Union Update – “Industrial Zone” Pack Release Day

Hello Annoholics,

Today is “Industrial Zone” Pack release day!

Bring the “dirty” parts of your cities to life with new ornaments revolving around construction and industry like scaffolding, a waterpipe network and a crane. Or add some spice to your industrial railroad with railway halls, railway signals and a coal tower.

For a first impression, check out DevBlog for the “Industrial Zone” Pack . You can buy the Cosmetic DLC here in the Ubisoft Store.

Also releasing today is Game Update 14.3, addressing amongst other things a memory leak issue for Steam players and adding two new company logos, unlocked by you by fulfilling the DLC 10 Community Challenge.

You can check out the full Release Notes here.

Community Spotlight

It has been a while since our last Community Spotlight, so we thought that this was the perfect occasion for us to share some of your amazing screenshots in preparation for today’s release. As usual, we are impressed by your creativity and dedication in building your Anno cities, and we cannot wait to see what you create with the “Industrial Zone” Pack Cosmetic DLC – so feel free to share your screenshots with us!

Disclaimer: some screenshots might contain mods.

Let’s get the ball rolling with our first pick of the day, a wonderful University Campus created by MoonFernTreasures. They designed the whole campus, dorms included, and each building represents a different college: from Law and Politics to Naval Academy and Botany. Go check the whole collection on Reddit, where you can also find the full list of buildings.

Another great collection of screenshots, this one shared by AnnoHolicKorean on Reddit. They tried to recreate early Boston in their Anno world, and this particular screenshot pictures the commercial area of the city, where everything started.

The next screenshot is a project by 9ersGaming and moldebort in co-op: a recreation of Berlin in 1963. 9ersGaming built the West part while moldebort built East Berlin. Once done with the building, they walked across the border together in first person mode.

We are in love with the quiet atmosphere of this screenshot by evergreen94 that captures the beauty and lushness of these farm fields. And the rain falling just adds the perfecting touch: we can almost smell the wet grass and crops after a summer storm.

Finally, we would like to end this Community Spotlight with a video that left us speechless for the whole 5 minutes and 11 seconds. Breadom created and dedicated this video to Anno 1800’s Season 3 and it is based on the content of three DLCs: Tourist Season, Docklands and The High Life. The whole video is such an amazing journey!


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This is all for today’s Union Update, we hope you enjoy the new Cosmetic DLC. Whether you decide to expand your industrial district or build construction sites around your cities, we would love to see what you create – so share with us your screenshots on Twitter!

Happy city-building!

Union Update: Release of the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack and GU 13.2

Hello Annoholics!

After much teasing the day has finally arrived: It’s release day! Our newest Cosmetic DLC “Seasonal Decorations” Pack and Game Update 13.2 are now live. Let’s have a quick look at both.

“Seasonal Decorations” Pack

Today we released the first Cosmetic DLC of 2022 and if that doesn’t give you enough cause for celebration, the content of the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack sure will!

With the newest Cosmetic DLC, your citizens’ celebrations can now extend throughout the year! Colorful flower decorations in Spring, sunny wine bars in Summer, cozy bonfire nights in Autumn, and magical Winter wonderlands – the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack has it all!

Excited? Then don’t forget to check out our latest DevBlog for a detailed overview of all the new ornaments as well as a short Q&A with Raphael, the Lead Artist of Anno 1800.

The Cosmetic DLC is now available in the Ubisoft Store for 4,99€ (or your regional equivalent).

You’ll have a chance to earn it for free through our upcoming Refer-a-Friend program – more details on this and our Season 4 plans will be shared soon!

We can’t wait to see how your cities change with the seasons!

Game Update 13.2

Alongside the Cosmetic DLC we are also releasing Game Update 13.2 today which will, amongst other things, fix the missing consumption statistics for several goods and activate the fisherman’s quest in the Eden Burning scenario. You can find the full Release Notes here.

Stream Announcement

Before diving into this week’s community spotlight we have one final announcement to make: We will be doing another Anno Afternoon live stream on Friday, February 18, at 5PM CET. Join Celeste and Oliver as they continue on their co-op save and challenge their inner beauty-builders with the new “Seasonal Decorations” Pack.

