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The Anno 1800 Modding Contest

Hey Anno Community,

With great excitement we’ve followed the growth of the Anno 1800 hub on mod.io in particular, and the discussions about mods and modding in general that our August-Update created.

We’re very happy that both the mod creators in our community, as well as our players were so quickly on board with the mod browser we added together with the great team at mod.io.

Plenty of fantastic creations have been added since and we would love to see even more!

So, as a little incentive, we’re starting Anno 1800’s first ever modding contest!

Even better: You can win fantastic hardware prizes from MSI!

Let’s first give you a quick summary of the contest and its rules, however:

  • The modding contest will run from today (October 23rd) until November 30th
  • The theme that your mod will have to be at least partially related to is “the New World”.

Additionally, there are some restrictions for legal reasons, and we ask you to carefully read the official rules by following this link. You will need to accept these rules in order be eligible to win. In short:

  • You will need to create a completely new mod to participate and can’t enter with an existing mod.
  • Participants will have to live in Europe (see rules document for the full list of countries).
  • Participants will need to be at least 16 years old.

What can I win?

As mentioned at the beginning, MSI has graciously sponsored the prizes for this modding contest.

In total, together with our friends at MSI, we’re awarding the 5 best mods each with a mouse and mousepad combo: The Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless Mouse and the Agility GD72 Gleam Edition Mousepad.

In case you’re teaming up with another modder (see participation rules below) and your mod wins, each of you will get the MSI prize bundle.

How do I participate?

Below we’ve listed the requirements for participating in the modding contest and to for you to eligible for a prize.  Make sure to also check the full rules for the contest.

Step 1:
Create any type of mod for Anno 1800. The only limitation is that the mod has to be in some way related to the “New World” but in which way is up to you.

Step 2:
You can team up with up to 1 other person (i.e. you can form 2-person teams) to create your mod.

Step 3:
Within the time limit (until November 30th), send a us download link to the finished mod via email at anno-community@ubisoft.com

Step 4:
Do not publish your mod (on Nexus, mod.io, GitHub, etc.) before the winners have been chosen (afterwards you’re of course free to upload it on any platform of your choice).

The winners will be chosen by a jury within the Anno team based on creativity, use of the theme and “usefulness” of the mod for players. We’re open for any and all creations: From ornamental to gameplay mods and from serious creations to funny or silly things.

Additionally, the winners will of course be featured on our channels upon conclusion of the contest.

We’re excitedly looking forward to what you’re coming up with and once again want to thank both MSI as well as our modding community for their support.

Ubisoft Entertainment SA collects and processes your personal data to allow your participation in the competition and to send prize(s) to winner(s). Learn more about the use of your personal data and about your rights here.




  1. V VacatedTundra68 October 28, 2023

    A question for the developers do you guys think those are good ideas and that some day I can be a game creator.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 3, 2023

      Hey VacatedTundra68, thank you for sharing some personal ideas for potential Anno stories.
      We wouldn’t include any actual historical characters and are not too keen to cover the World War era, but in itself the first half of the 20th century absolutely features some potential for stories.

      There’s a lot that plays into creating a game, and an idea for a setting or story is only the very beginning. The story needs to be fleshed out in detail, characters created, dialogues written etc. And on a Game Design side, features need to be designed, balanced and tested. Not even talking about e.g. the programming and UI efforts to make the features and mechanics work.

      If you’re eying a career in the gaming industry, see if you can get an internship at a company in your area to get some impressions. There are also some really good courses at some universities specifically focused on, for example, Game Design. And doing your own first steps in game design by creating mods (for any game, really) would certainly also help you. Good luck from our side!

  2. V VacatedTundra68 October 28, 2023

    And I feel like the developers should ad in small seasonal Easter eggs like for Christmas on the news paper it can say “A small child stopped two crooks after being left home alone.”

  3. V VacatedTundra68 October 28, 2023

    Or a mod that H.H. Holmes has made it into your tourist/investor city witch most likely has the worlds fair an he will build his “Murder Castle” and people will go missing witch is who ever is on that island. it can be investors or tourist or scholars and it will do bad things on your news paper and you have to complete a lot of puzzles to get rid of him and you will side with a detective. You cant destroy or move his hotel and if you press it he will ask if you want to stay in his hotel and if you say yes the game will end with you in a gas chamber. but after you will get a museum out of it witch gives cool bonuses.

  4. V VacatedTundra68 October 28, 2023

    and a new antagonist witch is a German zeppelin called der Zerstörer witch is controlled by the red Barron and the king will give you a poster to tell the difference between his zeppelins and the German zeppelin and you will make new AA guns for defense against zeppelins, bombers, biplanes, and red barons Fokker DR-1 Triplane which is very strong. But i don’t have a PC to mod so if any modders want to take this idea to win go ahead but give me credit for the idea.

  5. V VacatedTundra68 October 28, 2023

    I have an idea but I don’t have a PC to mod but my idea is a new story where the queen has died and a king takes over but not just any king George V. He will ask you to produce Ship, weaponry, and the new inventions. How you would get the Great War inventions is by doing small story’s with new charterers like a spy who spy’s on Fritz Haber and help them copy gas weapons but the spy only sends you puzzle letters you don’t get to see them. Then you work with Lancelot de Mole & William Tritton to make a Tank which is called Little Willie. then the player will get to test in a small reincarnation of no mans land then you will make newer tanks like the mark V tank and test that one to. then you will work with the write brothers to make a biplane for World War 1 and you can use these to defend your air ships.

  6. d dencreate October 26, 2023

    Hello. Look towards the Interactive paradox.
    They monitor mods and then simply release collaboration-based DLC with one modder or another. and the user is happy – a tested and integrated innovation, and the modder is happy and the company makes a profit.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 27, 2023

      Hey dencreate,
      I’m not entirely sure I read your comment correctly, but we have not and will not monetize mods for Anno 1800.
      That includes any and all submissions for this modding contest – any participant is free to upload their mod to any platform they like after the contest has ended. We will not upload those mods ourselves, this is solely up to the creator.
      All content we are selling in the stores is created by the Anno dev team.

  7. B BCessel October 25, 2023

    MOUSE AND MOUSEPAD? WOW! “fantastic hardware”


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