• Anno 1800
  • Game Update

Anno 1800 (PC): Game Update 17

Release Date: Tuesday, April 4th, 3 PM CEST

Features & Content

  • Added Creative Mode
    • The Creative Mode is a separate game mode (in addition to Sandbox and Campaign) that is only available in singleplayer
    • For this mode, several existing rules were changed or removed, allowing players to build freely without having to worry about workforce, construction costs or money
    • It also allows the placement of unlimited numbers of ornamental monuments, as well as e.g. hotels in the New World or Enbesa
  • Added Stamp Feature
    • Allows to create and save “Stamps” from existing buildings and blueprints
    • The Stamps are available in all local savegames and the files can be manually shared with other players
    • Stamps therefore allow players to e.g. save and re-use certain city or production layouts
  • Added new World’s Fair Exhibition
    • Completing the new “Annoversary Exhibition” will grant the player special fireworks as well as Golden Tickets for the Grand Gallery
  • Added an Annoversary ornament: the Fountain of Fortune


  • Changed the calculation of average happiness to better count in Tourists
    • Happiness now calculates with the population number of each residence building type instead of the number of residences of a certain type. This gives greater weight to Hotels/Tourists and will overall change the island happiness on existing saves
  • Items from the Custom Officer line now effect all Piers and Trading Posts (these items were slightly nerfed in the process to account for their increased effect)
  • The “Flour” Lifestyle Need now gives at least one coin starting at Farmer’s level
  • Fulfilled Shepherd Lifestyle Needs (Wanza Wood, Ponchos, Canned Food) now give one coin
  • Change the skill bonus on expeditions for Sea Mines (from Hunting to Naval Power) and Bombs (from Naval Power to Force)
  • The “Proud Savannah Park” zoo set no longer debuffs powered pastures
    • Additional effects added: 1t additional good all 3 cycles, and +25% productivity
  • Fixed the inconsistent Fire Extinguisher consumption which is now 1t per cycle
  • Reworked the item “Sunday Best Law” now providing Lifestyle Needs instead
  • Reduced the drop chance for the High Life items “Blue Skies and Get Rich” at traders
  • Decreased the warehouse range for Advanced City Institutions but increased its overall range and speed
  • Lowered Attractiveness unlocks for the Hacienda Policies Local Assemblies (700) and Unloading Permits (1000)

General Improvements

  • Players can now search for goods in the warehouse and the expedition screen
  • Additionally, the expedition screen has now presets for exactly the types of skills that are required
  • A “remove changes?” confirmation pop-up has been added to the Trade Route Menu when a trade route has been modified
  • A search field has been added to the Trade Route Menu when choosing a good to be loaded on the route
  • Added a message for clarification when harbour buildings overlap in blueprint mode which blocks them from being upgraded
  • Removed the outdated “Imperial Pack” Page when starting a new game – all skins are available directly in game via the skin button
  • It is now possible to build Silos and Tractor Barns in blueprint directly from the object menu before the main farm building is placed
  • Cultural Buildings are now correctly displaying the state of an item (known, owned, equipped) in the overview menu
  • Added the option to have fully coloured islands on the minimap (can be toggled in the options)
  • Roads can now be upgraded via the upgrade tool
  • It’s now possible to unload/sell all goods from a ship by using Ctrl + Shift + Leftclick, and to drop all cargo by using Shift + Rightclick
  • The Hacienda Brewery buildings can now be boosted by electricity
  • Items that provide electricity now also affect the Aluminium Smelter
  • The Flamethrower Monitor can now attack while moving
  • The beer festival now also affects the Cognac Multifactory
  • Increased acquisition pool of DLC 12 items
    • Pedro, Captain of the Panama is now obtainable via Isabel Sarmento
    • Added other specialists to visitor and rescue expedition pool
  • Minor improvements to improve modding experience
    • Made datasets.xml file available for easy access
    • Added extra placeholder entries in enums
    • Added extra placeholder region/participantID
    • Made the skin painter tool available in other regions
    • Corrected placement of the skin button in all UIs

