introduces new modular skyscrapers as an alternative and space-efficient housing for your Investors. Of course, rising buildings go hand in hand with rising desires, so you should expect your Investors to develop an interest in commercial goods created in the new Multi-Factory, which they will be able to buy in your Malls.

Finally, “The High Life” allows you not only to reach new city-building heights by reaching new citizen records, but also with the construction of the game’s largest building, the monumental Empire Tower!

 Bonus Content

While all DLCs will once again be available for stand-alone purchase, there are a few benefits for buyers of the Season 3 Pass. You will receive three exclusive ornaments immediately upon your purchase, each of them themed after one of our new DLCs: the Cyclopean Anchor, a Traveler’s Kiosk and the Endless Skies Memorial. Buyers of the Season 3 Pass will also be able to get all three DLCs for 19,99€/$, which represents a saving of around 5€/$ versus individual purchases.

Best of all, the Season 3 Pass is available today, so you can already enjoy the three new ornaments and use them to pass the time until “Docklands” releases in two weeks.

New ways to buy Anno 1800 for Season 3

While the Season 3 Pass is the best way to enjoy all the new content for our existing Anno 1800 players, we also want to offer new ways to users who want to jump into the age of the industrial revolution in time for Season 3. That is why we have created two new editions of the game that will be available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, starting today. At the same time, we are removing the previously available Gold Edition and Complete Editions for new buyers (existing owners will, of course, keep all their content, and still be able to re-download it in the future)

Anno 1800: Complete Edition Year 3 – 109,99 €/ $

The best way to jump aboard Anno 1800 is the new Complete Edition Year 3, which includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, as well as all three Season Passes. This edition represents savings of around 30€/ $ versus buying all included content individually.

Anno 1800: Gold Edition Year 3 – 79,99€

If you just want to dive right into the new Season 3 content and worry that all previously released DLCs may overwhelm you, the Gold Edition Year 3 is the right choice for you. It includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, and the Season 3 Pass. This edition represents savings of around 10€/$ versus buying all included content individually.

We are, of course, also still offering the classic standard version of the game for 59,99€/ $, giving to anyone looking to build their personal industrial empire the maximum flexibility in how they want to get started.

Thank you all for your tireless passion and support for Anno 1800, which has not only allowed us to reach more than 1.7M players by the end of 2020, but also to support the game with a third year of new content and free game updates that will improve the game for our community!

Stay safe,

The Anno 1800 Team




  1. Y Yatto_redwings March 11, 2021

    I know there are problems in my grammer

  2. Y Yatto_redwings March 11, 2021

    The update is great but I wish your improve the combat and the ships and more than focusing on city building , I would also like city cleanliness becomes problem and if that problem isn’t solved disease occurs and and I would wish if the player has to research a cure or a vaccine for the disease and then setup a production and not all diseases are eradicated some stay so as the city become bigger and bigger and wealthier the player would have to produce alot of medicine and maybe make oil be used for different stuff like making gasoline that everyone and tar like that not only a power source. And how can I buy a share from an economically strong ai with him getting it back I think that buying shares should only be effective when a the ai I economically weak because he can’t buy it back so the player would have to be smart to weaken an ai by maybe blockading him or idk other stratgies that what I am talking about the game should promote smart behavior for experts or advance I think and also can you make the more educated you’r people are the more efficient think they can make and employed people should be richer than unemployed people but that last part is okay to not do I am not quiet sure about it. That was a long one but I don’t hate you’re game I think it’s great ??

    • Y Yatto_redwings March 11, 2021

      I meant focus more on what I just said and less on city building

  3. k kmidt March 9, 2021

    Mega Bluebyte . Ich kann nicht genug bekommen. Wegen mir gerne auch eine 4. DLC Season 😉

  4. b blightedmythos March 4, 2021

    Looks interesting. Though, I’m pretty bummed we aren’t getting any new naval ships or larger new world and arctic islands.

  5. J J23net1980 March 1, 2021

    this is a bit disappointing, I purchased ANNO 1800 Complete Edition expected to be “Complete” and now they we have DLC3 and that’s great but that should be included for all people that have purchased “Complete Edition”; this is sadly just money grab and very disappointing because its not about money but about respecting players ! There should not be selling “Complete Edition” unless you mean it and it’s clear you haven’t very dishonest and disappointing.

