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Union Update: What’s happening in June

Hey Anno Community,

And welcome to the very first “Union Update” blog following the reveal of Anno 117: Pax Romana!

It’s been an exciting few days so far, following the announcement of the upcoming installment of the Anno series. In “Union Update” blogs like this one, we’ll recap recent events, share the latest news with you and give you a preview of things to come.


In that spirit, we can’t share it often enough: We announced a new Anno game on Monday – Anno 117: Pax Romana! Below you can find the trailer AND the speech by our Creative Director Manuel as well as Brand Director Haye at Ubisoft Forward.

The Anno Union

You’re on the Anno Union, our hub for anything Anno that received a little visual makeover now for Anno 117: Pax Romana. Here you will always find the latest news on our games, announcements for livestreams, events and – at a later date – playtests. We also have plenty of useful links to other websites and channels, like the “Annoverse” Discord, the r/anno subreddit, our social channels as well as resources for e.g. modding in Anno 1800.

We highly encourage you to make use of the comment section below each article to ask us any questions you might have, give feedback on the things we cover in our blogs and simply discuss with fellow Annoholics! (we’re aware comments from our first two blogs disappeared following the website update and are working on a resolution)


Some of you also asked about a fan kit and wallpapers? Well, we’ll also have those coming your way later this month.

First Anno 117 livestream

We just mentioned livestreams above, and the first is right around the corner! On Tuesday, June 18th, at 5PM UTC+2/11AM EDT / 8AM PDT we will be holding our very first Anno 117: Pax Romana livestream on Twitch from our office in Mainz with Creative Director Manuel, Brand Director Haye and Senior Writer Matt.

We’ll be talking about the reveal at Ubisoft Forward and our vision for the next Anno, as well as the trailer and how it was shot. Since some of you asked already and for the sake of transparency: We will not be showing gameplay next Tuesday.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the chat next week!

Contest: Design a Statue

Plenty of statues decorated public places, palaces and villas in Roman times. And they weren’t just plain marble marvels but painted and individualised in different colours and markings. In Anno 117: Pax Romana, you’ll have all the tools to shape your cities the way you want to. One of them could be a statue designed by: YOU!

Later this month we’ll start our first Community Contest: design a statue! The winning entry (voted by the community) will be turned into an in-game ornament for the game. Stay tuned for more news!




  1. S Sethy9 June 25, 2024

    When does it come a forum, where we can write down our wish list?

    Here is my wish list:
    It would be great if every or most Island has their own unique project or assignment like anno 2205, for example build water dam to get bonus.

  2. n nora1977 June 18, 2024

    Will there be a Mac Version with crossplay of the new Anno 117?

  3. M Mevelios June 18, 2024

    While I lack any artsy talent to enter that contest, somehow I feel like our new favorite town crier will definitely have room as a statue in our future city designs!

    Looking forward to the first gameplay sneak peeks you’ll provide us with, once you think the time is right. One year will fly by fast enough!


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