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash that appeared after loading a save game and deleting multiple blueprints
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to locked buildings for New World Rising without owning the Empire of the Skies DLC
  • Fixed a freeze that could appear when using multi move tool in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to immediately losing the game right after game start when choosing specific win condition settings
  • Removed the newspaper article about the “Schnapps Shortage”
  • Fixed an issue that did not increase loading speed for electrified production buildings using scooter transport
  • Fixed the inconsistent sorting of population tiers
  • Buildings on fire are now showing a fire icon above them
  • After fulfilling its conditions in the “Eden Burning” scenario the harsh money event “Explosion” now occurs
  • Fixed incorrect goods that were required to upgrade to the Medium Trading Post in the Pride & Peddlers Scenario
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to wrong goods allocation when saving during a Championship/Exhibition preparation
  • Fixed an issue with remaining overseas mail on Airships that could not be unloaded
  • Fire Departments now are decreasing the explosion chance
  • Fixed an item buff for ships using “-X% Damage from Ships”
  • Removed some incorrect entries in the Construction Menu when using alternative sorting in the “A Clash of Couriers” Scenario
  • Fixed several incorrect entries in the Production Statistic
  • Fixed an issue for several civilian buildings that could be falsely attacked by ships
  • Fixed the wrongly randomized clay deposit quantity and position in the “Eden Burning” scenario
  • Fixed an issue with the “Best of a Bad Lot” badge not being displayed on the map pin after it has been earned
  • Fixed a broken timer in the quest “New World Express” in the “Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Renamed “All Quarries” to more distinct groups to better clarify item effect targets
  • The Pyrphorians can no longer destroy Archibald Blake’s Harbour in the campaign quest “Final Battle”
  • Fixed the Docklands tutorial speech bubble which was connected to the wrong entry in the construction bar
  • Fixed a bug that led to abnormal pirate behaviour (Pirates attack Trade ships again, avoid the Harbor Danger layer, they flee again when in danger)
  • Fixed an issue that led to Old Nate from the Passage being listed incorrectly as a Trader in the Statistics Menu
  • Fixed Oil Wells that were not depleting in the “Pride and Peddlers” Scenario
  • Fixed a rare performance issue that could appear for very large save games with a lot of Scholar residences and unfulfilled “Briefcase” unlock in the High Life Department Store
  • Fixed a rare performance issue that was caused by an updating attractiveness value
  • Buildings with a radius can no longer overlap by using the multi-move tool
  • Nandu and Alpaca Farms are now properly affected by item productivity effects
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Pier Need from being fulfilled when building bus stops in a specific order
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally appear after clicking the “Scenarios” button in the title screen
  • Fixed a rare issue with changed island ownership
    • Please load your savegame from before activating DLC 12 to be on the safe side
  • Changed how large numbers of goods are displayed in the warehouse and trading post
  • Fixed a crash that could appear when demolishing multiple quay tiles at once
  • The electrified pastures can no longer be affected by riots and illness incidents
  • It is now possible to adjust the working conditions for the Calamary Fishery and the Mineral Mine
  • The incorrect entry for the “Pearl Farm” was removed from the “Seasons of Silver” Scenario construction menu
  • The walls form the Old Town Pack now connect to the Town Gatehouse
  • Fixed the missing “On Island” counter for the Town Hall, Arctic Lodge and Trade Union
  • Removed the mysterious item “Strange Idol”
  • Fixed the display of production over time for some goods in the statistics menu for Eden Burning
  • Fixed the progress bars for some Achievements from the New World Rising DLC
  • The cargo slot no longer gets blocked by an invisible item on the ship that brings materials to Aarhant in secret “donotlocame” quest
  • Fixed missing market value for Wood Veneers in the “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • Fixed a Docklands issue for Captain Tobias ship being stuck in departing state
  • The Great Eastern cannot be sold anymore to prevent players from losing the Great Eastern Permits
  • Oil ships are no longer incorrectly able to do active trade with 3rd or 2nd parties leading to a loss of the goods
  • Disabled the passive Trade button for the scenario “A Clash of Couriers” since it is not available there
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to damaged AI Ships getting stuck rotating in one place
  • “Lobster Cheminee” Restaurant recipe is now unlocking again upon providing Clay Pipes to Scholars
  • Fixed some missing goods when filtering for Agricultural Products for the New World in the Trade Route Menu
  • The expedition event decisions will no longer show the ship icon when no navigation/naval power bonus is provided
  • Removed the reduced explosion chance for residences from the “Empire of the Eagle” museum set
  • Fixed the missing highlight for the Trade Union when building the Hacienda Fertilizer Works near it
  • The preview for Hacienda Farm and Brewery recipes is now available in the catalogue before they are unlocked as for all other multifactories
  • Fixed the 1% deviation in the Statistics Screen when 3 productivity boosting items are used on a production building
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from taking screenshots with the “Print Screen” button from the In-Game pause menus
  • Updated the category “Games and Amusements” for the World cup preparations in the Grand Stadium to depict the needed amount of goods
  • Fixed some mismatched categories and good for the Grand Stadium event preparation
  • Fixed the issue where some goods could be paused in the “All Population Tiers” filter for the Market Place, even though being displayed unpaused in the residence filters
  • Chewing Gum and Violins are now displayed as Investor Need in the Statistics Menu
  • Fixed the missing entry for “Plantains” in the Market place object menu for the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • The “Social Welfare Act” now correctly provides bonus happiness from the Market for workers
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the possibility of ships of a defeated AIs staying on one place instead of leaving the session
  • Fixed an issue with slightly mismatching happiness values in the Population Statistics
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally lead to a small delay for residents moving when loading a save game
  • Fixed the hitpoint bonus from items that reset after regional transfer
  • Fixed the appearing of stationary Frigate ships near Isabel’s harbour in the “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • Removed ornaments that were present in the Construction menu of “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Qumaq continues to occasionally offer legendary zoo/museum items
  • Added a “Good Consumptions” keyword to several items for consistency and easier search
  • Fixed the issue with item effects that reduce a ships maintenance not being active during session transfer
  • Bridges now get moved when using the multimove tool to move roads and bridges
  • Adjusted the yellow line of the Heater’s cart route outside of the heating range to a colour that is better visible
  • Removed some “Black Market Goods” from the Statistics screen in the production tab for the “Pride & Peddles” scenario that could only be obtained via traders


