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Anno 1800: Game Update 8.1

We have given the productivity boost provided by silos and tractors a buff. They will now provide additional output goods on every third production cycle.

We have reverted the changes made to New World pricing with Game Update 8. These changes were part of some balancing experiments we did internally to bring the pricing of goods across different sessions more in line and were not intended to ship as part of Game Update 8 (though we added them to the release notes once we realized that they had slipped in). Given the community feedback to these changes, we have made the decision to revert the pricing adjustments completely. Please see the new (old) prices below:

Good Base price
Alpaca Wool 3
Bombins 28
Caoutchouc 25
Chocolate 38
Cigars 1080
Cocoa 5
Coffee 100
Coffee Beans 25
Corn 25
Cotton 5
Cotton Fabric 10
Felt 5
Fish Oil 5
Fried Plantains 38
Pearls 38
Plantains 3
Ponchos 25
Rum 30
Sugar 8
Sugar Cane 3
Tobacco 50
Tortillas 175


Overall game performance has been improved and should now be in line with your performance prior to Game Update 8.

Removed the chance of an explosion incident occurring at silo and tractor modules and lowered the explosion chance of the fuel station. Firework’s over boys!

Fixed an issue that would cap the amount of goods a player could buy at a time at 50 tons.

Fixed an issue with the screenshot functionality not working.

Fixed an issue where the “Bright Harvest” tutorial quests were only triggering for the first player to unlock them in a Multiplayer game.

Fixed an issue with buffed farms being unable to make full use of the increased productivity due to the output storage being full. They will now employ additional carts to deliver goods to a warehouse if needed.

Fixed an issue where the fuel station took too long to deliver fuel to newly placed tractor modules.

Fixed an issue with production info tips in the statistics menu showing duplicate information.

Fixed a rendering issue that affected costal buildings when using DirectX 12 on an integrated GPU.

Fixed an issue where the location for treasure maps was shown incorrectly the first time it was opened. Good news, Doctor- X now does mark the spot.

Fixed an issue where deleting a zoo equipped with items did not properly update the island’s attractiveness.

Fixed an issue with a missing icon for “The Elusive Fern Flower” botanical item.

Fixed an issue with the train sound becoming too loud or bugged after changing the skin.

Fixed an issue where the upgrade button of the Large Oil Harbor was shown to players not using the “Bright Harvest” DLC.

Fixed an issue preventing cultural modules with items equipped from being moved in the New World.

Fixed an issue with tutorial text bubbles remaining active and pointing to invalid positions.

Fixed an issue with the expedition preparation screen appearing greyed out as if paused.

Fixed an issue with reroll costs not being properly displayed in the trade window.

Adjusted the refunded resources when destroying a fully upgraded warehouse to take the upgrades into account.

Fixed an issue with the Palace’s fourth slot effect not working the first time an effect is selected.

Fixed an issue with some farm types not playing the field construction animation when building a tractor module.

Fixed an issue with items getting removed from additional slots when updating palace buffs. Attention: This issue can still occur once when updating from Game Update 7.3 to Game Update 8.1.




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