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Anno 1800: Game Update 3

Game Update 3 adds support for “The Anarchist” character and associated content for all owners of the Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Editions. Owners of the Standard Edition can buy “The Anarchist” as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade.

The first expedition event from our Anno Union contest and vote, “The Great Sickness”, is now in the game and awaits intrepid explorers.

We have reworked interface elements for the World Fair Monument, the Court of Justice and the Excavation Site. These new menus will give players better readability.

You can now find new items for purchase at the harbors of Eli Bleakworth, Archibald Blake and Carl Leonard von Malching.

The “Anno Union Emblem” company logo is now available for all users and can be claimed from the Club Rewards section on Uplay. Go Anno Union!

Improved trade routes to prevent sudden player bankruptcy

Previously, it was possible for trade to spend more money than the player currently had in their balance, which could lead to an unexpected and sudden bankruptcy. During our investigations, we noticed that this was a reason for players suddenly losing a game without fully understanding why.

Rebalanced the way power plants handle workforce

They will now shut down if they have less than 50% of the required workforce (previously this could happen with any loss of workforce).

Ship improvements

Improved the behavior of ship illnesses that could easily go out of control. We sent out a group of expert physicians to counter the ongoing spreading of the plague on your ships. Ships can only contract or spread the illness to a harbor and will not be able to infect other ships anymore. This should put an end to the ongoing epidemics, which could be a problem for late game empires with lots of ships and trade routes.

Improved the Military AI behavior. Now, the behavior should be more natural and ships should not flee without reason.

Improved selection when double clicking on a ship with the intention of selecting all ships of this type.

Added the Oil tanker to the list of ships that Archibald Blake sells on his island.

The Oil Tanker can now be sold, bringing it in line with other ships.

General Balancing changes

Rebalanced the reputation gained from big trade deals via Diplomacy Menu.

In some combinations, it was possible to exploit the trade deals with NPC’s to max out their reputation in a short amount of time without much of an investment. We rebalanced the reputation gain for trading to make it more reasonable.

Improved the bonus to force attribute provided by Steam Carriages, Beef, Dynamite and Coffee during Expedition events.

You created stunning metropolises and the word about your utopian island paradise is spreading through the world of Anno. We rebalanced the attractiveness requirements for rare visitors to arrive at your tourist harbor earlier. Previously, legendary visitors would not set their foot into your city before you reach a minimum attractiveness of 5000 and with Update 3, you will be able to get legendary visitor items with a rating of 1750. Further balancing changed the attractiveness rating for rare visitors to 450 and a chance for epic visitors to 1000. This will bring more value to the tourist feature while also providing you with more freedom to customize your playstyle thanks to the items. We realized that due to the high requirements, some legendary items have rarely or never been found by players. That means that the powerful Pyphorian Naval Architects, which enable you to build their infamous steam ships, will finally find their way on your island.

In the same wake, we changed the item pool of Third Party trader Eli Bleakworth. He will not only offer a bigger pool of specialists, some of the convicts, which had been locked away in dark and lonely detention cells (such as poor Keralis), will now appear more frequently.

Improved the behavior of the music when a large-scale incident occurs. From now on, the dramatic music should be a bit less prominent to your ears and nerves.

Reduced the frequency of notifications tied to dropping workforce on an island.

Reduced the frequency of notifications tied to hostile island takeovers.

Hitting the “Escape” key will now close the Transfer Goods Menu.

Added various extra information and new tips on game loading screens for users to discover.

Improved the loading times on many interface graphics.

Improved readability in the German version of the “Baptism of Fire” expedition event.

Improved some of the UI elements displayed in the Newspaper Archive.

Aligned the consistency and style of several interface icons

Improved the transition between expedition menu and gameplay screens.

Improved readability and tool tips for the Trade menu.

Improved the way character`s emotions are visible while in the Diplomacy menu during an audio line delivery. Animations should now be more consistent with the audio lines.

Improved the visibility of the visitor’s dialogue in the Monument menu during a Monument event.

Removed automatically generated profiles, which could contain unsupported special characters in their names.


Fixed stability issues in multiplayer where match setup with two or three players could lead to an infinite loading screen.

Fixed stability issues where the creation of several new games in rapid succession could lead to a crash.

Fixed an issue where the game could crash if certain shortcuts were spammed while in the save game name dialogue.

Fixed an issue with newspapers mistakenly displaying articles about missing goods that were actually being provided. This could happen due to residence buildings that do not need the respective goods mistakenly being considered as not being satisfied. The improved logic for this will now only take buildings that actually need the goods into consideration. No power to fake news!

