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DevBlog: “Seasonal Decorations” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Hello Anno Community,

As you might have seen already here on the Anno Union, last week we communicated on our overall Cosmetic DLC plans for 2022. Today, instead, we would like to focus on the first Cosmetic DLC of this year: “Seasonal Decorations Pack” Cosmetic DLC!

Back in 2019 we released the first “seasonal” CDLC, the “Holiday Pack”, which gives you the chance to fully embrace the holiday spirit and decorate your cities with Christmas markets (and more!). You loved it, and we heard it. However, it does feel slightly out of place in summer or spring, doesn’t it?

Well, with the “Seasonal Decorations Pack” you will be able to decorate your cities with fitting ornaments to any of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autum, or Winter: it is your choice!

In total, the “Seasonal Decorations Pack” contains 24 brand new ornaments, that means 6 themed ornaments for each season of the year. Let’s have a look at them more closely, shall we?


Flowers, flowers everywhere! Let your city bloom with fresh, springtime colours and flowers. We think these ornaments would go in perfect harmony with the Colourful Theme of “Vibrant Cities Pack”, don’t you think?


Would you like some wine? Summer’s the perfect time to hold a Wine Fest in your Anno cities. Just make sure not to drink too much! With the Summer-themed ornaments, you can place wine stands and tables all over your cities. There is even a May Pole!


Bring your biggest pumpkin – Autumn is here! Nothing can beat the warm colours of this season. Leaves start falling, the air gets colder and colder: it is the perfect time to build some bonfires around your cities and drink some warm cider by the pumpkin competition stand.


Grab your skates, time to have some fun on the ice-skating rink, after grabbing some roast chestnuts from the stall. We think this will be the perfect way to get your cities into the Holiday mood and fight some of the cold brought by Winter.


Now, it is time for our favourite part of the DevBlog: the Q&A! This time, we had a chat with Raphael, Lead Artist on Anno 1800.

What were your main “real world” references?
Mainly markets and street festivals that are happening during the different seasons. For example, being in Mainz, the wine festival theme was an obvious choice because it is rooted deeply in the culture of this area.

What was the hardest ornament to work on and why?
The ice rink, because we had to make sure the ice looks good. It was a bit tricky to get the glossiness right with our shader. In the end it turned out very nice, especially during the nighttime and with all the feedback units running.

How hard was it to decide on the final ornaments when covering 4 entire seasons has SO MUCH potential? ?
Of course we had many more ideas because it is such a rich topic. In the end it came down to making a nice package for each season, taking things like ornament size and variety into consideration.

What is your favourite Season theme and your favourite ornament for this CDLC?
I really like the summer season, if I look at the wine stand, I immediately want to sit down with some friends and have a good time.

As an Anno player, do you consider yourself a beauty-builder?
Yes absolutely, I love making my cities look pretty and adding little details wherever I can.


The “Seasonal Decorations Pack” will be available for purchase for the usual 4,99€ (or your regional equivalent) starting from February 15th.

If you have further questions related to the Cosmetic DLC, feel free to ask them in the comments below or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or our official Forums.
Happy city-building!

Full Ornament List


  • Flower Pavilion
  • Flower Shop
  • Balloon Stand
  • Flower Sculpture
  • Blumenbogen
  • Flower Gate


  • Small Wine Stand
  • Large Wine Stand
  • Wine FestivalTable
  • Wine Barrel
  • May Pole
  • Wine Festival Entrance


  • Pumpkin Cart
  • Pumpkin Barrels
  • Bonfire
  • Pumpkin Competition
  • Cider Stall
  • Autumnal Gate


  • Chestnut Stall
  • Ice Rink
  • Christmas Pyramid
  • Christmas Arch
  • Snow Globe
  • Winter Gate




  1. D DK_SKIZO February 16, 2022

    Hey Dev… just wonder if this DLC is like the other DLC´s in the Ubi+ subscrib ??
    cause in my DLC list i can not see it 😉

    anyway nice work with keep adding stuff to this game…

    • D DK_SKIZO February 16, 2022

      nvm 🙂 i thought all DLC’s was in the Ubi+ subscrib…
      the cosmetics are not in the ubi+ subscrib.. have to buy them…

