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Union Update: It’s “Seeds of Change” Release Day

Hello Annoholics!

The long wait is over: It’s release day! Today we are releasing DLC 10 “Seeds of Change” as well as the *shiny* new scenario “Seasons of Silver”.

With the new DLC you will be able to revolutionize your agricultural sector in the New World using the new Hacienda. And if you’re looking for a challenge: Join Vasco Oliveira on his search for silver!

Want to know more? We got you covered! You can read all about DLC 10 in our dedicated DevBlog right here. To find out more about the brand new scenario go check out our latest DevBlog.


To help you get into the right mood, definitely check out our dedicated DLC 10 trailer below!

From today on, DLC 10 “Seeds of Change” including the scenario is also available to buy separately from the Season 4 Pass! Head over to our store to find out more.

In addition to the new DLC we are also releasing GU 14, you can find the full Release Notes here.

Twitch Drops

As always, the release will be accompanied by a Twitch Drop event. Don’t forget to tune into your favourite streamers on Twitch till April 20th to receive two new ornaments! For more information about the Twitch Drops event check out our dedicated Union Update from last week.

Community Challenge

To kick off the new season we have prepared a community challenge for you! Planting the “Seeds of Change” takes a lot of work and a lot of fertiliser. So, the residents of the New World have asked for your help: The community must come together and reach a global target of 60.000 fertiliser modules built! As a reward, two new company logos will be unlocked for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get fertilising!

The community challenge will run for a period of 2 weeks and we will keep you updated on your progress throughout.

And, if you like challenges like this you’ll be excited to know that this is just the first of several. We have planned more challenges for DLC 11 and 12 so keep an eye out for those!

Free Week & Friend Referral

Do you love Anno 1800? Then why not share the love with your non-Annoholic friends: Anno 1800 will be free-to-play from April 12th till 20th! The free week includes the full base game without the DLC and will be savegame and multiplayer compatible.


And you know the most exciting part? Like announced earlier this, if you get your friends to play the game, both of you will get the latest Cosmetic DLC , the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack, for free if your friends purchase the game.

Just head to this website and invite one of your friends who doesn’t own Anno 1800 yet!

And that is it for this week’s Union Update! We hope that you will enjoy the new DLC and scenario and cannot wait to see how your New World changes. What are your thoughts on the new content? Let us know in the comments below! And, as always, if you have any other questions or thoughts feel free to share them with us below.

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.




  1. f frasoucos April 15, 2022

    Hello everyone!

    How is it going? I hope this one finds everyone well!

    Since the download of Season 4 Pass and the update 14 I am unable to play my saved games with mods, despite having already updated the mod loader. I have contacted the support but so far no solution and currently I am unable to play the game since Apr 12th. I am wondering if there is any news about compatibility between Season 4 Pass/Update 14 and mods.
    Here are the steps that I already took in order to try to solve the problem that, so far, did not work:
    1) Uninstalling and reinstalling Ubisoft Connect and running it with administrative rights;
    2) Uninstalling the game, reinstalling it and verifying the files;
    3) Updating nVidia driver;
    4) Updating Windows; and
    5) Removing the mods folder but keeping the latest version of mod loader (Release v0.8.6) in the bin folder to see if the game would load without the mod folder. It did not work.

    I guess there is an incompatibility between the latest DLC and its updated and the latest version of mod loader/mods.

    Guys, I want so badly to play the game again.

    Thank you!

  2. C Czarny_KOX April 14, 2022

    Got problem with getting gold got the required amount before actuary arrives and still not getting it, its the same playthrough i got previous medals.

  3. x xx_The_Rock_xx April 14, 2022

    The fertilizer building needs to be reworked: It is unclear how much dung it needs and its productivity is just too low. Should probably multiply its output by 5 times as much…

  4. s sniperNZSAS April 13, 2022

    “Pirates are rebuilding their islands again after coming back
    (Note: This does not affect savegames where the issue is already present)”

    Well Ho-ly-shet. It’s only taken you 3 years but hey, ya did it, I guess. A shame you couldn’t work it into existing savegames, but at least we can say it’s fixed now.

  5. K Katje-Katrien April 13, 2022


    After the update I lost my “Plant a Tree” DLC.
    So I hope that I still have my Gold medal and the other ornaments.
    I have to check this in my game.


    • K Katje-Katrien April 13, 2022


      A little update.
      I got a lot of issues with my game after the GU14.
      Lost my logo’s, portrait etc….
      Even after 2 times doing a clean install.
      So I will post it on the forum. Probably tomorrow. Because I need to take a lot of screenshots.


  6. C CesareBorgia777 April 12, 2022

    My public mooring is gone and my fisheries are gone on the Old World including trelawny.

  7. D Dravidos April 12, 2022

    Finally! The game has been updated and DLC 10 has been activated.

  8. D Dravidos April 12, 2022

    Hello Anno 1800 team. I bought the season pass. Around 18:30 I have launched the game but it has not been updated to GU14. I don’t know if this problem is only me or if there are other people with the same problem. That I have to do? I’ve launched it several more times and it still won’t update.

  9. P PendragonXor April 12, 2022

    I have pre-ordered Season 4 and still saying “You don’t own this content yet”. DLC10, DLC11 and DLC12 icons are visible but with an locked icon. Anybody else having problems accessing DLC10?

    • D Dravidos April 12, 2022

      Hello, has the game been updated to the GU14 version? My game was launched without downloading anything (meaning nothing was downloaded to update, it was launched directly).

      • P PendragonXor April 12, 2022

        Yes, game was updated to 14.0.1097494.

    • m mataczPL April 12, 2022

      The same. The game after the update and the add-on is still missing, although it was already purchased a long time ago

    • m mataczPL April 12, 2022

      ‘We are aware of some players not seeing the new content in their game after the update.
      We’re currently investigating this issue and will keep you updated.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.”

      Anno 1800 profile on Twitter

    • P PendragonXor April 12, 2022

      After multiple restarts, just now, DLC10 became active, and started working !!!


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