• Anno 1800
  • Game Update
  • Season 4

Anno 1800: Game Update 16

Release Date: December 8th, 3PM UTC+1

  • Support for DLC 12 – New World Rising – and the “Old Town” Pack Cosmetic DLC
  • Lifestyle Needs: We have added additional Lifestyle Needs based on DLC 12 content.
  • Multi-Move Tool: You can now move multiple objects at once by drawing a rectangle with the move tool.
  • Islands: The island pool for the New World has been expanded with new islands and riverless variants of existing islands.
  • Construction Menu: The construction menu has been reworked, with a focus on clearer structure and a dedicated category for ornaments.
  • New items for DLC 12, some with DLC cross-interactions:
    • Constable Chaos (Police Headquarters use Advanced Weapons instead of Police Equipment)
    • Bait Specialist (Arctic Hunting Cabins process beef and produce additional bear fur)
    • Inigo Flores (extra goods from Orchid and Herb Farms)
    • Enbesan Envoy (affects productions in the New World and Enbesa)
    • Maria Maravilla (extra Carriages and Scooters from the Cab Assembly)
    • Pedro, Captain of the “Panama” (extra goods from fisheries)
    • Salvador, the Stalwart (employs Artistas in New World factories for extra goods)
    • Valentina Alvarez (affects cattle farms and sanga farms for bonus milk and herbs)

  • Lifestyle Needs Balancing: We rebalanced and expanded the Lifestyle Needs for all population tiers.
    • With DLC 11 and 12, there are now up to 9 Lifestyle Needs per population tier (incl. Mail).
    • To provide a better balance with all DLC included and having “round” numbers for the maximum population, the provided population of some goods had to be changed.
      This will lead to some light drops in population upon loading your savegame, depending on how many Lifestyle Needs you had already fulfilled previously.
    • We also included the Panorama Effect in our balancing calculations, reacting to feedback you provided after DLC 11.
    • One example of how this can look like:
      • The soap consumption of Engineers previously was: 3,2 complete chains to support 100 residences
      • The new balancing will only require 1,25 complete chains but the population gained moved from 5 down to 2
      • In Engineer skyscrapers with 2 floor levels, the soap will add 2 more residents, with the Panorama Effect level 3 it’ll add 4 extra residents.
      • Additionally, Engineers get 3 new Lifestyle Needs via DLC12 with a total of 16 more residents to a new total with all DLC of 90
    • And another one for the investors:
      • The Bear Fur need was at 1 Bear Hunter per 100 residences
      • Now it will be reduced by about third to 0.65 per 100 Houses
      • However, the provided population will be reduced from 10 to 6
      • An Investor skyscraper with 3 floor gets additional 6 residences from the need
      • Panorama Effect level 5 will then add additional 13 for bear fur when provided
  • The Lifestyle Need “Work clothes” now gives one coin for the Jonaleros when fulfilled
  • Reduced the attractivity bonus for the “Hacienda Pool” ornament
  • Updated the “Water Cooler”, “Distiller” and “Cola Mola Wola Machine” items to also affect the Hacienda Brewery
  • Adjusted the damage balancing of Old Nate’s “CarboN8r” sea mine to 1250
  • Reduced the purchasing costs of airships from Old Nate’s in the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario

  • Improved the Airship behaviour for docking at free piers
  • Airships now descent faster when unloading Goods and Mail at Piers and Platforms
  • Pathways ornaments to connect cultural modules can now be built directly from the Cultural Buildings Blueprint Object Menu
  • The Flak Monitor now has a “Change Ship’s Skin” button in its object menu
  • Changed the wording of the button in the DLC overview screen in the main menu from “Activate DLC” to “Redeem a Key” to address feedback
  • Changed the names of all airship classes built with Helium to easier differentiate them from the ones using Arctic gas


