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Union Update: Voting winners and today’s live streams

Winners of the Cosmetic DLC Voting

Let’s start with the big news of the week:

The community vote has concluded and we got our winners! It ended up being a significantly clearer victory than what we had last year.

On first place with 35.87% of the votes we have the “Vibrant Cities Pack”, followed by the “Pedestrian Zone Pack” with 29,43%.

The “Big Top Pack”, for the 2nd time in a row, ended up in last place with only 6,67% of the votes.


So, as we said during the initial announcement, our team will now start working on the two winner topics and we’re planning to release them later this year. More info on the dates to follow.

We will, however, give you the occasional insights into what we’re working on for both Cosmetic DLC.

Annoversary multiplayer stream

We also want to remind you once more that later today, at 5PM CEST (11AM EDT) Oliver and Nele are hosting an Anno 1800 multiplayer stream with several members from the Anno community. So, grab a coffee and join us later today for belated birthday celebrations on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

And yet another stream

But that’s not all! For more streaming goodness, tune in right after the previous stream at 7PM CEST (1PM EDT) on twitch.tv/ubisoft/! Our Game Designer Andrea joins the Ubisoft News team to support them with some tips and share anecdotes from her time working on Anno 1800.

Finally… we shared this little GIF yesterday for Earth Day: A short glimpse at what you can expect to come to Anno 1800 with an upcoming Free Game Update.





  1. L Lythke May 26, 2021

    Is there a chance that we get the other packs over time as well? While I like the packs that we got, they weren’t my first choice and would love to see the others get added as well.

  2. A Anunnaki_85 May 24, 2021

    I totally agree with Kaizen_1985. I can feel, that there is too much focus on the OW in this year. I haven’t played with the 3rd season pack yet, but I just hope everything can have a place in my islands (docks, tourist zone, skyscrapers, even these 2 new cosmetic packs :)), while I liked to develop an exotic Carribean city, I needed to be satisfied with the basics, because not so much change has happened since the release in that area. For example look at Havana in the 1890s, I can even see trams on the streets 🙂

  3. K Kaizen_1985 May 2, 2021

    Was kinda disappointed New World didn’t win, as others pointed out and I feel NW in general doesn’t have as much as OW. But in any case I’m excited for new material and always look forward to adding more to Anno 1800. Definitely like that model better than crapping out new games, when this one is great.

  4. A Artafern April 24, 2021


  5. n nalvarez17 April 24, 2021

    Thank you for adding in the natural tress!!!!!!!! No offense to the devs, but one of the worst features of anno is the very dark green grass under the ornamental trees. They look so much out of place among the natural green grass of an island. I am so happy you are now giving us the ability to plant natural tress that blend right in with the island grass color. You truly care about our experience!!! One of the next most annoying glitches we don’t like is how brick roads become messy when you connect them close to shore buildings. I appreciate that we can extend roads out into the water to look like a pier, but they often clash with the normal brick roads when you bring them closer into shore, and can make your docklands roads and piers look extremely jumbled and sloppy. I hope you work on a fix for uniform roads next especially by the shoreline. Thank you! Keep up the great work. Your community truly appreciates it.

    • o olblf April 25, 2021

      I second everything you said! Also, the dark green grass really doesn’t go well with dirt roads, so the farming ornaments we got with the Bright Harvest dlc pretty much must be used with brick roads, which defeats the purpose of a “rural farming village” a bit.

  6. D DeVeteran April 24, 2021

    Gratz to the winners, and it would be lovely also, if, let’s say, there won’t be Season Pass 4, that the other 3 cosmetic DLC’s will be made next year, hopefully, as a time gap between Anno 1800 and whatever new project you’re working on 🙂

    Gonna paste here 2 comments I made from the voting post, in case devs stopped to read those:

    “(…), devs, but you should REALLY try next time (when you’ll have a poll) to only give the vote to peoples who’s accounts actually have Anno 1800. To vote here you only needed to have an Uplay account which is VERY easy to make and thus, if one wants, to bot some fake votes.

    Checking when a vote is cast if the person also has the game bought should be of a no brainer. I mean, say you have option A, B, C – peeps that have the game and want C vote for it, some hundreds / thoudsands votes, but here come a couple tens of peeps that maybe/have the game, but they want B to win, so they just mass vote for B, thus making the results hold no value afterwards.

    Might as well, if you’re at it, also hide the results, before and after voting (only disclosing the results after the voting is actually done). Thus, people don’t go and vote / bot other options they think they’re lagging behind.

    This should be a no brainer, due to the fact that I don’t see any possible argument for someone that doesn’t own the game (not even standard, vanilla edition) to decide something that people that actually own the product get to get.

    To reiterate a few things:

    1. I voted for the New World Pack due to 2 reasons: 1. NW (New World) is lacking in specific ornaments, yes yes, they did made it that some ornaments can be built in NW from the OW (Old World), but only some of those can be used in the actual cities… I mean, I don’t think it’s quite pleasant to build and then see, say, containers, or other worker specific-ish factory-ish ornaments being built amongst obreros. Thus, I would love some specific NW ornaments, but also, if we can build OW into NW, the pack should be able to be used in the OW as well (thinking about using some ornaments in specific South America themed Zoos), just like another user suggested, a great idea: Make the Christmas ornaments be build in the Antarctic region (iirc they still can’t be built there). /// And reason no.2 is: Due to us now having Docklands, thus being able to shift some products through trading, people can build some nice looking NW cities, without the fear that, by doing so, they are wasting valuable coffee land. And what is a beautiful plaza without some lovely vistas?

