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Union Update – DevStream and gamescom

Hey Anno Community,

On Tuesday we revealed DLC 11 in our DevStream with Game Designer Dominik, International Product Manager Lisa and Community Developer Oliver. We dived into almost all aspects and features of “Empires of the Skies”: From the new mines and the various airship types over airship combat to finally the Airship platform and its modules.

Not to forget the post offices that are part of the mail system, as well as the drop actions, allowing you drop various goods over your own or other players’ islands: propaganda, water, sea mines, bombs and care packages.

And we also gave you a first look at the scenario, “Clash of Couriers”, that throws you into a Grand Postal Derby.

If you missed the live stream, you can now watch the VOD of the stream here.

Over the next weeks, you can expect DevBlogs with more insights on the individual aspects of “Empire of the Skies”.

Anno at gamescom

After two years of “online only”, the video games trade fair gamescom is back this year with a physical event in Cologne!

Amongst other Ubisoft games, we will also be at there at the Ubisoft Community Lounge with presentations and Q&A sessions on August 25th-27th. If you happen to be at gamescom, feel free to visit us, chat and ask your questions.

Please note that our panels will be held only in German! But we’re happy to chat with you in English, of course.

Due to regulations, seats in the Community Lounge are limited. You can book one either in advance or try to sign up directly on site. The following links lead you to the sign-up for the 3 days:

We’d be happy to meet some of you there 🙂




  1. m medm24 August 21, 2022

    is developing a hydroelectric dam on crownfalls good idea to you guys? theres a waterfall there like one of the Scenarios.

  2. E Epic_Fly123 August 16, 2022

    Can we have a something like Great Eastern as airship, would be nice to have one with even more cargo space.
    Also would be nice to have super fast one with just a little cargo (1 for example) and 6 item slots to fit all items.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 17, 2022

      Hey, we do have a big airship with 8 total cargo slots and very fast versions with little cargo capacity but high speed. The maximum number of item slots is 3, though.

  3. l lelehoho August 15, 2022

    Have you thought of Palace, Local Ministery and Town Hall generating à tuer of “diplomatic mail” ?
    (Police station could aswell)
    This could generate another kind of mail, at a lower rate.
    This mail could be used to :
    – Have new possibilities of interactions with other characters : more luck to reach peace or trade agreement ? New options ?
    -We could also imagine than this mail can be exchanged at all time to Archibald to buy peace mode, sales on merchandise prices or pirate mode for our ships, without spending gold.
    – And even further, destroying a plane transporting another player diplomatic mail could give an davantage on him, either to negociate peace or to reveal what his plans are (for IA it may be a “translation” of the way characters have been coded to better Under stand them, or an information of which island he plans to colonize next, or an overview of his production/ storage/ population statistic screen for a limite amont of time)
    – Eventually as this DLC is made to interact with others, you could imagine a way for this diplomatic mail to be invested in influence aswell ?
    I can’t wait to play this ‘ew DLC wich sems to refresh a lot the game.
    Best regards

  4. l ludo38230 August 14, 2022

    What year will the next Anno be?

  5. l ludo38230 August 12, 2022

    Bonjour ! j’écris ici car je ne peut pas écrie sur le forum communautaire mes message s’efface quand j’écris!
    J’avais quelque suggestions pour rajouter ou changer dans anno 1800:
    Se serai bien que le système de point d’influence soit améliorer avec des thèmes, par exemple point d’influence militaire utilisable pour les navires de guerre, dirigeable de guerre et défense portuaire.
    point d’influence culturel pour le musée, le zoo et le jardin botanique et point d’influence industriel pour les corporations, capitainerie, et des points d’influence de colonisation pour la colonisation des iles!
    rajoutée des usine d’engrais dans l’ancien monde et enbesa!

  6. M Misiek_1991 August 12, 2022

    It would be REALLY nice to get at least 1-2 skins for every airship….


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