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Livestream: Community Corner

Community Corner with Bastian
Today, we invite you to our first Community Corner, a livestream with Community Developer Bastian Thun, where you can ask questions regarding the development of Anno 1800, while he tries to build a city in Anno 1800. It will start at 3PM GMT on our Twitch Channel or you can watch it here on the Anno Union below.

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  1. F FerudaFarstaria February 17, 2019

    Speaking of the flagship. I have a very good question for you Bastian.

    If we start the game with the flagship. Be it the regular one, or the pre-order one. If later in the game you lose your flagship. Be it to pirates sinking it, or failing a expedition. Will there be a way to get another replacement flagship? Because I know for Anno 1404, if you lose your flagship for whatever reason, you can always buy another one from Lord Richard Northburg.

    Will there be a NPC who will offer up a replacement flagship for sale? Should you lose yours in Anno 1800 for whatever reason? Or will the flagship be lost forever, and you cannot get a replacement? Or will the sailing ship shipyard allow you to build only 1 to replace your lost flagship?

    I would really like to know about this please. I am very curious to know if there will be a way to replace your precious flagship, should you lose it. If not, then the best advice in that case, will be to ensure, that you do not lose your flagship for whatever reason, by playing smart. And avoiding situations that would risk your precious flagship.

  2. L LRMoore1956 February 16, 2019

    I’m just curious about what the release date may be.

  3. K Katje-Katrien February 14, 2019

    I am looking forward to this. 😀


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