• Anno 1800
  • Console Edition
  • Game Update

Anno 1800 (Console): Game Update 3

Release Date: August 22nd, 2023


  • Added support for the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with pond areas not being highlighted in the selected Tool colour
  • Fixed an issue with expedition rewards not being added after finishing a hard Zoo Expedition in Temperate Forest
  • Fixed an “Out of Memory” error that led to a title crash after 5-7 minutes when loading a savegame
  • [PS5] Fixed an issue that led to the game freezing when having the game open in pause mode for more than a day


  • Fixed the LIE-0F83 and EC50 errors that appeared after pressing the search button several times in matchmaking mode
  • Fixed a desync that occurred after applying the item search filter and then using the keyboard

User Interface

  • Fixed a placeholder icon that was present in the ship group menu after sending a ship on an expedition
  • Removed the mentioning of a Blue Flamethrower Monitor ship (from the PC version) that was present in the military category of influence investment
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in attractiveness points needed for the next level being displayed as -2147483648 in the Management Menu after achieving the highest level




  1. V VacatedTundra68 October 15, 2023

    This is a lovely game I have suggested it to many people I just hope that us console users will get the mod support, first person, and all the DLC’s added to console I love the empire of the sky’s DLC personally but I never got to try it and a true creative mode would be nice but other than it is an grate game and I am exited for whats next for this game

    • B BCessel October 25, 2023

      I completely agree with you! I have the base game on PC, with all the DLCs and CDLCs, but I was very sad when I found out that the console version wouldn’t have any DLC, because if my PC supports it, I imagine my PS5 will support the game even better. Their fear of leaving a game too loaded for consoles made them give up on this creation and I imagine they will never release it. But why not Mod.io?


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