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  • Game Update

Anno 1800: Game Update 16.1

Release Date: January 19th, 2023, at 3PM UTC+1

  • Adding support for the “Dragon Garden” Pack Cosmetic DLC
  • Adding the rewards for the DLC 12 Community Challenge “Cultural Boom”
    • Two new company logos (orchid and bird)
    • Two new company colours (Bordeaux Red and Orange)

  • Fixed incorrect construction costs for the Cable Factory, Motor Factory, Ventilator Factory and Scooter Factory of DLC 12 and its scenario
  • Adjusted the production time for Film Reels to 30s and Pigments to 45s (the prices in the Docklands have been adjusted accordingly)


  • Added a fix for the game not starting under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the duplication of item effects when using multi-move on Trade Unions or Town Halls
  • Salpeter Works now require Aluminium Profiles instead of Steel Beams for construction in the “Pride & Peddlers” Scenario
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a large negative number being displayed in the balance
  • Removed the “Black Tea” entry from Docklands’ Global Importers
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to loading a wrong save game when clicking the continue button for a scenario
  • Motors and Film Reels are now listed as intermediate products in the Statistics Screen
  • Fixed an issue for the Oil Refinery’s object menu in the Eden Burning Scenario that did not allow to build Oil Wells
  • Adjusted the “Science Whizz” item for the workforce replacement
  • Fixed a rare performance issue that could appear for very large save games with a lot of Scholar residences and unfulfilled “Briefcase” need in the “The High Life” Department Store
  • Fixed an issue that led to the “Old Town Pack” skins being available in the Passage and Enbesa region
  • The balance infotip now also lists the income generated by Artistas


  • The Hacienda Artista Quarters are no longer present in the Hacienda menu without activating the New World Rising DLC
  • Fixed an issue with the item tab in the Hacienda object menu that was no longer functional
  • Fixed the wrongly configured icon for the Graveyard Fence in the Grand Gallery


  • Fixed an issue that could result in desyncs following Game Update 16


  • The ground plate for the Police Station skin from the “Old Town Pack” no longer overlaps with the streets in the New World


  • Fixed several text issues for the Stadium
  • The Docklands entry is now available again in the Static Help Menu
  • Added a missing headline for the Dam Monument
  • Added partly missing translation for the infotip of the “Park Ranger” item
  • Made some small adjustments to the names of Cosmetic DLCs for the German Localization
  • Added missing translation for the items “Bait Specialist” and “Salvador, the Stalwart”
  • The “Laboratory” has its name back and is no longer called “Arsenal”
  • German Localization: The term “Rindergehege” no longer appears in the infotip for powered pastures of nandu and alpaca farms
  • Changed the German Localization for “Rindergehege”
  • Renamed the “Pre-Order” category to “Bonus” category in the construction menu
  • Added partly missing translation for the infotip of the “Angelic Anthrax Vaccine” item
  • Fixed some localization issues in the Scenario description for “Pride & Peddlers” and “A Clash of Couriers”




  1. r roobylater January 25, 2023

    Liebes Ubi-soft Team, musste soeben mit Erschrecken feststellen, dass meine Dampfwägen komplett aus dem Kontor verschwunden sind.

    In der Speicherstadt der gleichen Insel werden sie noch mit 1400 angezeigt??? Hatte mich zuvor gewundert, warum die Investoren unzufrieden sind und den leeren Balken im Investoreninterface und Kontor bei den Dampfwägen bestaunt. Als ich dann auf der Handelsroute nachsah, fand ich es merkwürdig, dass das zugehörige Schiff mit Dampfwägen voll beladen war, diese aber im Kontor der besagten Insel nicht entleerte, die hatte nämlich auf einmal wieder 1400 Dampfwägen. Dieses Spielchen ging dann noch einmal hin und her, bis ich nun frustriert euch um Hilfe bitte!!!

  2. J Janneman_2020 January 24, 2023

    Help! Help! Townhall ERROR!!.CANT FIND OR PUT (SOME) ITEMS IN THE TOWNHALL!! Even though they are in my WAREHOUSE!!

    Please fix it Ubi

  3. o oppa91 January 24, 2023

    I would’ve also loved an Asia DLC, but I am also looking forward to a new game – just hoping for no Science Fiction setting again.
    In my opinion, the 18th century was perfect for an Anno game, as it went through the industrialization – changing production lines and lives significantly. With the love of developers and community, Anno 1800 was the best Anno game for me so far.

    I hope the next game continues with the 20s century – introducing computers, airplanes, televisions, plastics, more chemicals,… and maybe even a moon mission scenario.

  4. D DavidWAnno January 21, 2023

    Can someone tell me about the locked company logos, and how to unlock them?

    • R Raven14gl January 24, 2023

      Tu débloques les logos d’entreprise quand tu obtiens certain succès

      • D DavidWAnno January 26, 2023

        They have now disappeared from game, was that another bug?

  5. C Castarune January 20, 2023

    Ubi-Thorlof [developer] Jan 19 @ 10:06am
    Dragon Garden Pack CDLC availability on Steam
    Hello everyone,

    please be aware that the “Dragon Garden” Pack Cosmetic DLC will release on the Steam Store with a slight delay. We’ll update you here when the store page is live.

    Apologies for any inconveniences.
    The Anno Team

    A slight delay is not over a day… any word as to why yet .. as the the topic is locked and I want the DLC

  6. Y Yauheni288 January 20, 2023

    В эмбесах на ламповой фабрике так и не исправили ошибку, вместо свеч на производстве требует обычнае электрические лампочки. Что за бред!!!!!! Я писал за эту ошибку но так ник то и не ответил обидно. Игру купил и за что деньги отдал????? А игру так починить и не могут. Бестолочи!(((((

    • A Antury2016 January 21, 2023

      Проверь, нет ли у тебя рядом с ламповой фабрикой профсоюза с Энбесским епископом. У него именно тот эффект, что ты описал.

  7. S Synchronos357 January 20, 2023

    A bigger problem is that this update still doesn’t seem to include a fix to the AI warships targeting things they shouldn’t. Your markets and such you can always rebuild, but they can also destroy Archibald’s harbour, or even worse, the Angereb harbour. The latter can happen without you knowing, before you’ve even unlocked Enbesa. It would potentially lead to tens of hours of gameplay lost. For this reason, I think I’ll still wait for the Game Update 16.2 until I continue playing and start a new game.

  8. C Castarune January 20, 2023

    The music stopping is a known bug.. Wish they would just fix it…. but a quick fix after the small patch in dec — the switch to a different map ( old world – new world) if the music start’s playing it that map it will reboot in other map… if it don’t just save and exit and boot up again… And yes it even happens in other map areas . Wish they fix it — it just breaks the mood of the game — even killer when it happen when your at war with AI

  9. A Antipotheosis January 19, 2023

    I am also having bugs with the regular music in the Old World. Only the incident music plays when there are fires from what I’ve been hearing so far.

  10. C Coouge January 19, 2023

    I think the fix for the music stops playing while in the Old World is not included in this update?
    When you’re in the Old World, the music plays and then after several minutes of playing, it stops.


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