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Union Update: Modder Spotlight – Kurila

Hey Anno Community,

With the mod browser now implemented for Anno 1800 on PC, adding community creations to your savegames has never been easier! We’ve been very happy with the reception following the release last week and hope many of you will give some of the fantastic creations from the Anno modding community a try – especially if you haven’t done so before.

Since we owe a big thank you to said modding community, we of course want to feature some of their creations on our channels. This of course includes the Anno Union, and today we’re not only featuring some mods, but also have an interview with their creator: Kurila!

Read on to learn how he got into modding and what he recommends to players who want to start creating mods.

Hey Kurila! Thank you for taking the time. Let’s start at the very beginning: How did you get into modding Anno 1800? What was the reason you started?

As is usually the case with modding, I wanted to try to implement my own wishes and ideas.

I had already modified existing mods before, but my first own mod was that farms with tractor barns have fast transporters like the electrified factories.

But that was only the start, as we know. What other kind of mods have you worked on so far?

So far, I have created mods that include completely new products and their production, such as smoked fish.

My aim has been to find a way to make fish interesting for engineers and investors.

I have also created mods that have expanded existing productions, for example, the production of schnapps and beer requires either clay or glass in addition to the existing products. Since their previous production was too simple for me.

But I have also created smaller mods that only involve minor changes, such as making the Arctic canteen also function as a warehouse.

Did you have any prior modding knowledge or specific skills (programming, 3D art, …) when starting to mod Anno?

I had no idea about modding at the beginning. I had been playing computer games since I was a child, but otherwise I had nothing to do with computer-related work. My beginnings with mods were with XCom2 where I had adapted values in existing mods, so it went on at the beginning also with Anno 1800.

But at some point, this was no longer enough to achieve my wishes and ideas, so I started to look at how I could achieve this myself.

So, having started from zero yourself, what would you advise someone who wanted to get into modding Anno themselves?

Not to be deterred because everything seems too complicated and incomprehensible.

You have to start small and then develop your work. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get caught up in complex processes without understanding the basic structure of the mods.

I was very sceptical at the beginning about trying to learn how to edit graphics as a person with no experience in 3d graphics, as it seemed so incredibly complex.

But with the help of other modders and their modding tools it is possible with patience and will to learn everything you need.

And, final question: is there something (new) you’re working on right now?

One of the mods I am currently working on is an extension of the production of clothing.

Sewing thread and Wool Fabric should have a relevant role in their production.


Thank you, Kurila! We’re looking forward to your future mods, making a complex game yet even more complicated 😉

At the end of today’s blog, we want to highlight one specific mod by Kurila, the “Production Works” one. In true industrial revolution spirit, this one is all about factories, adding for example a Cable Factory – with cables now being required for the construction of elevators as well as for the construction of various buildings, like Power Plants or Radio Towers.

Drinks now also need materials to produce the container it’s filled into: glass for bottles, wood for barrels etc.

You’ll also find more uses for Wanza Timber (from Land of Lions) in adjusted recipes as well as new needs for your population – like potatoes!

Check out Kurila’s mods on mod.io or search for his mods directly in the in-game mod browser.



You would like us to feature your mod in a future spotlight? Reach out to us here in the comments or on Discord!




  1. t thekingkupo August 31, 2023

    Love Kurila I hope you interview some of the top modders as well.

  2. V Veieli August 30, 2023

    Can we get a steam flagship DLC ples


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