  • Fixed the broken menu that appeared when loading a save game from the defeat screen in the scenario
  • Added static help button to Fuel Power Plant in the New World
  • Fixed a missing objective icon during the tutorial quest “In the Red”
  • Fixed a visual issue in the “Pride and Peddlers” Scenario that falsely displayed bronze and silver medals in case of defeat
    • Please note this fix only applies to new games not for existing save games
  • Removed an unused option entry in the options menu
  • Fixed the item counter in the Statistics menu that displayed amounts of items with 3 digits incorrectly
  • Fixed several issues in the Formula codex book
  • Fixed the overlap in the resource bar that could appear in late gamesfor Korean language
  • Fixed some visual issues on for the top bar tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the Research Center Menu being stuck when pressing ESC during an animation
  • Added search word “Removed Input” to the items search in the Statistic Screen
  • Added the missing information “Imported from” to some lifestyle needs infotips
  • Fixed the overlap for the comparison bars and the reputation History in the Diplomacy menu that could appear after selecting the history tab and switching diplomatic perspective
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the scrollbar occasionally jumping back to the top of the list during scrolling in several menus
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the happiness indicator sometimes disappearing from the island information bar
  • Fixed the tourist unlock condition which was displayed doubled in the construction menu info tip
  • Fixed an issue for the tooltip in the Research Center tutorial tooltip that was out of screen and could not be closed
  • Updated DLC icons for Tourist Season and Docklands in the main menu
  • Added the missing Artista population settlement tier icon next to the island name
  • Fixed cut off text that could appear on residence buildings with many of buffs and high numbers (Income, Maintenance, workforce)
  • Fixed the slightly different look of the goods and item tab in the Trader menu when choosing different window size
  • Fixed the overlapping voice chat panel in the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed an incorrect save file warning message that could appear in the scenario victory screen instead of the earned Ticket currency
  • Fixed some inconsistent icons in the construction menu for the “Seasons of Silver” and “A Clash of Couriers” Scenario
  • The button to create Airship Routes is now disabled in the “Pride & Peddlers” scenario since they are not available there
  • Fixed an UI issue for expedition choices that became unreadable when using a large list of items
  • Updated the icon for the Hacienda Module selection in the Hacienda’s object menu
  • Fixed the duplicated image of the “Ivujivik” location on the passage expedition map
  • Fixed a wrong UI state that could appear after buying all items from a trader
  • Fixed the mismatched space between different expedition entries in the sidebar
  • Added the missing construction warning for the beautification menu when trying to open it above unowned islands
  • Fixed a too quickly disappearing speech bubble in the quest “Beard of the Year” in “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Fixed a broken infotip for the “Regal Gala Parade” during the quest “A Trifling Matter: The Tower”
  • The region selection in the Trade Route menu no longer switches back to the current region when selecting if before clicking the create route button
  • Fixed the shifted position of object menus for cultural buildings in blueprint mode
  • The Coal Coking Furnace now gives access to static help menu in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • Fixed inconsistent sorting between gas and helium airships of armed/unarmed airships
  • Fixed an issue with the “Call Paloma Button” and search bar being above the dark overlay in the warehouse object menu
  • Fixed an issue with the ceasefire timer not being displayed on the islands overtaken by enemy
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the infotips in the High Score Screen
  • Fixed the check mark icon being incorrectly present in the menu for cultural buildings when opening the menu for the first time after loading
  • Fixed that the word “Influence” was displayed instead of the number in the notification when buying a Schooner
  • The tooltip for the loading ramps for the warehouses is now displayed in the Old World and Cape Trelawney too
  • Fixed an inconsistent gap between entries in the quest book
  • Fixed an issue with the pause screen background opacity that could appear for several occasions
  • Fixed shifted position of infotips in the Trade Route Menu
  • Fixed the limited number of ships that was shown in the list when adding new ships to a Trade Route
  • Fixed an issue with the menu icons on the tabs not updating correctly after changing session
  • The background now gets darker when newspaper meta menu is opened
  • Added the missing construction phase bar for the last phase of the Dam in the “Eden Burning” scenario
  • The attractiveness menu can now be closed by clicking the attractiveness button again
  • Fixed a wrong indicator icon that was used on the eco balance bar during a debuff in the “Eden Burning” scenario
  • Fixed the ‘Reset’ button that appeared active after re-entering the options menu without changing any option
  • Fixed the issue that some meta menus could be opened using shortcuts during the Prologue chapter leading to broken menus being displayed
  • Fixed an inconsistent icon for the Medicine good
  • Fixed the cut off for 5-digit numbers in the Docklands meta menu
  • Fixed a confusing infotip in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario victory screen for the rewards
  • Fixed a wrongly assigned schooner icon instead of the Cargoship’s icon in the “Sinking the Admiral” quest in “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • The player can no longer open multiple overlapping menu pages while in the Title Screen
  • The “Lifestyle Needs” static help page is now adjusted to the window size for Russian localization
  • Fixed some issues in the Research Institute Card selection behaviour
  • Fixed a missing tooltip for the button to remove a 2nd Party NPC in the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed the two spots in top bar where the player could click through
  • Fixed the position of the “Seasons of Silver” pin’s infotip on the world map that could overlap with the Scenario Overview window
  • Fixed the blurred icon of the Extravaganza Steamer
  • Fixed the wrongly displayed “briefcase” icon for Tourists that was displayed at settled islands with no population after viewing an island with tourists


