• Anno 1800
  • Console Edition
  • Game Update

Anno 1800 (Console): Game Update 2

Release Date: May 23, 2023


  • Adding support for the “Dragon Garden” Pack Cosmetic DLC
  • Adding support for the “Fiesta” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a potential crash related to the GPU
  • Fixed a potential crash related to Quest or Newspaper generated screenshots
  • Improved texture loading (on Series X and PS5) when zooming in or out
    • Please note: Texture loading is still present (but now to a lighter degree) due to memory limitations
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to interact with part of the diplomacy menu when Sticky Selection was enabled in the options
  • Fixed an issue with the World Map transition blur persisting when accessing management menus during the World Map transition animation
  • Fixed camera acceleration when Toggle Camera Mode is enabled
  • Fixed a freeze for all multiplayer participants when a player moved a large number of objects at once
  • Fixed an issue with missing 2nd/3rd party notifications after a pirate island was destroyed
  • Fixed expedition menu tabs navigation when one tab was empty
  • Fixed the Influence investment counter after reaching 100 points
  • Fixed wrong goods being displayed in the Statistics Breakdown graph for certain goods
  • In-game Achievements rewards unlock status is now correctly saved after deleting user data
  • Fixed the issue with the search filter closing when a 2nd/3rd party or newspaper notification is received
  • Fixed visual issue upon deleting channel ornaments from the ” luxurious esplanade” section
  • Notifications for completing Ubi Connect Core Challenges are now properly displayed
  • Fixed an issue with the main menu news slots not being displayed under certain circumstances


  • Added adaptive trigger support on PS5
  • Fixed a GPU crash related to Trade Route lines rendering
  • Fixed a crash when joining a multiplayer session after quitting a previous one without saving.
  • Fixed flashing player names in the multiplayer lobby when those players are not in the host’s friends list


  • Fixed a potential crash when the title is suspended while saving
  • Fixed the unresponsive UI state when immediately returning to the Main Menu from the Load Game menu
  • Fixed a graphical corruption that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed the multiplayer Pause Menu flashing gamertags after other players leave the session
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Game menu not being displayed after loading a newly created Profile




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  1. L Lalcapone May 11, 2023

    Ahhh, I got all excited when I saw DLC being mentioned at the top of the article! I thought for a brief moment we were getting a season 1 and/or 2 release.


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