Fixed an issue where moving around harbor buildings during an attack could lead to military AI units being stuck.

Fixed an issue where using invalid characters in editable fields could break the associated save file.

Fixed an issue where changing the graphics settings for “Feedback Quality” would not be properly applied.

Fixed an issue with the “Party like it’s 1851” and “Annoholic” Club Challenges not properly unlocking once all requirements are met.

Fixed the achievement “Gold Digger”, which previously unlocked for the player as soon as any session participant reached 100.000 coins.

Fixed potential issues with moving around and then upgrading blueprints of harbor buildings.

Fixed an issue where the monument would sometimes show the tool tips for the previous phases.

Fixed an issue with invalid items and special visitors.

Fixed a shortcut key, which would mistakenly permit the player to place an Old World warehouse in the New World region.

Fixed an issue where the Military AI would not realize that a hostile takeover has occurred, which would lead to a never-ending state of war.

Fixed an issue with the logistic system where available storage space was sometimes not fully utilized.

Fixed an issue where during an escort ship quest the ship following the intended target would move at a lower speed than intended.

Fixed an issue with the Old Bell item that would not work on the Gold Ore Mine in the New World.

Fixed onscreen notification when user sells goods via passive trade.

Fixed a problem where Jean La Fortune from The New World session was shown in the Diplomacy Menu before The New World session has been discovered.

Fixed an issue where newspaper article tool tips would not display properly.

Fixed an issue where disabling the right-click menu in the options could be reset after restarting the game.

Fixed an issue where the wrong info layer would show on top the Charcoal Kiln if it was placed in blueprint mode.

Fixed an issue where moving a Commuter’s Pier that was not connected to a street would activate the transfer.

Fixed an issue where the Oil could not be manually transferred to the Oil tanker via Trade Menu.

Fixed an issue where item effects would not disappear if the associated building was destroyed.

Fixed the “Banker” item that would not increase the range of the Bank. To mitigate this issue, the effect has been removed and changed to target residence buildings.

Fixed an issue with pirates remaining in the game after being defeated. Sorry guys, you are out.

Fixed an issue with ships being erroneously shown on the wrong trade routes in the menu.

Fixed an issue with ships being displayed in the trade routes menu after being sold.

Fixed jumps between gameplay notifications and the Trade Route set-up menu.

Fixed an issue where the White Flag item could break the peace mode if moved between ships.

Fixed a text problem displayed in the Trade Menu as “Select station from the list” when no list existed.

Fixed various problems where ships that were part of a quest could be infected by incidents, therefore spreading the incidents to the islands next to which they were stationed.


Fixed an issue in campaign where premature destruction of the trading post on Prosperity could block completion of the “Prosperity for all” quest.

Fixed an issue in the campaign where upgrading some quest-critical buildings could break quests.

Fixed an issue where Refugee’s campaign quests could not be completed if ship with refugees equipped were transferred between sessions.

Graphics and UI

Adjusted the profanity filter to more lenient with certain words.

Fixed various instances of text being cut off in Expedition tool tips on the world map.

Fixed an issue with city incident-related Newspaper articles not being properly applied.

Fixed an issue with mob-quest-type objects not properly interacting with bridges.

Fixed many minor text issues for increased consistency.

Fixed various problems with items that would accidentally swap the actually produced items, such as “Marcel Forcas, Celebrity Chef”.

Fixed an issue where tool tips were shown as empty boxes for empty slots in the construction menu.

Fixed readability issues with text on colored tool tip boxes.

Fixed text issues where line breaks where displayed in various expedition events.

Fixed text readability in several expedition screens.

Fixed an UI issue that could occur when using the workforce slider.

Fixed UI issues for the banner notifications displayed in the New World for upgrades of the Town Level.

Fixed UI issues for banner notifications displayed when expeditions ended.

Fixed UI issues with the downgrade button in various object menus.

Fixed UI issues with the display of “Father’s Diary” on various screen aspect ratios.

Fixed UI issues with the mini-map that could affect readability when zooming in.

Fixed various UI issues in the Multiplayer Lobby screen.

Localization and Texts

Added missing text for a few subtitle lines in German localization.

Added missing text for some notifications in the Korean localization.

Fixed some UI issues in the Notification archive section.

Fixed some text issues with quest descriptions in the Russian localization.

Fixed text issues in the French and Italian localizations where the text could overlap various UI elements in the Shares Menu.

Fixed an issue with the fast-forward in the game’s credits not working properly.

Fixed a text issue in the Japanese localization with missing attractiveness values in some menus.




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