  • Fixed an issue during the quest “A Trifling Matter” that was occasionally stuck on Inauguration phase
  • Added a confirmation pop-up that prevents the players from accidently declining quest during the Skyline Tower questline
  • Please note that quests that didn’t trigger can’t be fixed for existing savegames
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the Skyline Tower being stuck in the barbecue phase
  • Fixed the stuck Queen’s Airship during the quest “A Trifling Matter – The Tower”
  • Fixed a blocker in the Angereb questline when the Kidusi Anitoni story line was missed
  • Added a text for clarification to the photo that appears during the quest “A Ghostly Encounter 1 – Spirit Photography”
  • The quest “Tutorial: Post Office” is no longer present in the questbook for regions where it cannot be solved
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the quest “A Letter to Kahina” from being resolved when the letter was opened before the quest updates
  • The quest “Champagne Specialist” from Artur Gasparov does no longer appear before unlocking Investors
  • Fixed some missing mild satisfaction events in the “Eden Burning” Scenario
  • Fixed an timing issue on the speechbubbles for the quest “Tutorial: Helium”
  • Fixed the quest “I, me, mine” spawning all mines at the center of diving spot
  • Fixed the quest “The Show Must Go On” which could resolve automatically after accepting it if the Variety Theatre was already constructed
  • Added missing feedback in the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario informing the player about a failed batch when attacking the pirates
  • Fixed the missing Anarchist Defectors quest
  • Fixed a missing image for the objective for the quest “A Lesson in Lore Long Lost”
  • Fixed an issue for the quest “Waha Desher: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” that occasionally could be stuck in the questbook after it’s completion
  • Removed the time limit for the quest “Starving Pyrphorian” in the “Eden Burning” Scenario
  • Reduced the buff effect of the item “Sack of Money” during the quest “Lost Item: Money, Money, Money” to 30 minutes in the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • The tutorial quest “Inferno” now resolves with the fire ending on the island instead of the fire being extinguished for only one building
  • Angereb’s Harbour can no longer be destroyed before you get the quest to destroy it


