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Anno 1800 (PC): Game Update 18

Release Date: August 22nd, 2023

Features & Content

  • Added a mod browser to the game in collaboration with mod.io
    • The mod browser can be accessed from the main menu of the game
    • You will need to accept the Legal Disclaimer to access the mod browser
    • There, you can browse through any of the mods currently uploaded to mod.io and subscribe to them to prompt an automatic download
    • Modders can upload their mods on the mod.io website
    • You will need to login to mod.io in order to download or upload mods
    • More information here


  • Added support for the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Mod Support

  • Made modded key bindings functional again
  • Enabled patching data/infotips/export.bin by adding an export.bin.xml patch file to the mod
  • Enabled patching .cfg files, e.g. world_map_01.cfg, by adding an XML file with the same name plus .xml as an extension
  • Enabled patching .fc files, e.g. world_map_01.fc, by adding an XML file with the same name plus .xml as an extension
  • Enabled linking files by adding a text file with the extension .lnk.
  • Enabled using conditions to check if a mod exists in any patch – not only assets.xml patches.
  • Enabled wrapping ModOp content
  • Follow this link for more information and examples on these points

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when the AI unsuccessfully tried to build roads near rivers
  • Fixed an issue that reset the text language to English when restarting the game
  • Fixed a specific New World island that had a non-buildable area
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to construct buildings and modules the player hadn’t unlocked yet by using stamps
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to move farm modules via the Relocate Tool out of bounds of their farms
  • Fixed the issue with the Fertilizer Silo was not buildable when the Hacienda farm was blueprinted
  • Fixed an issue that led to the epilepsy warning screen occasionally disappearing after changing the language in Ubisoft Connect
  • Fixed an issue with expedition rewards not being added after finishing a hard Zoo Expedition in Temperate Forest
  • Fixed the issue with too many mods extending the loading time of the game, resulting in the game not being able to connect to the online services
    • Drastically improved mod loading times overall


  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking joining players with different mod setups, resulting in a desync


  • Clarified the quest text for the “Robbing the Robber Baron” quest “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • The quest needs to be fulfilled on the first island of the player


  • Fixed an issue with the “Fiesta” Pack description text not showing up when hovering over the content card in the “additional content” menu
  • Fixed the missing Engineer workforce icon in the Research Institute menu

Text & Localization

  • Corrected the reward description for the “Local” Event of the Grand Stadium to 25 influence




  1. m marco_kaack February 9, 2024

    Moin Anno-Union,
    ich habe tatsächlich ein Problem mit dem Update 18.
    Ich spiele über Ubisoft Connect, aber das Spiel hat das automatische Update nicht ausgeführt.
    Er zeigt mir im Spiel den Modbrowser nicht an.
    Ich habe mir schon vor lauter Verzweiflung die Goldedition nachgekauft, obwohl ich die Inhalte schon hatte, in der Hoffnung, das ich damit das Update bekomme. Nun zeigt er mir die Version 18.1 an, aber immer noch kein Browser im Spiel.
    Könnt ihr mir da helfen ?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof February 20, 2024

      Hey Marco,
      der Mod Browser ist für alle Spieler auf dem PC verfügbar, dafür sind keine DLC oder Season Pässe nötig.
      In seltenen Fällen muss das Spiel noch ein zweites Mal gestartet werden, damit der Mod Browser auftaucht, aber in der Regel sollte er sichtbar sein, sobald das Spiel gestartet wurde.

      Was du noch überprüfen könntest:
      – blockiert eine Firewall oder ein Antivirenprogramm die Ausführung von mod.io?
      – Wird dein “Dokumente” Order (in dem sich die Mods befinden) mit Microsoft OneDrive gesyncht (sprich: liegen die Daten in der Cloud?). Das kann auch Probleme machen

  2. C Carolynt98 October 3, 2023

    It would be nice to use the maps in the browser without flickering or resolution problems. Can you fix that?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 4, 2023

      I’m afraid that it’s not very likely that we’ll address such issues at this point when they’re caused by certain mods.

  3. R Ray-mond August 23, 2023


    sollte in der Release Nummer im Spiel nicht eine 18.0 xxxxxx stehen?
    Immerhin ist es auch schon der 23.08.2023 kurz nach 19 Uhr.

    Habt Ihr euch bei Ubi im Datum vertan, oder wurde es wegen der Gamescom verschoben?

    Fragen über Fragen und bisher auch keine Antwort auf die Postings der Kollegen vor mir.

    • M MarvinJoke August 24, 2023

      Es wurde einfach nur vergessen diesen speziellen String zu erhöhen.
      Man hat trotzdem alle features aus dem Update.


    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 24, 2023

      Das Update wurde wie geplant veröffentlicht, lediglich die Versionsnummer im Spiel zeigt 17.2 statt 18 an. Das ist rein kosmetisch und wird ggf im nächsten Update angepasst.

      • R Ray-mond August 24, 2023


        Danke für die Info. Aber das hätte man aber auch schon vorher kommunizieren können.

  4. D Desaster1800 August 23, 2023

    Hallo zusammen,
    auch bei mir wird da GU 18 nicht heruntergeladen. Steht immer noch die 17.2.

  5. k k.moeller56 August 22, 2023


    habe Update gemacht, aber die Version ist immer noch 17.2…. . Sollte die nicht auf 18….. . stehen?

  6. g guillome2k August 17, 2023

    I suppose since this update, there is a very anoying bug with the Seat of Power DLC
    I use the option “4th trade union item”.
    After évery load of savegame all 4th items in all trade unions are cleared. The items went to the warehouse.

    Can you fix this? This costs me 30 minutes every time after laoding a savegame to set it all up again.

      •   Ubi-Thorlof August 31, 2023

        Hey, for bug reports it’s usually best to reach out to Customer Support.

        We tested this now but are unable to reproduce it: in all our tests the 4th slot remained and the item was not unequipped.
        Are you on the latest version of Anno 1800? Are you using any mods that might interfere?
        Please also be aware that should your attractiveness fall under the threshold necessary to unlock the option in the Palace, the 4th slots is deactivated again.

        Should your issue remain, please reach out to customer support and attach the savegame that is affected by this problem.

  7. M Mevelios August 15, 2023

    Good news for the Pride & Peddlers scenario, however seems like a few other issues within it for a vanilla game haven’t been reported (couldn’t find them on the Trello board or part of the adressed issues in this post):

    -Cement mines aren’t considered as production buildings. They remain unaffected by items working on “all production buildings” (such as the forktun8 mk.1 or the steam turbine), other items however such as the rotary drill or quarryman do work as intended.

    -The tropical pedologist item is bugged out: it cannot be put into the trade union when selecting the union and hitting the + slot, however it can be dragged & dropped from the island warehouse into the union to be slotted. Sadly, then another issue arises: as the description reads, it makes orchards process “dung” – which is unavailable in this scenario, as it is immediately produced as fertilizer.

    -Carryover bonuses when starting a new game remain under NPC “Captain” control if you skip the starting video immediately (haven’t tried skipping halfway through the video).

    • M Mevelios August 15, 2023

      Forgot another issue with cement mines: their working conditions cannot be adjusted, though it might be derived from the fact they aren’t recognized as production buildings.

  8. H High-Volt August 10, 2023

    Shouldn’t it be “Added support for the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC” rather than “Fiesta” Pack?


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