• Game Update

Anno 1800: Game Update 9.2

Release: December 1, 2PM CET / 8AM EST / 5AM PST

Download Size: 4 GB



  • Fixed an issue with invisible exhibition rewards in the monument screen during multiplayer
  • Fixed several desync issues that appeared when loading multiplayer save games
  • Fixed wrong triggering of Exhibition music in the event screen for the World’s Fair Monument
  • Improved handling of corrupted files to prevent crashes when starting the game
  • Fixed some links in the “Additional Content” screen so that they’re now again leading to the correct Ubisoft Connect shop pages
  • Fixed an exploit related to pollution reduction items and deleting pollution sources which could drastically increase happiness
  • Fixed a Drag and Drop issue for slots that were occupied before entering the expedition menu
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where one player could pause competitor’s production buildings by using certain keyboard shortcuts


  • Fixed a progression blocker during the Land of Lions main storyline, where selecting certain answers during the quest “Fascinating North – Quizzed” could lead to the storyline not continuing
  • Fixed an issue with quest giver ships not leaving the session during the quest “Implications”
  • It’s now a lot easier to select Ketema during the quest “The Goatberg Variations”


  • The set “Taigawald” is now working for Seafood Stew


  • Changed the incorrect name “City Life Enhancement” to the correct name  “City Lights Pack” in the construction bar
  • Added localization to the “City Lights Pack” ornaments and construction bar


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