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  • Season 4

Anno 1800: Game Update 14

Release date: April 12th, 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT

Download Size: 5 GB

Adding support for DLC 10: “Seeds of Change” and the scenario “Seasons of Silver”

  • Fixed the balancing of the “Pyrphorian Generator Ruin” (Eden Burning)
    (Note: It now takes only 40min to remove but decreases air quality by 12 instead of 10)
  • Minor rebalancing for some Eden Burning events (Eden Burning)
    (Note: Some time frames were extended and requirements slightly lowered)

  • Reworked scenario summary screens
  • Reworked the handling of the animated mouse cursor which might fix some performance issues
  • Tree Painter – added Orchard Trees as options for tree painting
  • Added a timer for the duration of the Captain’s Docklands Trade
    (Note: The timer is visible both on his ship as well as the Docklands Main Wharf)
  • Added option to cycle between loading screen tips by clicking on the respective arrows
  • Changed building restriction for farm building modules: Crop farm modules (fertiliser and tractor) don’t have to be built adjacent to the main building anymore but can also be placed adjacent to the farm fields. The silos for the animal farms don’t have to be built right next to the building anymore but only somewhere in its radius.


  • Pirates are rebuilding their islands again after coming back
    (Note: This does not affect savegames where the issue is already present)
  • Treasure maps now show the expedition effect directly in their infotip
  • Downgrade refund is now functional for skyscrapers on normal and advanced difficulty
  • Players can no longer receive Specialists from DLCs they do not own
  • A tooltip now informs about the downgrade refunds for resident buildings
  • Fixed an issue on some savegames with decreasing influence points after the High Life update
    (Note: As this seems to be very save game specific issue, the fix might not solve the problems for all players)
  • Fixed an issue with the island bar (with name + shares) not being visible during festivals
  • Fixed an issue with the “DLC: A Queen`s Favour” achievement that in some cases did not grant the portrait after fulfillment
  • Fixed an issue for the “DLC: Goatberg Variations” achievement which wasn’t unlocking correctly
  • Fixed default keyboard shortcuts for “Rotate building left/right” for French and Russian
  • Fixed an issue with demolished buildings being highlighted red when hovering over them with the mouse cursor during demolish animation
  • Fixed an issue in the workforce top bar. The number of farmers was oscillating during the start of the game when moving in.
  • Street connections no longer occasionally highlight incorrect bridges around rivers
  • Fixed the broken warning when picking up goods while the island storage is full
  • Fixed an issue for the Tourist Season DLC where basic needs for Hotels were starting to fulfill after reloading the save game
  • Special characters can now again be used to name ships, islands and trade routes
  • Fixed an issue with buildings having the default skin when constructed from a blueprint with non-default skin
  • Fixed an issue with the tree painter tool not being functional after being added to the right-click menu
  • Fixed an issue for skyscrapers occasionally being stuck in transparent mode after moving a building near them
  • Fixed an issue with quay streets remaining occasionally staying highlighted green when switching between sessions
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow players to interact with the farm/plantation menu after using the demolish tool on farm fields
  • Ornaments upgraded from blueprints are no longer built with darker grass variants beneath them by default
  • Fixed an issue with the construction AI not respecting Fertility Changes from Research Center
  • Fixed an issue with Resin and Cherry Wood production not being affected by Global Bonuses
  • Fixed the incorrectly shown “Change Train Skin” infotip when hovering the mouse cursor over specified position on “Blocked segment” tab in the Oil Harbor’s object menu
  • Fixed an issue on the right-click menu. When the relocation function is blocked due to difficulty settings, it can now be replaced and is functional for other buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with toggling the grass color for one of the “Temperate Grove Tree” ornament variants
  • Fixed an issue for using the “Skin Painter Tool” on multiple buildings in blueprint mode. Now the skins of all buildings will be changed, not only the first one
  • Fixed an issue for the multi-copy tool not copying crossings
  • Fixed a missing notification after finishing the “Destroy Ships” objective in specific part of “A Prince in Progress – Disengagement” questline
  • Hotkeys are no longer incorrectly activated when typing in the Trade Route search field
  • Players can no longer gain scenario rewards by using save files from others (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed the display of production over time for some goods in the statistics menu (Eden Burning)
  • Sir Archibald’s message is no longer incorrectly displayed when players run out of money in the scenario (Eden Burning)
  • Unused Cocoa, Sugar and Chocolate goods have been removed (Eden Burning)
  • It is now possible to equip items with different effects in the Trade Union (Eden Burning)

