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Union Update: News and a 1602 livestream

Hello Annoholics,

in this week’s Union Update we’ll give you a quick round of news for the upcoming days:


Update on Wednesday 24th

We received some reports about issues with certain antivirus programs and will therefore replace the current Anno.exe in an update tomorrow. This update does not include any fixes or other changes.

Anno 1602 Livestream

Might feel like yesterday for some, but Anno 1602 is turning 23 on Wednesday next week! This calls for a livestream (and maybe a History Collection giveaway?), but with next week cut short due to the Easter weekend, we decided to celebrate a bit earlier:
This Friday at 5 PM CET we invite you to join us on Twitch when we dive into an Anno 1602 multiplayer match!

Game Update 10.2

We’re currently in the process of testing Game Update 10.2. We’ll share more information and the Release Notes with you next week.

Anno 1404 (legacy) Online Services

We have to inform you that the decision was taken to shut down the services for some older Ubisoft games with smaller online audiences on May 22nd. This includes the legacy version of Anno 1404.
The reason for this is that it allows the Ubisoft IT and service staff to better focus on newer titles with bigger active player numbers. We understand that the multiplayer of Anno 1404 is still popular with parts of our community and that some of you may therefore be disappointed by this news. Until May 22nd the online services including the multiplayer will still be fully available, the singleplayer experience is not affected.
A list with all games for which the online services are or will be disabled can be found on the official Ubisoft Forums.




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  1. a alphateddy March 23, 2021

    Alt fühlt man sich dann, wenn man tatsächlich auf dem Presseevent von Anno 1602 in der Nähe von Frankfurt live dabei war…ohoh, ich fühle mich alt 😉


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