  6. M MrADxWolf February 26, 2021

    If i bought Deluxe Edition before, am i need to buy new DLC?

  7. o olblf February 17, 2021

    Please make the monument’s size divisible by two so that you can place it in front of the world’s fair without being decentralised. It was so ANNOying (sorry for the pun) as a beauty builder that the palace couldn’t be placed symmetrically with the world’s fair. The same goes for the pond that came with the City Lights pack. It would have looked so nice placing it in front of the world’s fair.

  8. M Malacai82 February 12, 2021

    Interested in Docklands, not so much the rest :/

    Hope for some performance improvements like 1 user already mentioned.

    Personally would’ve love to have seen;

    – canadian session – gold rush, furs and no doubt all the other great content that would fit great with that area.
    – Oil in the Artic!
    – a cool quest line to get your own super-heavy flagship!
    – item slots for oil tankers / super tankers?
    – more ship content in general
    – coal power stations!

    & no doubt there’s a lot of other ideas that personally i think would be more exciting than tourism and hi-rise :/

    I’ll pray for Season 4!!! If Stellaris can keep bringing out the content… 🙂

    • M Malacai82 February 12, 2021

      – More game options too please!! Option to have ai start later or join later on or something would be cool!
      Warhammer:mechanicus did it right with loads of settings you could change to adjust gameplay to an individuals choosing!

    • b blightedmythos March 4, 2021

      Yeah, it’s weird they still haven’t added content to update or customize the flagship. Also no new ships makes me sad :(. I think it’s one of the most asked after features too. I’d buy a “naval” themed DLC in a second.

  9. D DogenKigen February 12, 2021

    I hope you guys are inspired by Chicago for the High Life DLC! It would be fitting to honour that metropolitan miracle of the 19th century in the skyscraper dlc and give some true american flavor to the series.

    Also, hope that you meant “trolley bus”/streetcars and not regular buses – that would seem a bit out of context 🙂

  10. p persason February 11, 2021

    This looks great! However my concern is not with the gameplay but the graphical and technical performance of Anno 1800. The game is very demanding even for high end machines. I currently have an RTX 2080 and in R7 3700 yet holding anything near 60FPS in mid/late game is impossible on medium/high (not ultra) graphical settings.

    Do you have any plans on adding DLSS 2.0 to the game? And other performance optimisations. DLSS 2.0 alone could dramatically boost frames.

    • A Artafern February 12, 2021

      Поддерживаю! Игра стремительно расширяется, и это прекрасно. Чем масштабнее и разнообразнее будет игровой мир, тем выше интерес.
      И добавление в игру поддержки новых технологий, это будет огромный шаг.

    • b blightedmythos March 4, 2021

      I’d love DLSS 2.0. For me and my Wife, we can’t even run directx12 because it crashes after an hour or so. We lose about 10 fps running directx11.

  11. A Artafern February 11, 2021

    Кстати по поводу небоскребов.
    Было бы прекрасно, получи они внешний вид в стиле торгового поста 4го уровня. ( в основном это касается цвета крыши. Коричневый с оттенком бордового смотрится очень стильно! ).
    Либо оставить подобное для 4го сезона ( для иностранных инвесторов с востока =) )

    После обновления класс жителей “Ученые” отображается как “Scholars”. В RU локализации.
    Это конечно не мешает, просто на заметку.

  12. M Misiek_1991 February 11, 2021

    One more tier in the New World would be great, maybe some rich investors who moved out to the New World (rich mansions and new goods to produce and deliver)? So you need to go back to New World after you reach last tier in the Old World (w/o Scholars)

  13. A Antipotheosis February 10, 2021

    Will we see anything new for the Pyphorians?

  14. I Icefox67 February 10, 2021

    Will we be able to activate the new DLCs in Multiplayer (coop) upon loading once everyone got the DLC?

  15. M Mihail_M. February 10, 2021

    I would like to be able to choose holidays ( or assign them )
    More variations at Cape Trelawny.
    More interactions with the rest of the world
    More variations of airships
    We need a polar station for scrap mining and we need resources to supply it

  16. M MCR_1998 February 10, 2021

    Everything looks great, but…. i feel that you have to introduce a bigger boulevard (central) where you can add a tram line that transports citizens(especially tourists) from one side to the other. That would be interesting + the trams are a great representation for the 1800s, i would be disappointed not to be introduced. Good luck anyway! Do a wonderful job!

