• Game Update

Anno 1800: Game Update 9.3

Release: February 9th, 6 PM CET (12 PM EST)

Download size: 4,5 GB

  • Ornaments from the Cosmetic DLCs and “Bright Harvest” are now also available in the New World
  • Added a new category for Twitch Drop ornaments in the construction menu
  • Reduced the number of notifications from Investors when opening the World’s Fair monument screen and for Scholars when opening the Research Center menu


  • Ubisoft Connect Reward ornaments are now available in-game again
  • Fixed an issue with reduced performance when building multiple buildings or ornaments
  • Fixed an issue where ships could gather around Angereb’s island during a voluntary quest in Enbesa
  • Fixed an issue where a black screen could appear after closing the Research Center menu
  • Fixed an issue where the last Scholar need was never unlocked if only Scholars were settled on the island – where’s the fun without music?
  • Fixed an issue where needs could get locked on an island if the population that used that need became 0


  • The quest “The Wisdom Therein”, which grants access to the library of Kidusi Anitoni, will now be removed from the quest book if the player already gained access
  • Fixed the broken quest “Family Matters 2” from Beryl O’Mara (does not apply retroactively when the ship has already spawned)
  • Added the correct voiceline for Archibald’s notification during the quest “Angereb: Chasing Blood”

Localizations & text

  • The item “Calla Lily, of the Desert Bloom” has now its correct name again




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