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Union Update: gamescom 2018 preview

Time is flying and it is only two weeks until gamescom will open its doors for hundreds of thousands gaming enthusiasts. An event with quite some significance for Anno 1800 and today, we want to share quite some exciting news about our presence at gamescom 2018!

Anno 1800 casts it’s anchor in Cologne
This year’s convention will be truly special as Annholic’s will be able to play the seventh title of the 20-year-old strategy series at our Anno 1800 booth.
And if playing the game is not enough, we will also return with our Union UbiLounge presentations, where we will give you an exclusive look on the game and also answer questions from our communities.

But it’s not just playing the game, we will also lift the curtain on never seen before features, which you can not only try out for yourselves but also watch during our daily Anno 1800 stage presentations. For anyone who is not able to visit us in Cologne, do not worry: we will share an overview with all the big announcements in a blog update in the Anno Union followed by detailed DevBlog coverage coming after gamescom.

Community Dinner Invitations coming this week
Our Anno Union community initiative saw the light of day during our big reveal at gamescom 2017 and what better way of celebrating than with our gamescom community dinner?
We will send out the invitations via e-mail this week, which will also include all necessary details for the event. Please keep in mind that seats are limited, so only people who get an invitation via mail this week are eligible to participate.

Ship Design Contest has closed
On another note, the submission period for our Union Ship Design Contest is officially over. Again, the amount of creativity and great design ideas coming from our Annoholics managed to impress the team. It will take some time to go through all the submissions and we will keep you in the loop in a future Union Update.

Upcoming Content
As we are currently busy with the final preparations for gamescom, we put this week’s DevBlog on hold. Instead, we will have a very special blog next week where we give you a very detailed look behind the scene of Anno 1800’s audio design. We will also share the exact schedule for our UbiLounge and stage presentations at gamescom 2018 in the upcoming week.

We are looking forward to see you at gamescom!


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  1. H HannesDS August 8, 2018


    That artwork is so amazing. It makes the loading screens in the game much better, and it’s just so nice to look at. We had to miss the loading screen artwork in the past 2 Anno games, so I hope it comes back.

    Also, I see posters of a circus. Will that be another (large) building in the game?

    • B BB_CR August 9, 2018

      While screenshots represent the actual game, many of our artworks are more intended to capture the imagination and the atmosphere of the 19th century setting. So not everything you see in one of these artworks will necessarily show up exactly like that in the game 🙂


  2. I IByrnison August 8, 2018

    Hello. Will we find out when the premiere will take place and will there be a collector’s edition of anno 1800 ?? Regards Tomasz (Poland)

    • U Ubi-O5 August 8, 2018

      Not sure what you mean with Premiere, but we will soon talk about the release date and editions that will be available.


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