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  1. R Reval52 November 24, 2020

    Already excited for more content! Season 2 has pretty much been my game of the year, if you can even call it that, and Land of Lions is a cherry on that cake for sure. I can understand no new session, because Enbesa is already so big, it would only add more complexity at this stage of the game. I’m looking forward to new content tho, just as much as with the likes of Bright Harvest!

    I’d love to see a naval/harbour DLC. Harbour ornaments, new ship(s) too maybe? Sort of as a preparation for new naval expansion in the future? Or how about some naval “boss fight”? Legendary ship type deal, like AC 4 Black Flag. That would be epic.

  2. N Nele1910 November 21, 2020

    Hallo, ich brauche keine Kriegsinstrumente. Ich würde mir einen Personenbahnhof wünschen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn die Gelehrten Pendlerkaie weltweit erforschen können, zur Versorgungsoptimierung. Toll ist, Ölfelder versetzen zu können und Minen dem Bedarf anzupassen. Eine Kathedrale wäre fein. Bin eher eine Schönbauerin. Habe 230.000 Einwohner. Platz wird enger. Seit dem letzten Update zeigt meine Messe keine Ergebnisse mehr an. Enbesa ist super. Ich wünsche mir vor allem die Baumöglichkeit von Pendlerkaien, überall. Merci

  3. S Simon.Sy November 19, 2020

    aber… aber… aber…

    was ist Mit Anno 1305? :disappointed_relieved:

    ne, ist nur Spaß, freue mich auch auf den 3. Season pass (und diesmal werde ich ihn wohl gleich zu release kaufen, ansonsten ist das wieder zu viel auf einmal xd)

    aber ne andere zeit wäre trotzdem mal wieder nett, 19. Jh schön und gut, aber langsam wäre es mal Zeit für was Neues.

    AUSSER: ihr gebt uns jedes jahr nen neuen Season Pass, bis dann plötzlich ein neues Anno vor der Tür steht 😀

  4. R Redstev November 19, 2020

    Ich habs mir schon denken können xD aber wie man schon vorher sagte……. Take my money <3
    Und wenn ihr noch nicht ganz genau wisst wohin.

    Bitte die Seidenstraße von der Arktis aus starten lassen damit die Arktis ein größeres Ansehen bekommt und dann weiter nach China. Denn im 1800 Jahrhundert war die zweite Blütezeit der Seidenstraße <3

  5. m mfuegar2018 November 19, 2020

    Asia is missing (China, Japan …)
    Throughout the nineteenth century, trade disputes with the Western powers occurred, which led to the First Opium War.
    Or maybe Oceania?
    Colonial land armies with their various barracks and other buildings?

  6. E Eisenhow3r November 19, 2020

    Hypetrain 😉

    Please let there be an habour dlc. Where you can expand your harbour with a lighthouse and other buildings.
    Perhaps a monument like the “Speicherstadt” i know this monument already is in an Anno but perhaps something simmilar. This would be my Anno dream come true 😉

  7. r ruzen_qures November 19, 2020

    Please rework Artic!
    and more UI tooltips such as travel time at world map

  8. M MCR_1998 November 19, 2020

    If there are at least a few ground troops, divided into city defense troops and assault troops. I swear I’ll give you the money! Good job anyway!

  9. F FlinkesAlien November 19, 2020

    Wow nice!!! So since it’s called Welcome Back Home I so mit expect a new session/world. Instead maybe we get an underwater expansion?? Steampunk underwater “research/mining” stations?? 😛 One can dream 😉

    • F FlinkesAlien November 19, 2020

      Sry for the typos: I wanted to say that I DON’T expect a new session.

  10. S Sycend November 19, 2020

    Complex Train managment would be nice, like signals and routing. 😀

  11. D Denetrus November 19, 2020

    It is really not expected. One Idea for the new DLC would be a pack to create a greate habour. I miss a lighttower and other things to create a habour which is great for my island

  12. H Humility925 November 19, 2020

    I was unexpected as they said they would move on to other project, but hey that is good new, I wonder what season 3 is all about?

  13. M Misiek_1991 November 19, 2020

    It looks like there is no new region this time. “We have travelled far…” and “Welcome home” sounds like new mechanics in Old World. Maybe new production chains, ships etc. I hope I am wrong and we can see new session as well (with 3 tiers this time ;>)

  14. c chris02918 November 19, 2020

    I was not expecting this after they denied it like a hundret times. Im curious how recent this decision is. But for me it is a happy surprise. There are always more things you can add into the game and i look forward to the new Season Pass and hopefully a new Session with a new Campaign.

  15. R Rastfarian November 19, 2020

    I am so happy with this announcement! Anno 1800 is my favorite game and to have more is just wonderful. Something to look forward to in 2021. Please let it be Asia!

  16. R RamonAll November 18, 2020

    Please stop taking my money, ffs xD

  17. M MrNightmare027 November 18, 2020

    Yes please! just this announcement is like an early christmas!

  18. T TheGodSupermint November 18, 2020

    I honestly had to check the date wasn’t april 1st. I could have sworn we were told we were not getting a season 3. You cannot believe how happy I am that we are getting a season 3. The only area we I can thing of that can be added is the far east. We got the carribean, Europe, Africa and the Arctic. Where else is there to go. For one I cannot wait. My wallet is already screaming in mercy.

  19. j joitde November 18, 2020

    Please make sure that the Coop mode will be improved (sync – problems)

    • c chris02918 November 19, 2020

      For me and many others the coop is working fine. If you have problems be sure to look for them on your End and your Coop players and then contacting support before writing here because here it has the lowest impact.

  20. A AemaethNorrhart November 18, 2020

    OMG OMG OMG !!!

    But don’t hype us like that… Our hearts cannot handle it !

  21. A AemaethNorrhart November 18, 2020


    WE NEED MORE !!!!
    WE WANT MORE !!!!
    WE LOVE YOU !!!!!

    Don’t hype us like that, our hearts cannot handle it….



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