  2. Q Queglar February 14, 2022

    Groovy. Though I’d still pay for a Talk Like a Pirate Day themed holiday pack as well…

  3. L LUIZ_VICTOR February 10, 2022

    I totally agree. Too much happening. Enbesa should be unlocked at Investidor level or engineer, as late contact as major power did in XIX century in Africa.
    Cape, should only be open to AI, after we reach the area too.

  4. L LUIZ_VICTOR February 10, 2022

    Nice. I will buy it. Hope to see you all working in a portuguese translation. If you need help, I can help!

  5. A Antipotheosis February 9, 2022

    This DLC looks great. Definitely buying it.

    Hey Devs,

    In the game currently there often feels like there’s too much going on around Artisans tier and it tends to spoil the gameplay a bit. The DLC sessions unlocking on top of Docklands tends to be a major distraction from the main game because if you don’t expand to the New World (unlocks at 1 Artisan), Enbesa (100 Artisans), Cape Trelawney (700 Artisans) and then The Arctic (1 Engineer); on top of Docklands unlocking at 250 Artisans and Tourist season at 500 Engineers.
    Is it possible to make the unlock conditions for these DLC customizable?
    I would much rather get through to Engineers or even Investors before dealing with DLC sessions, docklands or tourists. Is this a practical thing that can be added into the customization settings at the start of a game?

    Thanks for all the work being done to improve this game.

  6. G Grevenrot February 9, 2022

    Very nice 🙂 I hope the old twitch drops will be available again too for decoration!

  7. D Dravidos February 8, 2022

    ENG: Great, more decorations for my cities! I like small details and this CDLC is full of small details. There is only one problem, just like in real life: the scarcity of land. I would need another island like Crown Falls (or build artificial islands in the middle of the sea like in Dubai; there you have an idea for a new DLC).

    ESP: ¡Estupendo, más adornos para mis ciudades! Me gustan los pequeños detalles y este CDLC está lleno de pequeños detalles. Solo hay un problema, igual que en la vida real: la escasez de suelo. Necesitaría otra isla como Cascada Coronada (o construir islas artificiales en medio del mar como en Dubai; ahí tenéis una idea para un nuevo DLC).

  8. L LennyHallqvist February 8, 2022

    Wunderschön gestaltet! *-* Leider leiden alle Städte von ANNO 1800 an der Wiederholung der immergleichen Gebäudeoptik der öffentlichen Gebäude, insbesondere der Hotels und auch der immer gleichen Glaskuppelformation des Botanischen Gartens. :'((

  9. L LeGeektateur February 8, 2022

    Thanks for this new pack ! Sure, we will some new good screenshot from the community.
    It’s a good job! Thanks again.

    The autumn theme is really cool, it will be useful for the tier 1 & 2 as ornament !

    The spring and summer are very nice too ! We have alrealdy a lot of ornament for the last tier, but it will be a pleasure to have more ! :p

  10. z zacscal February 8, 2022

    Would the team consider doing an America-themed cosmetic pack? Such as with vague red, white, and blue banners and decor, maybe an in-ground BBQ ornament (like it was done traditionally down in the southern United States), or a soda fountain like what was being established during the temperance movement in the 1880s? Are there any wider plans to implement an upstart Americana theme or area to the game?

    • T TMF-EvilTurkey February 8, 2022

      There is not one country themed flag in Anno. And i am a 100% sure there never will be. They try not to get to close to any nation in specific. And a red, white and blue theme in that time would be more of a british theme in a colonial Sim 🙂

      But i would like the idea of a rural outdoor BBQ area for decorations.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 11, 2022

      Right now there are no plans for a Norther American/US setting, I’m afraid.
      Besides that, we so far haven’t add country-specific ornaments (e.g. flags) into the game and would stick to this approach for now.


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