  17. S SatelliteLM February 10, 2021

    I like the idea of focusing on the main cities found in the old world. I miss an architectural element quite important for the time which are the CATHEDRALS. I hope that in some DLC it will be included. For the rest the more decorative elements are developed to give more realism to the cities I think it’s great. Congratulations.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 11, 2021

      Hey there, happy to hear you you like our plans for this year! 🙂

      While both “Tourist Season” and “The High Life” will add a new monument each, there are no plans to add a cathedral.
      Anno 1800 has the industrial evolution as theme, so buildings and especially monuments will usually focus on that topic, too.

      • S SatelliteLM February 11, 2021

        Thanks for the answer, that’s exactly what I wanted to know, the line to follow for the game in terms of elements for the cities. Sure with this way this season we can build a great places.

        Nice work guys, congrats!

  18. d dencreate February 10, 2021

    Schöne Grüße.
    Natürlich erfordern Strategien keine Geschichte. Im Add-On “In the Ice” haben Sie es jedoch geschafft, eine ziemlich intime, viskose und persönliche Tragödie zu schaffen. Und es gab einen erstaunlichen Klang. Trotz der Mechanik von “In the Ice” und seinen neuen Produkten wurde es nicht wirklich benötigt, außer vielleicht Gas, aber es wird mehr als durch Öl aus der Neuen Welt blockiert. Ich persönlich werde mich jedoch nur wegen der Handlung an diesen Zusatz erinnern. Er berührte mich. Diese Geschichte war die beste in allen Add-Ons und im Spiel selbst.
    Ist so etwas für Staffel 3 geplant?

    PS. Entschuldigung für Fehler, ich schreibe auf Russisch über Google Translate.

  19. b baraterek February 10, 2021

    When I saw that main focus will be Old World I was excited. I was hoping for some re-modeling of gameflow. Instead we’ll get (pretty – sure) new things which are optional, not challenging (since optional) and which are still ignored by AI (as most of game mechanics). Was hoping for better design of Expeditions (to be fun), some more game setting options to make game more challenging, like no easy trade rights, some threat from the edge of the world from time to time so we won’t be deleting harbor defenses when we stabilize the game etc. I think that I’ll rest from Anno for couple of months and just buy this addons when I decide to play again at the end of this year.
    I’m not saying that it’s bad Season Pass … it’s just not something I was hoping for.

  20. o o_movchan February 10, 2021

    I hoped Season 3 would introduce tram in the Old World.
    And also third tier in New World.

    But Season 3 still looks interesting, so, let’s see

  21. m mkrbu50 February 10, 2021

    I was hoping for a WW I/II themed story line in Season 3. A new region that introduces you to the far east with a Japanese Empire Antagonist and a second round of naval fights. Submarines, aircraft carriers and air battles.
    Only a triumphed player in this great war would have access to all the nice things that are actually planned here.
    That would be my take if I had the choice to season 3 but the devs are to eager to rush out minor systems to milk the crowd :\ .

    • T Takingsides February 21, 2021

      I’m quite sure you’re one of very few if not the only person who wants this.

      I think the three DLCs they’re adding are perfect. I and from what I can see in other communities around Anno, are people wanting more end-game content and City building tools. The concept of warfare is boring, and if a WW2 simulator is what you want why not crack open Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault?

      Seriously though, I wouldn’t buy a DLC that moved away from 1800 into 1940s. It’s a totally new game concept and totally different.

      • M MCR_1998 February 22, 2021

        You are in a big mistake, there are many of us who want war troops, that would bring closer to the reality of those times, anno with DLC 2 Land of lyons brings more of SF movie , not the true old reality!

    • b blightedmythos March 4, 2021

      I dunno about WW1, but I’d love more naval units and things to do in the ocean in general.

  22. S SgtHydra February 10, 2021

    Everything sounds great, but would still like a mining rework sometime in future.

  23. M Misiek_1991 February 10, 2021

    I hope we will get many new goods and at least two tiers (maybe even Tourists as a Tier with new needs?).
    Skyscrapers look bad to be honest. They should be much different from current houses. I hope it was just a footage to show the idea, not final content. More huge, monuments buildings would be great – but really demending and hard to build. Few stages, many goods, some time etc.
    There would be nice to see something related to the New World as well.

