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Union Update – Upcoming stream & Community Spotlight

Hello Anno Community,

In the past weeks we have seen the Anno modding community grow bigger and bigger, with over 300 mods uploaded at mod.io and hundred thousands of downloads: from additional ornaments and cosmetics to more technical mods that add even more complexity to the game (not for the faint of heart!).

After a break from live streams during summer, we decided to dedicate our next one to mods. If you would like to join us, then clear out your calendars for Friday 29th of September from 5-6 PM CEST: Oliver (Community Developer), Kevin (Technical Director) and Jakob (Lead Tools Programmer) will show how the built-in Modloader works, while giving some dev insights and showcasing some mods.
Please note that the livestream had to be postponed, we will communicate a new time soon.

Community Spotlight

After showcasing the modding works of Kurila and Taludas, we thought of switching the perspective for today and show off some modded screenshots, together with some other interesting posts we have seen in the past few weeks on Reddit and Discord.

Let’s start with this screenshot by Mithaldriel, shared on the Annoverse Discord: this New World city almost looks like a painting, so lively and colourful. If you are wondering where these houses are from, then go check out the Jakob’s New World Cities mod on mod.io!

This modded capital city by domis_cze does not only count up to over 100 hours for its creation, but also over 100 mods! This overview of the city is quite breathtaking, and if you wish to see more make sure to go check the full collection of screenshots on Reddit. Plus, if you would like to know which mods have been used, domis_cze will help you out.

What about this video showing off this beautiful metropolis by Lumpi? A magnet for tourists! We don’t know about you, but the Anno Team would love to visit this place – we can see ourselves strolling through the Old Town and visiting that mysterious castle. If you are curious about the mods used, Lumpi has listed all mod creators in the video description on YouTube.


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We all know that Anno goes hand in hand with math, but mafieth really impressed us with two interesting Reddit posts. In the first one, you can find an extremely useful spreadsheet of Needs Economy Analysis, that explains the economical impact of all production chains. Just by looking at that spreadsheet you can all understand that mafieth really likes data and math – but be prepared to be swept off your feet because there is more. From needs economy to the Ultimate Ship Analysis: in this post mafieth explains how each ship has a sweet spot of cargo load at which it achieves the highest possible throughput, and provides a detailed trade route calculator. As mafieth mentioned at the beginning of the post, trigger warning: a lot of math (and graphs, too!). Kudos to mafieth for creating such useful tools, we are sure the Anno Community will love them!

For our last feature of the day, we would like to show you this lovely National Park by Ancalagon-j on Reddit, who says “luckily I still had a little free space on Crown Falls!”. Well, it does not seem so little after all! Your citizen must be quite happy to have all that nature so close to their city.




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  1. d domis_cze September 22, 2023

    I am honored that you have shared my city in the community spotlight, thank you <3


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