We can’t wait to hang out with you guys again so we hope to see you then!

Community Spotlight

We wanted to finish off this week’s Union Update with another form of celebration: A celebration of you! As always, we were blown away by the amazing creations that you have shared with us and the community and we wanted to take the time to highlight a few.

First up we have this stunning creation by Spacer176 on r/anno. Using Engineer and Investor houses to enclose historic Artisan quarters is a great way of adding more discoverability to your cities. Thank you Spacer176 for this awesome beauty-build tip!

Next, we have this wonderful side-by-side of JackedKermit’s city on Reddit. Despite its small beginnings, the city is now booming with life! What a transformation!

Although we love a big city, there’s something special about small village life. AlexButterworth’s creation on Reddit made us feel right at home with its dense green forests and adorable little town centre. We know where we will go next time we need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Feeling inspired after seeing all these amazing screenshots? Well, why not take part in the ongoing community challenge on the Annoverse Discord? In this latest challenge, you will take on the role of railroad baron on your mission to create your beautiful railway empire. Submissions close on the 28th of February so head over to the Annoverse Discord now to share your creations!

To finish off this week’s community spotlight we have another great creation by the one and only Dulcamarra! We have to admit that it made us giggle quite a bit (sorry Willie!). Great work as always and if you haven’t already, go check more of her art on her Deviantart page!

Those are all our community spotlights for today! We just love seeing all the amazing creations you guys come up with and cannot wait to see what you will do with our newest Cosmetic DLC. Make sure to share some screenshots with us!

And that’s it for today’s Union Update! As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to share them below or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or our official forums.

Union Update: Pedestrian Zone Pack & Game Update 12.1

Annoholics, today we released the “Pedestrian Zone Pack” Cosmetic DLC! 

In addition to canals for both your cities as well as your industrial areas, the DLC is also adding several pedestrian-focused ornaments like an underpass, public toilets, a pavilion and new groundplanes.  

We went into detail on all ornaments and the development of the canal system in last week’s DevBlog, click here to check it out or quickly recap the content while waiting for the download to finish. 

We can’t wait to see your transformed cities! 

Game Update 12.1 

Together with the “Pedestrian Zone Pack” we’re releasing Game Update 12.1 and address several issues you have been reporting to us. If you haven’t done so already, check out the full Release Notes. 


Since we noticed some questions regarding some points of the Release Notes and some issues which did not make it into this Game Update, we also want to use this opportunity to address your questions: 

Starting with some bad news, but it’s something we have seen multiple comments about recently: We have investigated the issue with Anno 1800’s achievements having been unlocked for some players at the beginning of September during the technical issues with Ubisoft Connect. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed retroactively, and we are not able to reset your achievement progress. 


A point from the Release Notes that has been discussed and asked about since yesterday is the tree planting feature: As stated in the Release Notes, trees can now not be placed next to roads and buildings anymore (i.e., the places where they would disappear from after loading). 

The reason for this is, that the game automatically removes trees etc. close to buildings to make sure they’re not “growing” into the building model itself. You can already see that when you place a building or a road somewhere: Vegetation nearby is automatically removed. Upon loading, the game does this check again and removes vegetation that is too close to a building. So, to avoid that you can place trees in these spots which would lead to them disappearing after loading, these spots are now blocked automatically. 

We are investigating options to add more ornamental trees in a future update. 


Further Issues

Furthermore, we’re still investigating more issues you have reported to us, for example, the one regarding rewards from Anarchist defector quests, which does not seem to be solved for all affected savegames, and that for some players the Orchards are not unlocked even when reaching the requirements.

We have also received reports about more quest issues which some players are facing, some related to resident quests and others like for example the Skyline Tower construction being stuck during the “barbecue event” (as a workaround, demolishing the tower and rebuilding it will allow you to finish it, albeit without the related questline). 


As usual, we will keep you updated on future Game Updates. 

Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy Anno 1800 and have a lot of fun with the newest Cosmetic DLC!