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Anno 1800: Game Update 13

Release date: December 14th, 6 PM CET / 12 PM ET

Download Size: 2,5 GB

Adding support for Cosmetic DLC 6, the “Vibrant Cities Pack” 

Adding support for the “Plant a Tree” Cosmetic DLC 

Adding the “Eden Burning” scenario free for all players 

Adding a “skin painting tool” to more easily switch between building skins 

  • Raised Skyline Tower attractiveness to 275
  • Adjusted exchange ratios for new Orchards goods from the “The High Life” DLC in the Docklands
  • Rebalanced effect of lack of Artisan workforce on Department Store for the “The High Life” DLC

  • The Christmas Market skin is now available via the user interface in the markets object menu
  • Added an option to disable the production infolayer in the settings
  • When selecting a residence while holding shift, all selected residences can now be also downgraded at once with the button in the object menu.
  • The player now receives a refund when downgrading residences
  • Cypress Trees are now added to the Tree Painting feature in Cape Trelawney
  • The seed is now displayed on the save games screen
  • More notifications and messages from NPCs were added to the “opinion” filter
  • When building a Lumberjack, the number of trees planted in its area is now shown to visualize the planting process


  • A potential crash with new Intel 12th Generation CPUs was fixed
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when confirming the ship deletion pop-up after already having returned to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with the Orchard being locked for some players not owning the “Tourist Season” DLC
  • Upgrading a road during an active fire in range of the firestation now correctly triggers firefighters
  • Fixed an issue with the Pyrphorian Battle Cruiser being destroyed after reloading the game if it has more than 15600 hit points
  • Fixed an exploit for the newspaper effect freezing if there were not enough influence points for auto-publishing
  • Fixed an issue for the subtitle settings not being saved for the next game start
  • Fixed a broken camera jump-to after finishing a research project
  • Fixed an issue with ships getting occasionally stuck after transferring from one region to another
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed building of multiple unique buildings through fast clicking
  • Fixed an exploit that could auto complete escort quests when loading a save game
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to build multiple local departments when multi-copied from multiple islands
  • Fixed an issue with the Trading Post being still functional without a road connection if an Oil Harbour was present on the island
  • The supply cart route to Warehouses is now displayed for the Heater in the Arctic region
  • The harbour area is now displayed when copying multiple harbour buildings
  • Fixed a crash that appeared when Latin characters were used as a save file name while the company name was using Cyrillic letters
  • Fixed an issue that caused trade prices from Eli Bleakworth to change after some minutes in-game.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Additional Content window in the Multiplayer Lobby
  • Fixed a wrongly displayed unlock condition for the Pyrphorian and Obrera portrait during game creation
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to airships sent between Cape Trelawney and New World moving sideways on arrival
  • Fixed an issue for stationary ships occasionally not picking up flotsam located right next to them
  • Islands in the Old World and Cape Trelawney can no longer have duplicate names
  • The Cannon Tower will no longer shoot before initiating training cooldown after being renovated from ruins

User Interface

  • Fixed the moving of the entry/exit points for ships on the Trade Map in the Trade Route Menu
  • Fixed statistics for Skyscrapers, Restaurants and Shopping Arcades in Finance Tab if all islands are selected
  • Fixed the Panorama Effect infotip that was overlapping the needs in the residence object menus
  • Fixed icon bonding with the cursor for drag and drop in the expedition menu
  • Some missing happiness modifiers have been added to the residence infotips
  • Removed additional separator in Twitch Drop infotips for German language
  • Fixed “Need heat” icon for blueprints in the Arctic that appeared after reloading
  • Fixed an issue with the same bonus from a policy being shown multiple times for residences in the Population Statistics Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the object will not be applied to Right Click circle menu, if this menu was opened over buildings after dragging the object
  • Infotips of objects from the construction bar are no longer visible while the menu screen of the crypt on Bright Sands island is open
  • Fixed an issue for right click actions that could be performed through any UI element and meta menu by pressing left mouse button while holding right mouse button
  • Fixed the bright icon to display the current region in the Trade Route Map


  • Fixed some issues with the profanity filter for the newspaper title in multiplayer
  • Player can no longer move through the “Deep Blue” questline by interacting with Captain Tobias’ quest ship of another team
  • Fixed player character spinning in first person mode after another player interacts with the model in a multiplayer session
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from joining Public Multiplayer Lobbies as it was set to private after reloading
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer for players hearing the sound effect of failed copy when another team attempts to paste multi-copied objects on the player’s island
  • “Fog Horn” quest item can no longer be picked up by another team in a multi-player game
  • Player’s portraits from previous multiplayer game are no longer displayed in the buildings/ships object menus of other participants