  • Fixed an issue in the multiplayer lobby that could lead to a team being removed from the co-op slot when the first player declined the invitation
  • Fixed some incorrect trade success values during the Land of Lions expedition in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with ship health bars in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where ‘Team 0’ was displayed after re-inviting a player to lobby
  • Fixed an UI issue for the third party faction difficulty that overlapped with the off /on switch in the lobby
  • Fixed the overlap for the “Day cycle” and “Open Chat” button in multiplayer mode
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players not being displayed in the lobby after their coop team leader invite was timed out
  • Fixed an issue leading to the player’s name not being displayed correctly when receiving multiple invites and declining one


  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the background music occasionally stopping
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to New World soundtracks being played in the Old World
  • Fixed an issue that where switching from the New World to Old World did not switch the soundtrack
  • Fixed missing sound of building and relocation of the Hacienda Fertiliser Works
  • Fixed an issue with the shot sound for the “Ship-of-the-Line” and “Battle Cruiser” being louder than other shot sounds
  • Fixed a sound issue that appeared when zooming on the ruins in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the incident music playing during the end movie and pre-victory screen in the “Pride and Peddlers” scenario
  • Fixed some issues with ambient sound of some objects not being adjusted to the game speed change after loading a save game
  • Fixed a missing sound effect when picking up “Conspirators” from “A Trifling Matter: Another Conspiracy Unmasked” quest
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the intro audio for Scenarios being skipped when playing with deactivated “Set Sail” button
  • Fixed an issue with no audio playing after pressing “Replay the introduction audio” button in the questbook menu for “A Clash of Couriers” scenario


  • Fixed the look of the Goat Farm pastures in the “Seasons of Silver” Scenario
  • Fixed a visual issue for the Fire Department and Advanced Hospital demolish animation
  • Fixed the Trade Route Menu in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario that was missing an island
  • Added two missing default variations for Museum modules with equipped items from Land of Lions
  • Fixed some small visual issues on islands in the New World
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to horses occasionally missing from city carriages
  • Fixed the custom skins for the Boreas Airship that were larger than the default one
  • Fixed a disappearing rock texture in Isabel Sarmento’s harbour at a certain distance
  • Fixed the missing textures for the “Banner of the Roses” ornament on Low/Medium graphic quality settings
  • Fixed a delay in the destruction animation for Arctic airships
  • Fixed a small visual issue on Madame Kahina’s island for Low/Medium graphics preset
  • Fixed a visual gap on Manola between the Dam wall on and the water
  • Fixed some unfitting visuals for the Goat Farm and Fish Stew Kitchen in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • Flak and Flamethrower Monitors don’t use the default Monitors destruction animation anymore
  • Fixed the portrait of the editor that was displayed mirrored in the Multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed the appearance of white highlight for grids when multi-relocate preview of farm modules hovers over their present location
  • Vasco’s Silver and Gold ship-of-the-line have now window illumination at night time in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • The Cherry Tree ornaments no longer overlap parts of the Paved Street when placed right next to it
  • Fixed the misaligned gun for the Flak Emplacement in the Old World and Cape Trelawney
  • Fixed some visual issues for the Salvager when in damaged state
  • Fixed missing feedback units for Airship Platforms in the Arctic when built on islands colonized through sea

