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Anno 1800: Game Update 5.2


Fixed an issue where ships got duplicated after save game reload. As part of this fix, all duplicate “ghost ships” will turn into actual ships under the control of the player, which will prevent the player from losing any good loaded onto the ships. Due to these additional ships being given to the player, it is possible that you will experience a loss of influence points, which can be regained by destroying the additional ships after unloading them.

The Ubisoft Club rewards for the Botanica DLC (the “Duck Pond” and the “Outdoor Arcade”) are now redeemable from the Ubisoft Club Rewards section on Uplay.

Fixed an issue where idle ships can be seen off the map when reloading an older save game. These ships should now be recoverable.

Fixed an issue where AI ships could get stuck at the border of the map.

Fixed a situation where, upon save game reload, trains could be stuck in the Oil Refinery or in the power plant, which could lead to less oil being transported than intended.

Fixed a desync error that occurred upon trigger of a participant’s message.

Fixed a desync that occurred due to quests that triggered ships with invalid items.

“Botanica” ornaments can now be placed freely in your cities from the construction menu (Artisan / Obrero / Culture tabs).

Items such as flowerbeds can now also be activated via the item section of any Warehouse, not only from your Harbor.

Fixed an issue where the route information in the trade route menu could show more ships being assigned to a route than was actually the case.


Adjusted the tool tip and effect for the “Rabies Vaccine” item.


An issue preventing some players from completing the quest “The Nameless Author” has been fixed.

Localization and Texts

We made various text adjustments.




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