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Union Update: Anno 2205 live stream & Community Spotlight

While this is not yet the week for Season 3 news, the waiting clearly inspires some people to write creative short stories about their impatience – maybe we should do a story contest later this year…

You will still have to wait a little bit longer until we start with news about Game Update 9.3 – and of course Season 3.


In the meantime, the Anno Afternoon livestream with Anno 2205 originally planned for last week will happen this Friday! Join Thorlof when he’s taking his first-ever steps into the city-building world of Anno 2205 on the 29th at 5 PM CET (11 AM EST) over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

Community Spotlight

As usual, we love to share some impressions from our community in our Union Spotlight, so let’s dive right in:

If you’re looking for gameplay tutorials or know someone who could use some, there are by now a vast amount of video guides, tips&tricks collection and written explanations out there. This week we want to showcase itroo’s channel who is producing various tutorial videos for a few weeks, ranging from a statistics overview to trading.


Is Anno 1800 the hardest Anno title yet? This discussion was recently started on the Anno subreddit – maybe you want to jump in? 😉



It’s always hard to just pick a handful of screenshots for this section, so we encourage you to check platforms like Reddit or the Annoverse Discord for even more fantastic pictures!

Starting with Paw who shared a very moody screenshot of their Arctic settlement on Discord:

Kaluginmir shared screenshots of his Crown Falls city on Reddit – we especially liked the harbour area with the diagonal quays!


“Some love for the New World”, as Wyder_ out it when sharing their big New World settlement:


And finally, since we showed this city before this update is definitely worth sharing – Laudica’s circle city is finished!


As always, we love seeing more screenshots, clever videos, record attempts and interesting stories that we can share here on the Anno Union! 🙂


*Note: Screenshots and videos in the Community-Spotlight can include elements like buildings from mods that are not available in the regular game.
Please be aware that the use of mods is at your own risk and can lead to technical issues or bugs.




  1. A Artafern February 1, 2021

    Вспоминая интересный момент из Anno 1404:
    Как на счет срытых потребностей населения? ( как например в 1404 части, при определенном количестве патрициев открывались канделябры, и парчовые одеяния у дворян ).
    В теории было бы неплохо знать ( а при первом опыте приятно удивиться ), что например при 20-30к инвесторов, открывается новый, скрытый, вид потребности. Может и не один, и не только у инвесторов=)

    И повторный “вызов” любого NPC на карту ( максимум, естественно, 3-х ). Так же может быть полезной функцией.

    Ах да, цвета флага! Ну просто очень скудный набор цветов, и очень специфические. ( вспомним сколько этих цветов было в Anno 1404, открывающиеся за достижения, и в 2070 – прекрасный набор ).
    Быть может возможно введение спектра выбора цвета? Ну или просто расширения их количества.

  2. J Janneman_2020 January 29, 2021

    I would love to have a Commuter Pier in The New World ❤️ Season 3? maybe!??

    Greetings, Janneman

  3. s secoyo January 29, 2021

    Could you please resolve the rewards issue, it’s a several months known issue or we will have to wait until the season 3 update? I know is just a small thing into a great game but in my case I used my coins on that back then.


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