Text & Loca

  • Updated the Static Help text for the “Eden Burning” scenario due to missing explanation why some ruins are not resetting after a restart
  • Fixed a text that stated the World Cup of Grand Stadium wrongly awarded 200 influence instead of 150
  • Fixed some localization issues for entries in the Construction Menu for Korean language
  • Fixed some localization issues in the Scenario description for “Pride & Peddlers” and “A Clash of Couriers”
  • Added a missing line for several infotips for Construction Menu entries that open an overview
  • Fixed a text issue for Airships in the Influence Breakdown
  • Fixed a misleading text in the infotip for public services about maintenance costs
  • Fixed a unsupported character during intro cutscene “Eden Burning” scenario for Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed the missing milk production in the Cattle Farm construction infotip in “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • Added a missing header for the dam monument screen in the “Eden Burning” Scenario
  • Fixed a misleading description for the items “Taxman Tim” and “Lady Banes, Proponent of Protectionism” that clarifies that some of their affects are only working when applied for Trading Posts
  • Fixed the missing text and audio for the Architect’s delivery notification in the quest “Angereb: The Great Work”
  • Added a missing translation for the type-sorted construction menu tooltip
  • Fixed the wrong use of the word “Engineers” instead of “Artista” in the balance infotip
  • Adjusted the text for the Hacienda “Dietary Education Initiative” to make clear it includes Artistas too
  • Adjusted the text “Select your event Size” for German localization in the Stadium Menu
  • Removed confusing description for the Relocate tool
  • Fixed several issues in infotips for goods that mentioned in which session they can be produced
  • Added the missing information “Imported from” to some lifestyle needs infotips
  • Added a tooltip for the Minimap Filter button
  • Fixed a misleading issue for the Airship Platform Tutorial text
  • Fixed the missing name tag for Artista’s during the intro and outro video for the “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • Fixed some missing fluff text from multiple production infotips in the construction bar for the “Pride & Peddlers” scenario
  • Fixed an misleading infotip for the income in the “Pride and Peddlers” scenario
  • Fixed misleading Pier description for Russian localization
  • Removed minimum stock line for airmail and added an information that it’s not possible to set it up for airmail
  • Fixed duplicated mentions of Bomb Factory and Sea Mine Factory in several item descriptions
  • Updated the Hacienda Policies descriptions providing full information
  • Removed mentions of “Influence” for various Scenarios since they are not available there
  • Fixed the missing % sign in the productivity percentage line for the “Arctic Gas Expert” item
  • Fixed the incorrect translation for the Motor Assembly Plant building name in Polish
  • Updated the name of the “The Pit and The Pendulum” voluntary quest to better fit both parts of the questline
  • Fixed a misleading text for the 3rd stage of the Dam Monument construction site
  • Fixed misleading “Imported from the Old World” line in the electricity need infotip of the Hacienda Artista quarters
  • Fixed an inconsistent infotip for the amount sorting in the Finance tab of the Statistics Menu
  • Fixed a text line that was slightly cut off in the Fisherman’s decision quest window for a number of languages
  • Fixed several smaller misleading text issues on the “”The Journey to Enbesa”” expedition map
  • Added missing translation to “Empanadas” recipe’s name in the Restaurant’s recipe book
  • Fixed some mixed up text in Captain Tobias’ Export/Import tutorial
  • Fixed a cutoff text within the infotip for the Expeditions on the World Map for Chinese languages
  • Added missing fluff text for carnival goods related infotips
  • Fixed the name of the “Black Muscovy” that was incorrectly called Absinthe in the effect infotip
  • Updated the description for the location of the Gazebo Plaza ornament in the Construction Menu for the quest “Market Research: The Lab”
  • Fixed the missing construction hint in the Crop Fields infotip for Simplified Chinese language
  • Renamed the option to disabled production flyouts
  • Fixed the text “Shared Storage” that went out of bonds in the Statistics menu for Polish language
  • Fixed a missing space after a comma in the text of Blessed Rains expedition event
  • Fixed a typo in the item fluff text “Lady Lu, the Redeemed Pirate”
  • Fixed some minor misleading text for the Stadium event
  • Fixed a Typo in “Ivory Iggaak” Arctic Lodge item description
  • Fixed a Typo in the “Fable Foible” Enbesan voluntary quest
  • Fixed an overlap issue for the construction material value in the Skyline Tower menu in Traditional Chinese
  • Added a missing text for the search bar in the Docklands’ Menu as feedback when no results were found
  • Fixed several minor text issues
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes and missing strings in various quest and objective texts




  1. R Rfeuk April 23, 2023

    This is ridiculous. In game menu RAM consumption is 7GB already. In DX11 mode I constantly get ‘Presentation failed’ error. In DX12 mode – Oh-Noes-Out-Of-Memory every 20 minutes (16GB RAM + 8GB swap). Fix your game!

