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Union Update: It’s Eldritch Pack Release Day!

Hey Anno Community,

Today’s the day Eldritch horrors make their way into your cities! With the “Eldritch” Pack Cosmetic DLC you’ll not only receive several Gothic ornaments, but also appropriately spooky building skins for Worker and Artisan Residences, as well as the pub and hospital.

Watch the video below for some impressions from the Cosmetic DLC:

This also is an excellent opportunity to once again highlight the eldritch fan art Dulcamarra shared last week. Not sure how Bente got roped into all of this, but Eli certainly looks very heroic. We only have one question: Where is Lady Hunt?


Alongside the new Cosmetic DLC we also released patches on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. You can find the patch notes here.

The Eldritch Pack CDLC is now available on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. 

Celebrating over 3 million Annoholics

Earlier this year we also passed a milestone for Anno 1800: Over 3.5 million players have joined us on PC and Consoles since the game’s release in April 2019!

As a thank you to all of you, our fantastic community, and to celebrate the occasion, we’re adding a new ornament to Anno 1800 for everyone.


It’s mid-November and only a few more weeks to the holidays. But before that, we are still planning three more livestreams for the Annoversary.

On November 23rd (Thursday next week) we’ll be diving into an Anno 2070 multiplayer match

On December 1st, we’re taking a look at Anno 2205 together with our guest Frank from the 3D Programming team.

And finally, on December 12th, we’ll be doing our “End of the Year Livestream” with several guests.

All three streams will be hosted on our usual Twitch channel: twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

We hope to see you there and are, as usual, happy to answer any game dev questions you might have!

Modding Contest Reminder

Last but not least we want to add a small reminder regarding the Anno 1800 Modding Contest!

Running until November 30th, this is your chance to hone your modding skills and get a chance at winning some great hardware prizes by MSI!

You can find more information and the official rules document here.




  1. L LennyHallqvist December 12, 2023

    Jetzt wird’s echt vollkommen absurd. Die Entwicklung von Landeinheiten für Anno 1800 wurde abgelehnt, da das nicht in das friedliche Setting passt – aber jetzt werden Horrorelemente reingepackt, um mal wieder 5€ für kleine Cosmetics abzucashen!? Wie lange läuft letzteres eigentlich noch? So lange bis wirklich der letzte Taler rausgepresst ist? Muss heutzutage jeder Entwickler 9392749392 Mini DLCs entwickeln, sodass niemand mehr in den Genuss eines vollständigen und damit vollwertigen Titels gelangt!? Das ist echt enttäuschend.

  2. V VacatedTundra68 November 26, 2023

    I wonder what the next CDlC will be i’m hoping for it to be something new with the sea defenses or the ship’s I had some suggestions on the last patch update for PC. I got this CDLC and it definitely worked for my neighborhood area. or a steampunk or dieselpunk ship’s, factory’s, or the sea defense.

  3. H Humility925 November 25, 2023

    Thank you for last DLC! Had fun on new project!


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