    2. Even though I voted for New World ornaments, I love/like all the proposed stuff to varying degrees. From top to bottom, for me: New World Pack > Pedestrian Zone > Vibrant Cities > Big Top > Eldritch. Now, the reasons for NW I already gave, Pedestrian, even though no gameplay stuff (making the titles act as roads probably), more due to wanting some overpasses and underpasses and other stuff that is more catered towards Investors finece of things (I mean, yes, we do have an overpass, but my investors aren’t gonna use a dirty one from the workers sector) / Vibrant Cities – even though no new models it seems (would have loved some manors for investors, or small chateux like in southern France) – will be great to have another coat of paint on buildings, especially the ingineer and investor ones. / Big Top – even though we have Zoo’s and parks, it seems that this one is, as someone else here put it, a labour of love from some of the devs, and yes, would also love to see this put into the game as well, a big, biiig round tent, 2 smaller-ish ones, many cages, clowns, etc. / And finally the Eldritch… I don’t hate the Eldritch, nor do I love it… I’m neutral about it, mostly because, due to the current light and sunny vista of the game, throwing in 15-20 dark ornaments is just… like… really? What I would LOVE to see actually, would be, yes, this pack as well, but maybe make it a bit bigger, to encompas graveyards, mortuaries, but also, 1 new building skin for each residential tiers in the OW (or at the very least peasant, worker, artisant, maybe ingineer) – this due to the fact that, just be putting a few dark ornaments into my sunny little village of peasant and workers, with their bright colored buildings won’t change the tone of the village. Lastly: I would GLADLY buy ALL of these ornaments (yes, even Eldritch, if it only comes with 15-20 ornaments and that’s just it), as I have already bought every single Season Pass when announced, Cosmetic DLC, as well as pre-purchased the physical CE of the game (that physical artbook was just <3 for a merely 20 more euros)… I'm not saying this to gloat or brag, I'm only stating that I'll put my money where my mouth is: I WANT the devs to continue to develop this game and bring new awesome stuff to it, and from these 5, some are better, some are less, BUT, I will get them all if they manage to produce them, due to a single thing: I love what the devs done so far, what they are continuing to do, the fact that they are engaging with the community as much as possible, that they are listening to the community, thus managing to overcome the 2205 debacle. I will always reward the devs that actually care about their product, and are passionate about it (and also show it).

    3. Lastly, I don't know if Marcel or any other dev can get info on the posters here (since we are logged in with our Ubi accounts), but regardless, if you can't see it though, I'll just say it: I haven't put many hours into the game (only 176 hours) so far, even though I've reached investors (iirc some 30-40k pop), built in the NW, unlocked every region, even though I've stuck with the OW mostly. This is mostly due to also having family, other priorities, work, as well as a big catalogue of other games to go through first (completed games that is, their development ended). What I'm trying to say is that, this doesn't mean that I'm not waiting for more news about Anno 1800, not interested in the direction is going, or not showing support to the devs by not buying the product. Yes, I'm not playing now, but sometime, maybe next year, or maybe 2 years from now on (if Season Pass 4 comes, hopefully, if I might add), I would like to sit down and just indulge into a completed and finished game (maybe with mods too) – but, until then, I will get the new DLCs due to the fact that, as mentioned, I really really reaaally want more content for this great and awesome game… been playing Anno since 1404, it was my, uf, I'd say 7th game ever bought, when I was a "wee lad" (think I was like 16ish back then, in 2011). I encountered the game due to playing Tortuga – Pirates of the New World, my first ever bought game, and this led my to Patrician and Port Royale 2, which in turn led me to Anno 1404… and I've never played another genre of city building since, only 1404, just a tad bit of 1701, 2070 and some 2205… and can't wait to see what is coming next not only for 1800, but also for the next entry in the series.

    So, from me, if the first 2 picks actually sell well, please, devs, do indulge yourselves, if given time, into the other ornament packs as well… me want more for and from this gorgeous game ?"

  7. o olblf April 24, 2021

    Hurray! Finally I can place trees like in Anno 2070! I guess they won’t account for island beauty points, but I’m ok with that. I just want to fill my island with dense forest without having weird green grass underneath. In my opinion it’s one of the worse features to come out of 2205.

    Speaking of the “foundation” feature (don’t know if it actually has a name)… I heard a rumor that you, the Devs, are working on making it possible to choose what foundation an ornament has? Please say that’s true! There are so many ornaments that for example only exists as “white plaza” ornaments, while I rather have grass or concrete (as we got with a dlc a while back) foundation.

    • o olblf April 24, 2021

      Btw. What I’m really hoping for with the Pedestrian Zone Pack is some new city “foundations”. I want something between gray industrial concrete and white plaza tiles. Maybe just a cobblestone foundation or something? Like the one we see in the Bright Sands grave yard?

  8. W WindsorEdward April 23, 2021

    Masks are boring. Show us your smiley face and keep up the good work!

    • D DeVeteran April 23, 2021

      They’re mostly Germans, those devs… they don’t know how to smile xD

      • o olblf April 24, 2021

        Oh shut up, DeVeteran! I think all of the Anno team have shown already that they have beautiful smiles!

        • D DeVeteran April 24, 2021

          You do know that “xD” is the mark of an ironic comment, right? I mean, yes, only through writing it’s hard to notice joke comments, but “xD” helps give a certain impression.


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