    • R Rfeuk April 23, 2023

      I used to play normally on this exact config until built first Empire of The skies building.

  2. H HAlanMontgomery April 18, 2023

    Please look at item above that says:
    “Lobster Cheminee” Restaurant recipe is now unlocking again upon providing Clay Pipes to Scholars

    The new verbage is unclear. What does it mean thatthis is unlocked if you supply Clay Pipes on multiple islands? Do I have to have a colony of Scholars on another island? If so, that may be a problem. Clay Pipes are unlocked only after I have 4000 scholars on an island.

    What does the verbage for Unlock of “Lobster Cheminee” mean? I tried posting this a couple of places on Forums and got nothing back.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof April 19, 2023

      The unlock condition here takes all your islands into account. However, it’s now calculated in a way that fulfilling it on one of your islands should unlock the recipe. This, however, does not work retroatively.
      So, on existing saves you’re likely still encountering the issue if the quest is already active.

  3. S Shutey56 April 8, 2023

    Great to see so many updates but one that hasn’t been documented is not longer being able to conquer an island. Now you can take the shares but the option to conquer and take over the island no longer exists. This to me makes no sense.

  4. K Krakus4000 April 7, 2023

    I am a newbie to this game. For some reason, I missed this game for so many years. Accidentally I came across it and bought it on sale. What a great decision it was! I only played Campaign for two or so weeks, but I am now totally hooked on it and probably addicted. Just can’t stop playing it. This game is beautifully designed and looks great on my 27” 5K monitor. Of course, I had a hard time in the beginning, had to learn so much. It wasn’t easy, I must admit. I am still learning a lot every day, the game is very complicated, but not impossible to figure out. One thing which I would really love to have is the manual in the shape of the book. With nice pictures and diagrams and all features explained. Personally, I would even pay for it $100. Available help online is not really up to par. I am only at Artisan level and have islands in 4 worlds. Almost went bankrupt at the beginning when Beryl declared war on me. But I have survived (so far) and I am doing great financially, but she gets more and more annoyed with me. I did not even start the war, as far as I know.

    One thing which bothers me a lot. After playing for some time, I want to stop for a break, so I put the game in Pause, but the problem is that my Graphics card, Radeon 6900 XT, still works at full power blasting warm air in the room even though nothing is happening on a frozen screen. Why is that? I know I can completely exit the game but when I come back, I don’t want to wait for the game to load again. It would be so much better to have the computer in idle mode during the Pause in the game.

    Another thing is with buying islands from your AI opponent. It costs a lot of money to buy all shares, then even more to Takeover the island. But, even worse, after that everything on the island is destroyed to zero. That I don’t understand.

    Otherwise, I really enjoy playing the game for hours despite my other better half’s complaints.

    Congratulations to Ubisoft for the excellent work done on developing this game!!!

  5. h hailjmrs April 6, 2023

    After GU17 I´ve verified mt mods, but all the neutral traders including pirates dont have goods to sell. its all blank including their requests

  6. d danielstorgaard April 6, 2023

    After GU17 I´ve verified mt mods, but now I can´t speed up the game to max level. Also I´m in late game, so when I try to collect reward from the stadiom in the new world the game craches. Any idea if it is a mod or just a bug (that hopefully will be fixed) I´m 300 h into this game, so I´m litteraly sad. I also have craches then upgrading tiers in the new world. Any ideas ??

  7. d dtdkJohnClark April 5, 2023

    Is it just me, or does the game (modded) run a lot heavier after the update. He even stutters sometimes. It didn’t do this at all before the update.

    • d danielstorgaard April 6, 2023

      Do u also have craches like me (read my post just above yours) ?

