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Union Update – “Industrial Zone” Pack Release Day

Hello Annoholics,

Today is “Industrial Zone” Pack release day!

Bring the “dirty” parts of your cities to life with new ornaments revolving around construction and industry like scaffolding, a waterpipe network and a crane. Or add some spice to your industrial railroad with railway halls, railway signals and a coal tower.

For a first impression, check out DevBlog for the “Industrial Zone” Pack . You can buy the Cosmetic DLC here in the Ubisoft Store.

Also releasing today is Game Update 14.3, addressing amongst other things a memory leak issue for Steam players and adding two new company logos, unlocked by you by fulfilling the DLC 10 Community Challenge.

You can check out the full Release Notes here.

Community Spotlight

It has been a while since our last Community Spotlight, so we thought that this was the perfect occasion for us to share some of your amazing screenshots in preparation for today’s release. As usual, we are impressed by your creativity and dedication in building your Anno cities, and we cannot wait to see what you create with the “Industrial Zone” Pack Cosmetic DLC – so feel free to share your screenshots with us!

Disclaimer: some screenshots might contain mods.

Let’s get the ball rolling with our first pick of the day, a wonderful University Campus created by MoonFernTreasures. They designed the whole campus, dorms included, and each building represents a different college: from Law and Politics to Naval Academy and Botany. Go check the whole collection on Reddit, where you can also find the full list of buildings.

Another great collection of screenshots, this one shared by AnnoHolicKorean on Reddit. They tried to recreate early Boston in their Anno world, and this particular screenshot pictures the commercial area of the city, where everything started.

The next screenshot is a project by 9ersGaming and moldebort in co-op: a recreation of Berlin in 1963. 9ersGaming built the West part while moldebort built East Berlin. Once done with the building, they walked across the border together in first person mode.

We are in love with the quiet atmosphere of this screenshot by evergreen94 that captures the beauty and lushness of these farm fields. And the rain falling just adds the perfecting touch: we can almost smell the wet grass and crops after a summer storm.

Finally, we would like to end this Community Spotlight with a video that left us speechless for the whole 5 minutes and 11 seconds. Breadom created and dedicated this video to Anno 1800’s Season 3 and it is based on the content of three DLCs: Tourist Season, Docklands and The High Life. The whole video is such an amazing journey!


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This is all for today’s Union Update, we hope you enjoy the new Cosmetic DLC. Whether you decide to expand your industrial district or build construction sites around your cities, we would love to see what you create – so share with us your screenshots on Twitter!

Happy city-building!




  1. A Alister-MIV July 7, 2022

    Good day. Dear developers, I would like to see in the game an opportunity to sell your islands as property to other players. This would expand the possibilities of the gameplay and give more opportunities to influence the game session. )

  2. p pascal350001975 July 5, 2022

    it could be great having a special corner for all the cosmetics

    at the bottom we have “farmer” “worker”…”investissors” “tourists”
    and in each the productions and cosmetics
    having just one witth all the cosmetics ( regular and dlc) will be more easier when we want to customize our cities

    what do you think about that???

    •   Ubi-Thorlof July 5, 2022

      Hey pascal, you can already organise your construction menu this way.
      Just click on the little button in the bottom left in the construction menu to switch between “sorted by progress” and “sorted by type”. In the “culture” tab you can then find all ornaments.

      • p pascal350001975 July 7, 2022

        thanks a lot for the tips , i didn’t really care about this icons, and with your help i’ve discovered a new way to play more efficiently

        thank you so much,

        I apologize to have let you spend your time responding to my stupid question.
        shame on me

        thnaks a lot too for your quick answer, you really take care of your community.

        •   Ubi-Thorlof July 8, 2022

          No worries, it’s easy to miss things sometimes 🙂

  3. M MotoR12P July 4, 2022

    hi, do you have plans to add this pack to your “Anno 1800 – Cosmetic Pack” bundle?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof July 5, 2022

      Hey MotoR12P, we might offer an updated Cosmetic DLC bundle next year that includes all of this year’s Cosmetic DLC.

  4. p pascal350001975 June 29, 2022

    What an amazing video

    thanks for all as always,

    waiting for the next dlc to upgrade the new world , we’ll see more beautiful videos like this one i think

  5. C Coouge June 29, 2022

    Amazing! Love the new DLC.
    The video is amazing as well. I made something similar but focuses on residents.

    (^_^) Love Anno and can’t wait for all the upcoming DLCs.
    Thank you for working so hard and giving your best Anno Team!


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