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue in the Docklands Menu that did not allow to adjust the number of the traded goods after the contract list was opened once
  • Fixed the missing tooltip for the shares overview
  • A missing subsection for the “Seasonal Decorations” ornaments was added in the culture tab of the city attractiveness menu
  • The “Seasonal Decoration” Pack Cosmetic DLC got a new icon in the construction menu
  • Fixed the infotip structure for cultural items. Attractiveness and Cultural set information are now closer to each other.
  • Fixed an issue for some production object menus that could appear shifted to the top
  • Fixed a small visual issue on the Players’ progress bar which was cut off at the end
  • The upgrade button’s infotip in the Oil Harbour’s object menu now shows how many trains and additional oil storage will be added after the upgrade
  • Disabled the “Reset Scenario” button and UI functions when no scenario or save data exists
  • Fixed an issue for the Zoo, Museum and Botanical Garden item popup being shifted to the top when empty
  • Added an information to the tooltips of Town Hall, Trade Union, Harbourmaster that items can be donated directly to the Research Center by pressing Ctrl+D
  • Fixed some overlapping UI elements in the Promotion Screen of Cosmetic DLCs that appeared for certain languages
  • The “Socketed Items” text string is no longer overlapped by the ship’s wheel icon in the High Score meta menu for Polish language
  • Fixed an issue for the “Next unlock” icon overlapping the Prestige level counter in the Palace Overview Menu after reaching a high level of Attractiveness
  • Fixed an UI issue when searching items in Trading Post showed no results
  • Fixed a broken icon that appeared in the Flagship infotip after delivering pyramid photos to Yaosca in the scenario (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the UI being visible before the introduction banner ended (Eden Burning)
  • The missing trade route button in the ships object menu is now shown as disabled (Eden Burning)
  • Replaced the wrongly displayed Obrero portrait in the object menu of Charcoal Kiln, Oil Refinery and Tortilla Maker to the correct Jornalero portrait (Eden Burning)
  • The “Pyrphorian Generator” is now showing the timer during the first 40% of the removal process (Eden Burning)
  • The “Water Purifier” is now present in the construction menu when sorting by type view (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed multiple overlapping elements in the object menu of iron and copper mines (Eden Burning)
  • Removed an icon that incorrectly appeared when hovering over the constructed Dam with the copy tool (Eden Burning)
  • Removed the “Royal Taxes” expense entry that was present on high progress (Eden Burning)


  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial quest “The Panorama Effect” that could be solved in a multi-player game when another team achieved the quest objectives
  • Fixed the attractiveness message that was triggering at the start of a multiplayer game
  • The “Writing Desk” patent gets no longer unlocked when another team in multiplayer game has Banker’s Lamp production at 100%


  • Fixed an issue for quests that could not trigger correctly when marketplace skins were equipped
    (Note: Unfortunately, it’s not possible to fix it for save games with the issue present)
  • Fixed a misleading text for the High Life DLC quest “Market Research: The Lab”
  • Fixed some issues for the “Belle Epoque: The Marmelade Revue” recipe quest where dancers could spawn in the ocean and the quest could not be completed
    (Note: Fix was already mentioned in previous patch notes, now it is also fixed on broken save games)
  • Added a missing icon and effect to the “Clean Up Work” choice from the “Chemical Spill” event (Eden Burning)
  • Quest items from the “Price of Knowledge” quest no longer disappear if thrown overboard (Eden Burning)
  • Yaosca is now rewarding the player for bringing Mesoan Seeds or Mesoan Cast (Eden Burning)
  • Players can now pick up an objective with a ship during the quest “Dolphin Inspection” (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with varying amounts of required “Charcoal Kilns” buildings in Maya’s “Kiln Test” quest (Eden Burning)
  • Removed item quest marker from “Message in a Bottle” that can be picked up from a “Pile of Debris” (Eden Burning)
  • Added a missing icon for the “Toxic Fumes” follow up quest in the quest tracker (Eden Burning)


  • Fixed an ambient issue for the New World session
  • The effect of fading will no longer be stored in save games
    (Note: Previously buildings stayed transparent/invisible forever when the game was saved while the effect was active. Cannot be fixed for already existing savegames)
  • Fixed a visual issue for the “Autumnal Red Aesthetic (Imperial)” flagship skin
  • Fixed broken resident avatar expression animations that are depending on the happiness level
  • Birds can no longer fly through skyscrapers
  • The “Chestnut Stall” ornament is now saving power and is no longer lit during the daytime
  • Fixed some visual corruption for the demolish animation of the “1602 Memorial” ornament
    (Note: Sparkling stays)
  • Fixed some flickering issues on water canals
  • Fixed an issue for the smog VFX effect that was not loading before pausing and resuming production in Industrial Buildings
  • Bushes no longer clip through the “Groundplanes” ornament in the “Pedestrian Zone” Pack CDLC when rotated
  • Feedback units no longer walk over canals constructed along the streets during riots
  • Fixed missing grass color toggling for the “Flowering Shrub” ornament variations
  • Fixed a small visual issue on the “Mesoan Pyramid” island terrain (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed some small visual issues on the island “La Xultuna” (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed a minor visual issue on a wallpiece in the Mesoan Ruins (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed flickering lines on the Ancient Mesoan Pyramid rooftop of La Xultuna island (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the Gatehouse in Yaosca’s settlement not fully reaching the ground (Eden Burning)
  • Brick rewards from demolished ruins are now also visible at maximum camera distance at high or lower graphical options (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed a minor floating asset at the bridge in the La Xultuna caldera (Eden Burning)