  • The pick-up NPC message is not triggered after delivering ship to islands with hostages in “Pay No Ransom” campaign quests
  • Fixed an issue with specific NPC messages not triggering for the second time after clicking on a quest ship
  • Fixed an issue with the shark not spawning during the “Deep Blue – And the Abyss Answered” quest
  • Docklands modules are now counted as completion object for the “Shopping Centre” quest
  • Fixed an issue for the “Skyline Tower: Daredevils” quest that asked to find 0/0 volunteers, if there are no workers residences on the island
  • Rarity and value of Bronze / Gold Performance Medal item now match with their effects
  • Fixed disappearing Iron Tower that could preventing “A Trifling Matter: The Eighth Wonder” from completing
  • Fixed the presence of a neutral ship as destroy objective in “Lowly Mercenary” voluntary quest from Vicente Silva
  • The voluntary quest “Culture Volture” now progresses after equipping the item
  • “Emma, the Tourist” quest item now uses the quest marker icon instead of the flotsam marker
  • The quest “Sent by Heaven – Charity” can now be solved by clicking on the palace instead of the lighthouse
  • Fixed an issue for the same message from Old Nate appearing twice during “The Big Blue” quest
  • Food production buildings of a 2nd party cannot be used anymore to solve “Nouvelle Cuisine: Hors d’Oeuvre” quest


  • Fixed an issue that caused feedback units/trains to jump over pedestrian bridges introduced with CDLC5
  • The “Annoversary” ship skins have now visual damage on the hull
  • The Empress’ Spies now have walking animation for the quest “Unwanted Espionage”
  • Fixed some feedback units ignoring trees around the Iron Tower
  • The logo on the “Flag Archway” from the “Pedestrian Zone Pack” now matches the player’s logo
  • Fixed boats spawning in the canal ornament
  • The Iron Tower texture will no longer disappear if players zoom into it as much as possible
  • Fixed demolish animation for the “Pedestrian Zone Entrance”
  • Fixed tiger’s textures on close zoom distance
  • Fixed the number of Mounted Guns operators in the New World
  • Improved ground textures for docklands ornaments for some rare cases when built next to a street
  • Hot-Air Balloon can no longer clip into airships
  • Front funnel of Oil Tanker is no longer placed off-center
  • Feedback units on the “Pedestrian Bridge” are now adjusted to the floor level of the bridge
  • The decorated Iron Tower skin’s logo now adjusts to the player’s company logo
  • Fixed the gap between the smoke VFX and the chimney of the Weapon Factory
  • Fixed a floating object at Old Nate’s Island in Cape Trelawney


  • Steamships no longer lose the engine sound effect after transferring to another region – stealth mode deactivated.
  • Ship destruction sound is no longer played when the Queen’s ship de-spawns at the end of “A Promise Kept” quest

Localization & Text

  • Fixed a hardcoded text in the infotip in the Tower menu for all languages when the progress was blocked by a quest
  • Removed the additional zeros from the base number displayed in the infotips in the Arctic session
  • Added missing fluff text for “The High Life” goods in the expedition screen
  • Fixed the German translation for the skyscraper maintenance game settings
  • Fixed hardcoded text for “Missing Research Points” in the Research Institute
  • The sheep now has the correct name in the quest “My Lord is My Shepherd – Amun”
  • During the quest “Skyline Tower: Post Mortem”, “Kutschen” is now correctly translated into “Dampfwagen” in the German localization
  • “Total attractiveness” line no longer overlaps with the castle icon in the High Score meta menu for the Russian localization
  • The name of the Pedestrian Zone CDLC has been adjusted in the additional content screen for the German localization
  • Manta Ray name is no longer missing its last letter in Simplified Chinese
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the panorama infotip for the English Localization
  • “Pedestrian Zone Pack” is now shown in different languages in The New World
  • The item “François Strindberg” has now a correct description in Polish
  • Clarified Panorama Effect infotip: Engineer and Investor skyscrapers do positively effect each other when having the same height.




  1. W WingDog December 21, 2021


    Can’t use special symbols ie {}[] and so on at Route Names after this update.
    I’d used those symbols to show the direction of the route such as 1->3->2 or 32. cities were renamed accordinly.

    it’s so pity. Is there any reasonable reason to restrict usage of those symbols?

  2. s screg95 December 20, 2021

    Bonjour merci pour votre mise a jour qui affecte ma partie a chaque mise a jour d’autre bug sorte

    suite a la mise a jour ou dlc Cosmétique problème de main d’œuvre entre les ingénieurs et les fermiers quand je clic sur l’ile fermier je perd tout les ingénieurs et quand je clic sur l’ile fermier je perd cette main d’œuvre


  3. B BCessel December 14, 2021

    Hey Ubisoft! “Plant a Tree” DLC is really a very fair cause and I would very much like to support it, however you guys could have done at least some extra tree styles as just one decor tree is very poor against you against the players. it would cost a lot to make some new styles of decorations.

