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Union Update: Survey and live streams

Hey Anno Community,

we hope you all had a great start into the summerly month of July!

We wanted to give you a very short overview of what’s going on right now and coming up in the near future.

Anno Union survey

First, as a reminder: Right now, until the end of Sunday, we’re running a survey on the Anno Union website and our communication over the last years in general.

We want to know a bit more on how you use this website, if you liked our content and the way we presented it and if there’s anything you didn’t like or would like to see us improve upon.

Follow the link above for a short (about 10min) and completely anonymous survey. Thank you to all the people who already sent us their replies!

Annoversary Livestreams

We also continue with our plans for doing livestreams for every single Anno game:

Today, join Jan (Development Tester), Anastasiia (Junior UI Designer) and Oliver (Community Developer) for adventures in Anno 1701 – the first Anno title developed by Ubisoft Mainz (back then: Related Designs). We’ll be looking at the unique features of Anno 1701 compared to its predecessors and descendants and chat a bit about our daily work on Anno. Tune in at 5PM CEST over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

Next Friday (14th), we’re diving into fan-favourite Anno 1404! Celeste (Community Manager) and Oliver are gearing up for a multiplayer match – with a twist: We’ll be relying on chat to decide where to settle, how to name our cities and what to build. Expect a tense high-skill match as you’re used to from our previous streams. Come and say hello! Same time, same place.

Upcoming Cosmetic DLC

Soon we will also have news on the upcoming Cosmetic DLC that some of you have already been asking about – and we’re looking forward to showing it to you! The DLC itself is scheduled to release in late August but we will have some first impressions very soon, and then the usual blog and the patch notes for the next Game Update in a few weeks.

Keep an eye on our channels!




  1. t thelordkupo July 15, 2023

    I am still wishing for a tram cosmetic DLC or at least trains just to make the cities livelier.

  2. o oppa91 July 10, 2023

    Is the survey already closed? I get only the notification that no responses are accepted at this time when following the link.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof July 11, 2023

      Hey there – yes, the survey was open till Sunday end of day (central European time) and is now closed. We’re currently looking at the results.

    • A Alister-MIV July 11, 2023

      And what was the topic? I missed… (((

      • D Darkbirt July 12, 2023

        You’re not the only one. I’ve also missed it.

        Another small question, when do we get some news about the new Anno? I hope it’s the roman empire (Anno 0108) or just Anno 2025. I just want to know what age it will be. A fantasy setting would also be nice, but not everyone is a fan of it.

        • A Asterix52 July 13, 2023

          Please no more fantasy (future) settings. Roman/Greek would be good. I guess you could also consider 1305, but not sure what sort of cities they had back then.

          • G General67 July 18, 2023

            Though Fantasy would be a bit weird i loved the Idea behind 2505 were the other session was outer space but the no MP made the game a waste i find. if you want to add on to that maybe get a MP going that would be amazing also the MP style of Anno 2070 was perfect i feel that the MP on that game has more fluidity to it than Anno 1800 just my opinion.

            Anyways keep up the good work.

        •   Ubi-Thorlof July 17, 2023

          Hey, it’s still too early to talk about our next project; I would not expect any news this year.
          The setting question has already led to A LOT of discussions over the year in the Anno community, here on the Anno Union, on Reddit, on Discord, etc. – it’s very interesting for us to follow those discussions 🙂

  3. Q Qnaga868 July 8, 2023

    For the next game update, could you please change the range indicators to two different easily distinguishable colors? I know there is a mod to help with this, but I would like to have/use a non modded game.

  4. A Alister-MIV July 8, 2023

    I hope these will be Chinese-style skins for buildings…))) for china cities…))) The request does not subside… We are looking forward to it…


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