  • Fixed an issue with combat sounds being audible in the wrong session
  • Fixed the missing sound for the downgrade action in Resident’s buildings object menu
  • Added missing delays to Yaosca’s audio lines during scenario loading (Eden Burning)
  • The Fisherman’s reminder for Isabel’s ship to stay close does not play anymore after he found the treasure (Eden Burning)

Localization & Text

  • Fixed wrong description for “Skin painter” shortcuts
  • Some smaller text changes were applied for a better understanding of the available influence points
  • Improved the infotips that are displayed during festivals for better readability
  • Fixed the placeholder text in the Bus Stop’s object menu on the “Use Random Bus Skin” button
  • Fixed some text issues for the introduction text of the loading screen in Polish language
  • Fixed an issue for the Phase 2 Excavation site in the “Moving Mountains” campaign quest stating to require 5 tons of wool instead of the required 15
  • Changed the warning description in the Gold Mine tooltip for construction in the New World
  • Fixed misleading translation for the “2 Million Players Ship Skin” for Russian localization
  • Fixed the cut off name of the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack for Italian localization
  • Fixed a text issue in the loading screen tips for the “Relocate Tool”
  • Fixed the wrongly displayed text “Signed Trade Agreement with Anne Harlow” in the diplomacy menu when playing with Margaret Hunt and Anne Harlow after actually having signed peace with Anne
  • Some missing information for Specialist’s expedition traits such as “Diver, Pirate, Hypnotist etc.” were added
  • Fixed some broken text lines on the scenario victory screen letter for Polish language
  • Fixed an issue for the “Score for” line which was not adapted to Discovered Items and Panorama Effect infotips in High Score meta menu for Russian localization
  • Added missing localization for the line “Effects” in the Residence Happiness infotip
  • Fixed an issue for the currency texts: “€” and “£” are appearing as corrupted text “?” for Japanese language
  • Fixed an issue with the objective of “Shopping Centre” quest asking to build a Quay instead of Pier in Polish language
  • The World’s Fair is no longer only called “Monument” in its event menu
  • Fixed a text issue for one of the decisions during the “Tomb Raiders” event that appears during the “Land of Lions” expedition in Russian language
  • Fixed some misleading descriptions for Salvager and Music items in Polish localization
  • Fixed an issue with monoculture/polyculture scenario loading hints referring to all farms instead of only crop farms (Eden Burning)
  • Added missing translation for the line “Trees” in the Cultivation Area’s infotip of Lumberjack’s Huts (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the Player’s character name “Isabel Sarmento” for some languages using special characters (Eden Burning)
  • Added missing localization for “Scenario Details” (Eden Burning)
  • The “Victory Conditions” sidebar tracker does now automatically switch to new language after changing text localization in the scenario (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed the notification “Leaking Pyrphorian Ruins construction phase has been completed” in all languages which appeared out of context during the cleaning phase (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed overlapping text in Ignacio’s letter for Korean language (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed confusing wording for “Keep island health above 80%” (Eden Burning)
  • “Furnace” is no longer incorrectly called “Steel Works” (Eden Burning)
  • Removed notification about obtaining “Photos of the Pyramid” (Eden Burning)
  • The text is now adjusted to the window size in the Fisherman’s decision quest for German localization (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue for the text on the “Begin clearing ruins” button in the “Pyrphorian Ruins” object menu for French language (Eden Burning)




  1. K KingWulf63 April 26, 2022

    Beim Szenario Eden am Ende lassen sich die kleinen Inselaufgaben nicht mehr alle lösen. Schildkröte kann nicht mehr befreit werden, Vögel reinigen und Trümmerhaufen beseitigen funktioniert nicht mehr. Szenario schon komplett zurück gesetzt. Geht weder im alten Spielstand noch im Neuen.

  2. a awt1986 April 16, 2022

    ich kann im Hauptmenü nichts mehr bedienen seit dem Update…..

  3. A AnnoGebi April 12, 2022

    Keim der Hoffnung ! äh, wo bekomme ich den Platz für eine Attraktivität von 1750 in der neuen Welt her?!?
    Wolltet Ihr nicht die Inselgrößen verdoppeln 😉

  4. K KingxOfxVoids April 9, 2022

    Population quests appear on other players island in multiplayer then either:
    1. Cant finish them because they ask goods
    2. Can finish them because you need to click or make a phote but wont get a reward


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