    • t thekingkupo December 15, 2021

      Its not even showing up on my construction list.

      • B BCessel December 15, 2021

        Even paying? It is a DLC that pays close to the value of another DLC that only changes the colors of the houses and market. I also expected more from this one. But let’s wait then 2022.

  4. t thunderwoody91 December 14, 2021

    Oh, I’m sorry for the German text. I’m on the English side here, lol.

  5. t thunderwoody91 December 14, 2021

    Hi, besteht eigentlich immer noch der Bug, dass man keine neuen Aufgaben (Quest) mehr annehmen kann?
    Habe das Spiel zuletzt vor ca. 2 Monaten wieder nach einer langen Pause gespielt.
    Ehrlich gesagt, hat mich dieser Bug sehr überrascht. Ich konnte es nur lösen, indem ich einen neuen Spielstand laden konnte.

    Umso erstaunter war ich, dass dieser Bug mindestets seit dem 16.04.19 bekannt ist.
    Siehe folgenden Link. https://forums-de.ubisoft.com/archive/index.php/t-206414.html
    Vor zwei Monaten konnte das ganze dann auch ohne Probleme ein zweites mal reproduzieren.
    Ich weiß es nicht mehr ganz genau, aber es war meine ich irgendwie so, dass wenn man zu lange keine Bürgeraufgabe angenommen hat oder die dann weggeklickt hat, keine einzige Qust mehr im Speil annehmen konnte.

    Ich werde aber die nächsten Tage endlich mal wieder Anno 1800 zocken und hoffentlich auch öfters länger am Stück. Dann kann ich das ganze auch noch genauer schildern. Sollte der Bug dann aber immer noch bestehen, falle ich ganz ehrlich vom Glauben ab. Jedenfalls kann man sich dann nur mit einem anderem Savegame helfen.

  6. B BCessel December 13, 2021

    Hello Ubisoft team. First of all I would like to thank and praise the beautiful work done with ANNO 1800. I am a fan of the series and I have all editions with all expansions. I would like to make a fan request: Would an update be possible to translate the game into Portuguese-Brazil? Even if it’s a paid upgrade, it would be very interesting for us. An idea that I would like to suggest that would turn the game into something very interesting too: As we know, the islands with all the DLC’s take on huge proportions and managing everything becomes a big challenge. It would be great fun if a friend could, by invitation, join our metropolis and participate in the management of the islands, a Cooperative mode. Why the proposal? The multiplayer game just becomes too complex to reach the end, as it is a continuous game and usually takes months to get a sequel with a friend and making the game unfeasible. But if he could join cooperatively whenever available to continue a mission against AI, it would be a lot of fun. I thought about this when playing Farm Together on Steam. Big hug and Merry Christmas! PS: Sorry for the English translated by the Google tool, as I really don’t have that affinity with the language to describe so many dreams to ANNO.

  7. m mrmajkl December 12, 2021

    Thank you so much for continuing support for this fantastic game! You are really doing outstanding job!

  8. D Domin015 December 11, 2021

    Been playing and enjoying Anno 1800 since its release, I would just like thank the developers for making and improving this game it been a pleasure to play.

    May you all have a great Xmas and prosperous New Year
    Please can we have some dreadnought battleships

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 13, 2021

      Dear Anno-Santa… I want a dreadnought for Christmas, pretty please 😛

      Thank you for kind words. We’re aware of the wishes for more ship types and will certainly consider that in our Season 4 planning.

  9. B BGiantMountain December 11, 2021

    you are doing a really great job thank you very much for your hard work

  10. K Kochsalz December 11, 2021

    Thanks a lot for the continued support and all the free updates, improvements and fixes. Being able to disable the production info layer is a huge deal for many people. Some of these very specific fixes show that the devs are really looking into reported issues. And I’m sure the upcoming scenarios will be as good as those in 1404.

    Here’s to another year of Anno 1800!

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 13, 2021

      Thank you! 🙂

      There surely are always more specific things that could be done or added, but especially for the “easy to do” things, we’re happy to include them in our Game Updates.

  11. H Humility925 December 10, 2021

    Thank you for fixing, you guy are doing awesome bug hunter and fixed up! Outstanding!

    Thank you!

  12. F FHackner December 10, 2021

    Okay, thank you so much for the option to disable the production infolayer.

    Now I just want to rebind the number keys to something actually useful to me, like camera positions, instead of ship groups.


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