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Technical Test start and an Anno Afternoon

The Technical Test has started!

The Technical Test for Land of Lions and Game Update 9 has started this morning and the first wave of invites have been sent out over the weekend.

If you have not received an e-mail yet, keep in mind we’ll be inviting several waves of testers over the coming weeks – just like last time. So keep an eye on your inbox!

For everyone participating in the test, please keep in mind the Technical Test is under an NDA, which means you’re not allowed to share any details, pictures or videos of the test except in the dedicated forum.

Therefore, please visit this dedicated forum and share your feedback there – and only there 😉


We know you’re all impatient for more news about Land of Lions to be prepared for its release in Autumn. And do not worry, after the conclusion of the Technical Test we will slowly start on the road to release.

Anno 1701 adventures in this week’s Anno Afternoon

This Friday it’s time for another Anno Afternoon. It’s Anno 1701’s turn now and Ubi-Thorlof – with very professional help from Ubi-Hanabi – will go on an adventure in the first Anno game created by Related Designs, the team you now know as Ubisoft Mainz!

If you want to offer help in building a functioning city or just want to chat with them and other community members then join on Friday 24th at 5PM CEST over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

There’ll also again be an opportunity to win a key for the full Anno History Collection! 😉

Anno History Collection Game Updates

Last but not least, our team is currently working on another Update for the Anno History Collection. One of the points we’re investigating for this Update are the performance issues in Anno 1404 you reported to us.




  1. P PantherLamm9344 August 10, 2020

    Freue mich schon auf Land der Löwen und all den neuen Stuff den wir bekommen, hab ja innerlich noch die hoffnung das es bald mehr in sachen Verteidigung gibt könnte mir z.b Flammenwerfer Türme vorstellen von den Pyhoria oder man könnte die Pyhoria auch in Land der Löwen als eine Art Piraten Fraktion mit einführen. ^^

  2. 3 3375744959151073 August 1, 2020

    how do i get in to the dedicated forum
    i am part of the test but says i don’t have permission

  3. x xerook_ July 27, 2020

    I really hope to be chosen, because I have been waiting for this dlc since the start of the game

  4. h horstikl July 24, 2020

    frage wegen test bin ich dabei lg horstikl

  5. i iamnqm July 22, 2020

    Hello, looking forward to testing, hope i get picked soon too, i really enjoy being part of developing the game. Nice day to ANNO community.

  6. K Katje-Katrien July 21, 2020


    I also hope to be picked.
    So far no email.



  7. M MrDragonfyr July 21, 2020

    Still hoping to get picked 🙂


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