  • The shipyard in the Seasons of Silver Scenario no longer offers locked base game ship models
  • Fixed missing upgrade arrows in the arctic when using the upgrade tool
  • Fixed a speechbubble for the “Tutorial: Supply Factory” that was blocking the factories object menu
  • Fixed an issue for some production buildings from Seeds of Change not registering changes to working conditions
  • Fixed an issue for Scrapyard wall fences not reliably auto connecting
  • The “Beard of the Year Award” item effect is now functional in the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Fixed an issue that led to a reset of the Research points to 100k after loading a save game when a higher value was reached
  • Lifestyle needs can no longer be used to upgrade residences without basic needs
  • Fixed an issue with the Ship-of-the-Line “Man o’ War 1701” skin not being available for selection in some cases
  • Docklands modules can no longer be built in harbour red zones
  • Removed a misleading tooltip for the sorting function in formula and recipe books
  • Fixed an issue for players that could not join multiplayer games on GeForce Now
  • Not fulfilled Lifestyle Needs will not be counted for a residence buildings average supply in the statistic screen
  • Fixed a delay for the splash screen after the intro video for the “Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Removed irrelevant consumer goods from the Statistics in the “Clash of Couriers” Scenario
  • Fixed wrongly displayed picture of Obrero instead of Jornalero workforce in Saltpetre Works
  • Fixed an issue with Residences in the Arctic showing “Low Heat” infotip when heated only with Heaters
  • Added missing notification for the completion of the construction phase of Monuments
  • Postal Service and Aluminium Profiles production chains are now shown before their unlocking on the construction bar in the New World
  • Removed a placeholder item that was present in the Statistics Menu
  • The bonus damage to Harbour Buildings for the “Illegal rocket Battery” is now functional in “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Fixed an issue with the “Sack of Money” item that was usable in the Trade Union instead of the Town Hall for the “A Clash of Couriers” Scenario
  • The scenario plant items now have their item source listed in the Statistics Menu
  • Fixed an issue with the “Oxidation Pool” not being affected by the “Embrace Sunlight” buff in “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to spamming the notification about ruins in the city
  • Bonus effects are now shown also for administration buildings in the Statistics Menu
  • Fixed an issue for the Hacienda farm with tractor barn/fertilizer silo showing incorrect statistics of production sources when crops were changed
  • The productivity can no longer drop below 0% when using the “Synthetic Chemist” item
  • The preview for Hacienda Farm and Brewery recipes is now available in the catalogue before they are unlocked as for all other multifactories
  • The Hacienda Paving and Pathway no longer affect Residences needs if built in blueprint mode
  • Fixed an issue with notifications about reputation change with an NPC displayed twice if player looks at NPC’s island
  • The “Fertility Missing” warning no longer appears in the construction menu when the Fertility is provided by the Botanical Set
  • Fixed the issue for local departments always showing the line “No item effects” in the Finance Statistics
  • The Hacienda Pathway and Paving Limit can no longer be exceeded by pressing SHIFT
  • Fixed an issue with the Copperplate Printer in item not affecting all production buildings in “A Clash of Couriers”
  • Fixed an issue with the Skyline Tower’s maximum residents being impossible to reach in combination with the Empire of the Skies DLC
  • Fixed an issue where changing the recipe in Food Establishments causes bonuses to be displayed incorrect until the game is restarted


  • Fixed a small UI issue in the Trade Route menu for the good “Artic Reports” from the “Empire of The Skies” DLC
  • Fixed a misleading unlock condition in an infotip for the “Hot Sauce” recipe for the Hacienda Brewery
  • Added a missing icon for the “Tutorial: New World Network” quest in the questbook
  • Fixed an issue with an empty item selection in the object menu of several buildings after a filter was applied in the Research Institute
  • The tooltips for goods are no longer obscuring the selection menu for the Advanced Pier
  • Removed a misleading infotip for the “Show Full Trade History’ toggle in the Docklands Main Wharf Menu
  • The pop-up Menu for skins is now closing correctly
  • Fixed empty infotips for the Bus Skins
  • Fixed a broken counter for Local Mail for the quest “Tutorial: Post Office”
  • Fixed an issue with the Hacienda Module build menu being accessible and functional during Fire Incident
  • The “Grass colour” icon no longer overlaps the “lock” icon for some ornaments in the construction menu
  • Fixed a wrong icon that was displayed in the quest “Tutorial: Airmail”
  • Adjusted the order of the DLC icons on the save game profiles to fit the release order
  • Promotion pop-ups that appear after purchasing new content and starting the game for the first time are now evenly centred
  • Fixed positioning of some ship’s cargo slots for the ‘Transfer Goods and Items’ and ‘Trade’ menus
  • Fixed some inconsistencies for icons on infotips for storage and loading speed in the Docklands object menu
  • Removed some icons from the questbook entries for the different DLCs
  • The player icons are no longer overlapping in the Diplomacy Menu
  • Fixed a visual issue for the Grand Gallery ticket counter on the scenario victory screen
  • Fixed misaligned “Continue” banner for “Eden Burning” scenario in the title screen
  • Fixed a small UI issue with an overlapping timer for the quest “Kidusi Anitoni: Down, Down into the Deep”
  • Fixed a clipping header in the World’s Fair menu
  • Fixed an issue with long lists of mission objectives not fitting the UI box
  • The animation of moving pistons (when boosted by a Tractor Barn) is missing in Grain Farm object menu after loading a savefile


  • Build mode in a co-op multiplayer game will now allow the “build only in irrigated area” mode by pressing “Alt” when placing modules. The Co-op ping via “Alt” will be disabled during the build modes.