  24. E Extr3m3K1ll3r February 9, 2021

    Excited, disappointed, eager, willing to experiment, and mostly happy.

    t seems the current game engine s the limiting factor in dong larger islands, harbor fronts etc.? But I am still looking forward to Season 3.


  25. b blitzgerat February 9, 2021

    Mostly this all looks amazing, but I’m slightly disappointed that the new skyscrapers just look like very tall versions of the current Engineers’ houses. They really should have their own design that are more like real skyscrapers from the turn of the 20th century.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 10, 2021

      The final versions will different and not just like tall Investor houses. This was just to give you a rough idea regarding the visual impact to the skyline of your city.

  26. p pieter502 February 9, 2021

    Quite disappointed. Like the harbor and tourism update. Hope that you get an selection on different hotels. But regarding the high rise, looks a bid odd. I prefer to have some imposante monument instead of disproportionately large appartement buildings.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 10, 2021

      The look of the skyscrapers is not final as this DLC is still several months away from release and very much in development. We simply wanted to illustrate how it can change your city’s skyline.
      More information on pictures later this year 😉

  27. D DeltaAraii February 9, 2021

    Looking great so far! Well done!

  28. U USWeiLian February 9, 2021

    Looks good! But please… Even I maximized the land in New world, the coffee and cigarettes supply are still not enough to supply the residents in old world. Hence please, try to focus on how to increase the rum, cigarettes, chocolate or coffee productivity instead of keep adding the options to increase the population of residents in the old world.

    • d deepmikoto February 9, 2021

      I used the Old World major discoveries that allow you to produce: Coffee, Rum & Cotton Fabric without New World resources. The only things you absolutely need are Chocolate, Cigars & Caoutchouc.
      Additionally, in the first season 3 DLC, you will be able to trade your most produced goods for the latter 3.

      Maybe it helps!

    • b blitzgerat February 9, 2021

      Hard to disagree with this comment! The ratio of available land in the New World to the space you need for crops once your empire gets large isn’t quite right.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 10, 2021

      There are a few ways to increase the productivity there already with items, specific layouts and e.g. the features from DLC like Botanica or Land of Lions.

      With the new Export/Import Contracts via the Docklands, you can import additional quantities of resources in exchange for goods you’re producing a lot of. So, if you’re struggling to e.g. produce enough coffee, you can import some.

    • M Mihail_M. February 10, 2021

      Very much needed electric and working harbors in the New World and level 3 housing
      It’s just that I can safely play without the new world , everything is done in the Old World and bought

  29. A Artafern February 9, 2021

    Кстати вопрос по поводу этого конкурса на угадывание названий!
    3е дополнение в этом посте у Вас называется “Светская жизнь”

    А например в Ubisoft Store название: “Новые высоты” ( перевод в Steam также кстати “Новые высоты” ).
    Это название было одним из первых в моем посте с угадыванием=)

    Не то чтобы сильно претендую на ключ, но интересно! Какое название достоверно? И был хоть шанс попасть в номинацию?=) Жаль скриншот сюда не прикрепить с вышеуказанным названием в Ubisoft Store.

  30. R Rastfarian February 9, 2021

    Looking good – glad we have Tourism to look forward to. I’ve wanted this and suggested this when testing for 1800 beta! So glad its now here – Can’t wait to build those hotels oh but hope there are a selection…

  31. b biwesty February 9, 2021

    Considering you decided to focus on the Old World (I would have liked something for the New World, but it’s okay) it looks really exciting! Can’t wait to get more info

  32. F FidoPlay February 9, 2021

    I only have one word to describe this new content: disappointed

  33. A Artafern February 9, 2021

    Развитие порта ( настройка торговли необходимыми товарами приятный бонус! ), с целым рядом зданий – это круто!=)
    Отели для туристов и особенно небоскребы инвесторов – невероятно…
    “Возвращение” в старый свет обещает быть очень увлекательным ^_^

    p.s. надежда на свободную посадку деревьев еще жива=)
    p.p.s. жаль, что путешествию на восток ( в земли принцессы Цин ) не бывать. Но, быть может в 4м сезоне 😉


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