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Anno 1800: Game Update 14.3

Release date: June 28th, 3PM CEST 

  • Adding support for Cosmetic DLC 8 – the “Industrial Zone” Pack
  • Adding two new company logos which were unlocked via the community challenge for DLC 10


  • Fixed an issue with the game getting stuck for a moment when opening the company profile in-game
  • Fixed a memory leak on the Steam version of Anno 1800
  • Fixed an issue with Anno 1800 crashing when the monitor enters sleep mode while in full screen mode




  1. M Mark_M_70 July 1, 2022

    Had game crash for 1st time since i have had it so it could get 14.3 update. I had just got Scholars homes and when game tries to give you a book to donate to institute it crashes. Tries switching quickly to other regions before the message comes up and tried closing it before guy is finished talking. No luck. As soon as it prompts to give you a book to donate it crashes with like a sound issue. Can not play on now until it goes away. It pops up as soon as game loads, so yeah

  2. Q Qnaga868 June 30, 2022

    is it just me, or someone else who’s game starts to get down to 17-30 FPS after 30 minutes of gameplay? I was having 45-75 FPS previously to the update…? anyone else?


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