Quests & Achievements

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players progress through the quest “A Trifling Matter: Another Conspiracy Unmasked” blocking the Tourist Season DLC from finishing
  • Fixed an issue for the “World Peace” Achievement not unlocking after completing the requirements
  • Fixed an issue for the Silver Medal not unlocking when the Gold Medal was earned in the “A Clash of Couriers” Scenario
  • Fixed an issue with the “Best of a Bad Lot” badge not being displayed on the map pin after it has been earned
  • Fixed an issue for the quest “Tutorial: New World” where the objective was not met right after switching
  • The “Bashing the Buccaneers” quest no longer falsely auto-resolves
  • Fixed an issue for the quest “The Strike at the monument construction site” where one of the choices was always unlocked
  • The quest “Tutorial: Supply Factory” can now be also completed when dropping care packages on Hacienda Obrero residences
  • The quest “Mortal Remains” can now be solved after the delivery quests start in “Seasons of Silver” scenario
  • The quest “Tutorial: Supply Factory” appeared too early and now triggers after the tutorial quest for the Hangar


  • Fixed a small visual issue at certain camera distances on the main island in the “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Fixed an issue where quest items that were thrown overboard from an airship did not reach the land correctly
  • Fixed a visual issue on the ground plate for Old Nate’s Workshop Ornament
  • The feedback units coming from the visitor ships are no longer levitating when reaching the platforms
  • Fixed an issue that allowed changing ship skins for unique ships for which it should not be possible


  • The audio is now correctly replaying after pressing “Replay the introduction audio” button in the questbook menu for the “Tutorial: Rigid Airship Hangar” quest
  • Fixed an issue with the Audio of both Vara and Vasco getting cut off in Japanese


  • Added missing translation for the Anti-Armour Gun
  • Pictures are now localized on the Static Help pages for Empire of the Skies
  • A missing text was added for the Ammonium Plant tooltip
  • Fixed several truncation issues for Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed UI and text issues for several infotips when placing ornaments
  • The infotip for Coffee no longer says that it’s “Imported from the Arctic” when it’s not unlocked yet
  • Fixed a missing space character in warning notification flyout when explosion happens due to increased productivity
  • The text on the option for “Only Use Roman Font” was changed to “No Italics”
  • The goods from “Empire of the Skies” now have a fluff description in the Expedition Preparation Menu
  • Fixed several texts in Lifestyle Need infotips about the source of the goods
  • The ocean travel speed information is now localized
  • Fixed an issue with “Spices” being present in the list of goods for the “Eden Burning” scenario
  • Fixed the text of a misleading speechbubble for the quest “Fortuna’s lost mail” in “A Clash of Couriers” scenario
  • Fixed a misleading item description for items that “Affects All Mines and Quarries” for Russian
  • Fixed some text label inconsistencies for certain production chains
  • Fixed an issue with the Scrapyard Walls and Fences from the Grand Gallery using icon and text from Hacienda Walls in their object menu




  1. Y Yauheni288 December 29, 2022

    After the last update of Anno 1800 in Embesi, the production of lamps does not require wax candles, but ordinary incandescent bulbs from the old world or trelawny. Tell me how this can be fixed?

  2. K Korn_Das_Brot December 5, 2022

    Season Pass 5 wäre doch ein grandioser Abschluss

    – Hafen DLC – Am Pre View orientiert, (Neue Schiffe, Größer Hafenbereich, und und und da sprudelt es quasi aus mir)
    – Neue Wege bei einer Expeditionen (mehre aufgaben, unterschiedliche individuelle Story Lines)

    – Asien DLC (Neue Region, und letzer Krönender Abschied. Größe der Welt orientiert an Alte Welt..

    das wäre doch was…

  3. T Tijnz December 2, 2022

    Finally true World Peace? can’t wait

  4. S SerikaG December 2, 2022

    > “Salvador, the Stalwart (employs Artistas in New World factories for extra goods)”
    excatly what im looking for, great jobs!
    Hopes it affect all factories in the new world 🙂
    All new items looks pretty fun, cant wait to see how they improve gameplays

  5. A Antipotheosis December 2, 2022

    Thanks for the updates!

    Can we get an option in the game startup menu to start the new session DLCs at different points of the game please?

    For example Land of Lions unlocks at 100 Artisans, but could we have the option to start it later? – during Engineers or Investors tiers?
    The same sort of sliding scale for Cape Trelawney and The Arctic? – to delay extra session expansions until we reach Investors can make for a more interesting game if that can work. It may even inspire more development in The Old World rather than rushing elsewhere to develop instead. It would also reduce the storyline conflicts where Archibald and The Queen are appearing in multiple places simultaneously when the Campaign and DLC are played together.
    Please and Thank you.

  6. M MaxaryKo December 1, 2022

    Sound interesting.
    How about peaceful Flamethrower Monitors that often prefer to escort an enemy ship rather than attack it?


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