  8. D Dezzer55 April 4, 2023

    im Kreativmodus werden die Arbeitskräfte nicht simuliert, wäre schön wenn die nötigen Arbeitskräfte angezeigt wird damit man sich passende Produktionsketten zu seien Wohnlayouts basteln kann…

  9. 7 76561198867766795 April 4, 2023

    can i undo this Update?
    Because Modloader doesnt work with this version …

  10. S Sennin1990 April 3, 2023

    Ist auch ein Patch 17.1 geplant? Bis jetzt war es meistens so, dass z.B. Update 16 / 15 / 13 gut waren aber einige Fehler aufgewiesen haben, die dann zum Großteil mit einem XX.1 Patch behoben wurden. Allerdings waren diese großen Updates ja immer in Verbindung mit einem neuen DLC und das ist ja diesmal nicht der Fall darum die Frage: ist nach Update 17 entgültig Sense mit dem Support von Anno 1800 oder steht ein Patch 17.1 in Aussicht, falls er nötig sein sollte?

  11. m m.kallee2020 April 1, 2023

    Vielen Dank für dieses tolle finale und umfangreiche Update.

    Leider vermisse ich eine m.E. sehr wichtige Balancing-Anpassung bei der Speicherstadt.
    Es wäre toll, wenn Käptn Morris immer an der schnellsten Anlegestelle (idR Konto) anlegen könnte. Da man dies nicht steuern kann, passiert es leider oft, dass er nicht an der schnellsten Anlegestelle anlegt und ewig braucht, um zu handeln. Vielleicht klappt das noch??? 🙂

    Ein tolles Spiel!!!

  12. G Gretzzy April 1, 2023

    Schade das ich die Goldene Tickets nicht auch für meine Multiplayer Partie nutzen kann.

    Ich Spiele ganz entspannt mit einem Freund zusammen, da hätten wir beide den Vorteil gehabt.

  13. m mrmajkl March 31, 2023

    Vehicle Liveries Pack DLC is showing up in the game menu as City Lights Pack! So City Lights Pack is in the menu twice – content inside is then showing correctly but just the name is wrong – not sure if anyone noticed.

    Thank you for another amazing update!

    •   Ubi-Thorlof April 3, 2023

      Thank you for reporting this! Yes, we’ve noticed and it should get fixed with the update.

  14. A Antipotheosis March 31, 2023

    Given the impressive number of skins for numerous residences and also ships, would it be practical to have an option either in the UI or in the options menu that when building a residence or an airship (for example) that it builds with either a standard or randomized skin when constructed or even upgraded?

  15. H Humility925 March 31, 2023

    Art/Visuals, did you guy fix custom white skin of church on uphill or downhill? I did posted and reported this bug in anno 1800 forum along with missing horse from cart at that time.

    Thank you very much for all wonderful work with patience and compassion! It’s was very good game!

  16. B Bonkers_Billy March 31, 2023

    Thank you for the Stamp feature as I think I will take advantage of that a lot especially as a player who regularly restarts to do better next time.

    I don’t know if it has been suggested before but when I increase my island storage, especially with the docklands, I find myself going through each time changing my goods buy and sell levels. I wonder if having a percentage option with the buy and sell levels would automatically scale with increased storage?

  17. C Coouge March 31, 2023

    Dear Anno 1800 Development Team at Blue Byte,

    As an avid player of Anno 1800 since its release in April 2019, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the incredible game that you have created. It’s hard to believe that it has been four years since its launch, but the experience has been nothing short of amazing.

    Your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the game, from the stunning graphics to the intricate gameplay mechanics. Anno 1800 has brought me countless hours of joy and entertainment, and I have no doubt that I will continue to return to it time and time again.

    Although I am sad to hear that there won’t be any more updates for Anno 1800, I am looking forward to hear about future Anno games. I have no doubt that the same level of care and dedication will be poured into these new projects. You bet, I will play it too!

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an incredible game. Your dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and I am grateful for the countless hours of enjoyment that Anno 1800 has brought me.

    Thank you also for the updates that have fixed any issues with the game. Your commitment to continually improving the gaming experience is truly remarkable.

    Once again, thank you for everything that you do. You are appreciated more than you know.

    With sincere gratitude,


  18. m mcetnar March 30, 2023

    So many improvements in one patch! It’s amazing, thank you!

  19. 7 76561198023334839 March 30, 2023

    I’m so glad You fixed music related issues, cheers!

    Could You bring back skins for ship variants though? There’s a lot of awesome skins for Ships of The Line, but any of its variants outclasses it and makes the basic one obsolete, so as soon as they are unlocked, none of those skins can be used without sacrificing naval power.


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