• Anno 1800
  • Game Update

Anno 1800 (PC): Game Update 18.2

Release Date: May 14th, 3PM UTC+2



  • Added support for the “Steampunk” Pack Cosmetic DLC.

New Content & Improvements

  • Added a “Friendship” ornament for all players to celebrate Anno 1800’s fifth birthday
  • Added modding support for shaders and sound banks (support for the New Horizon mod)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the buffs from multiple items not affecting the Charcoal Kiln in the New World.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the “Miombo Woodlands” buff not extending to the Charcoal Kiln in the New World.
  • Fixed the missing buff from the Optimization Influence bonus for upgraded Emergency Services in the Old World and Cape Trelawney.
  • Fixed the Credits to add licenses that were not mentioned previously.
  • Fixed some display issues with mods larger than 2GB.
  • Minor security update related to the mod browser.
  • Fixed an issue with some ornaments not appearing in “sort by type” when multiple Cosmetic DLC were owned.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from relocating the Grand Oil Harbour in Enbesa.


  • Fixed an issue that didn’t send player to the lobby when joining a game via an invite without having started the game.




  1. M MoonPrince2000 May 14, 2024

    Any chanace you could format the dates of Twitch Streams, patches or DLC launches to show our local time rather than UTC? Thanks 🙂

    •   Ubi-Thorlof May 14, 2024

      Our hope was that it’s easier to do the math from UTC, but we can include a number of local times in future blogs, if that’s helpful.

  2. D Darkbirt May 13, 2024

    When do we get some news about a new ANNO? I know it takes a lot of time to make a brand new game, but I hope that the ANNO Union community can bring in some opinion. Like with ANNO 1800 where we could bring in suggestions and feedback.
    I don’t ask for much, I really want to know the theme of the new ANNO. Like, will it be again in the age of discovery or in the Black Ages. Or will it be with a Roman theme or back to the future? Or will it be a remastered version of an older ANNO game? Just a picture from the beach of the new game would be nice or some concept art. Just some stuff that can start the rumors, if people just talk about it can even help the sales.

  3. V Veieli May 11, 2024

    Can we get flagship 2.0 DLC? we want full metal flagship with it’s pride

  4. I IIAc3sII May 8, 2024

    Please fix the “AIs think harbor blueprints are real” already, it causes AIs to shoot harbor blueprints forever, since blueprints have no health they do not vanish after an AI shoots at them and so they keep shooting at it constantly.
    Its been a bug for more than a year already, was reported well before Ubisoft decided to stop “developing/fixing” the game, and despite this it never got fixed.


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