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Gamescom Summary: More to come in 2021

Hey Anno Community,

Today was a great day for us cause not only could we show you some live gameplay of “The High Life” in our gamescom livestream, but we were also able to talk about what else you can expect to come to Anno 1800 in the next months.

What’s to come AFTER The High Life?

With Season 3 coming to an end with next week’s DLC, we want to give you an overview of what’s still to come to Anno 1800 this year – some of it you already know and expect, some of it will be new.

Cosmetic DLCs

Following the Community Vote in April, you’re probably all very much aware that the two winners are still to be released. As communicated earlier this year, this will happen after the release of “The High Life”, starting with the “Pedestrian Zone Pack”.

True to its name, it will focus on ornaments for your inner cities, from a Market Hall over over- and underpasses to public toilets you can expect a variety of objects to beautify your cities for pedestrians. You can have a first look at some of them below:

And… we’ve seen some pictures of canals! More details on that in a few weeks, because the release is planned for in just about one month: September 28th!

This year’s third Cosmetic DLC, the “Vibrant City Skins Pack“ (name not yet final) will release at the end of this year and bring some more visual variety to your cities! We’ll have more details on this CDLC closer to its release.

History Weeks

For autumn, a quick look at the calendar tells you there are four Annoversaries coming up!

More importantly, they include Anno 1701, the first Anno title developed by us here in Mainz, celebrating 15 years since release! How the time flies…

Expect insights into the Anno history, lots of nostalgia and multiple live streams to celebrate Anno’s long city-building tradition.

Big End of the Year Update and Green Game Jam

We left one big thing for last and some of you might already be wondering “what happened to the Green Game Jam?”.  Well, in December we will release Game Update 13, one big free Game Update including several more quality of life improvements as well as bug fixes.


Also part of this release will be the Green Game Jam project: We’re adding a new game mode, in which you will travel to a separate region set in the New World. To fulfill your main goal there, you will have to develop a city, but new mechanics make this endeavour significantly more challenging: Monocultures and overfishing can quickly lead to food supply issues while limited non-regenerative resources need to be well-spent. Will you be able to construct and maintain a sustainable city while keeping your environmental impact balanced?

As usual, we will be able to give you more insights into the new content closer to its release, when development has progressed enough that we can show you something.

Make sure to check out our gamescom live stream and our DevBlogs if you haven’t done so already – and get ready for “The High Life” releasing next Tuesday!




  1. m m72h93o August 31, 2021

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    please don’t stop and support Anno 1800 for ever and make so amazing another DLC. vary well done. good job.
    Mohammad from Iran????❤❤❤❤❤???????????

  2. M MAK_879294 August 31, 2021

    When will give any update abolutnie new Settlers?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 31, 2021

      We can’t give you an update about “The Settlers” since we’re the Anno Team.

      If there are any news, I’m sure the The Settlers team will communicate them via their website or their other channels. But we have nothing to do with that project.

  3. I Ilusander August 31, 2021

    Is there coming a season 4? That is all I want to know 😉

  4. h havoccau August 31, 2021

    I know its probably too late,

    But can we get some New World content and story? Isabella and her fight against La Corona could totally be fleshed out with some New World loving. It wouldn’t even have to be a new session. We could even be able to pick a side, but some content that fleshes out the New story and economy, maybe adds a new resident tier, would be so nice.

    Right now it feels like I barely touch the New World, only to visit it when I need something for one of my other sessions.

  5. B Balin889 August 29, 2021

    Dont know how the rest of comunnity, but for me the ammount of content in game is far enough. however would like to see some custom scenarios or/and new campaing, so the annoucment is last paragraph sounds particulary good for me 😉

    In all previous anno games we had many game modes and scenarios, here, still only free play. Cant express how I would love to see those, specialy because the core gameplay is so deep and fun, its waste of “game” to not include more scenarios or campaigns or other challanges.

    Also, doing campaing quests for several times gets really annoying, ones in enbesa particulary. Option to remove quest requirement after first playthrough would be welcome.

  6. K Killerbrandt August 28, 2021

    Seriously, the love put into this game is unbelievable and the attention to detail beats all other games of its type! This game is still my number one favorite game of all times now! I really wish one day I could meet one of the designers of the assets on this game and just know how they thought of all these designs! It truly is like playing in the the Chicago World Fair of 1893! The thrill of adventure and wonder! Thank you all so much!

  7. J Janneman_2020 August 27, 2021

    Your DLC’s are the most wonderful
    expensions for games ever!!!

    Your Wallpapers?!?! OMG thanks for those 2!

    ANNO 1800 deserves an art galary in real life!

    The 19th Century?? Thanks 2 ANNO 1800
    I love it more and more and more….

    • K Killerbrandt August 28, 2021

      Right! They add so much to the game. I have never had a game give soooo much for each expansion, its nuts! Each one is worth it big time! I really don’t think there will ever be another game like this Anno ever, the time period is just perfect !

  8. A Acidello August 26, 2021

    So many good new today! Thank you for the amazing stream =) I watched both streams even though I couldn’t understand 100% of the German one but I was so excited!!

  9. b biwesty August 26, 2021

    Will there also be an overpass option with two tile in the middle? Just for those that like double roads 😀


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