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Union Update: Annoverse Roundtable, Community Challenges and more

Hello Anno Community,  

Two days ago, we revealed our plans for Anno 1800’s Season 4. We hope you enjoyed the surprises and are excited to explore the new content throughout 2022! We are less than two weeks away from the first DLC “Seeds of Change”, a good time for a quick recap of our latest news and of our upcoming events. 

Season 4 Unveiled 


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Season 4 consists of three DLCs that will be released throughout 2022. At the center of Season 4 is the New World, and each DLC will focus on different themes. “Seeds of Change” (April 12th) focuses on agriculture and ways to improve and revolutionise this sector. “Empire of the Skies” (planned for Summer 2022), as the title suggests, will focus on the Age of Airships. Finally, “New World Rising” (planned for late 2022), will revolve around the industrial and economic boom of the New World. And did you know that each DLC will come with a new scenario?  

If you would like to know more about Season 4, we have a detailed overview here on the Anno Union. Oh, and of course, next week we will publish two DevBlogs with everything you need to know about “Seeds of Change” and the “Seasons of Silver” scenario. 


During yesterday’s stream we received a lot of questions related to our upcoming content. Here are the answers to the most common ones we have seen popping up: 


Q: When will I receive the Bonus Ornaments that come with purchasing the Season 4 Pass?

A: If you purchase the Season 4 Pass, you will receive the three Bonus Ornaments upon the release of DLC 10, “Seeds of Change” – that is April 12th at 6pm CEST / 9am PT. 


Q: Will the world expansion in DLC 12 be compatible with my old savegames? 

A: Yes! The world expansion will be compatible with your savegames. We will expand the current region and add new islands.


Q: How many Haciendas can be built per island? 

A: One Hacienda per island. More info coming next week! 


Q: Are all the airships shown in the trailer going to be released with DLC 12?! 

A: The airships you see in the image in the Season 4 trailer are just scribbles. They are not final concepts but just for us to get a feel for what can work. 


If you have got more questions related to Season 4 – ask away! However, keep in mind that answers to questions related to DLC 11 and DLC 12 will generally come later this year, when we get closer to each release. 

Community challenges 

We know that the Anno Community loves challenges – so we decided to spice things up for Season 4! Throughout 2022 there will be three Community Challenges in total, one for each DLC. They will focus on each DLC’s content and once completed, the whole Anno Community will be rewarded for the amazing work! 

Would you like some spoilers about the first Community Challenge of the Season? Alright, alright… Well, of course it will involve fertiliser and maximising its (excessive?) usage. More details in our “Seeds of Change” release day blog, so stay tuned for that! 

Free week 

What better way to lure your non-Annoholic friends into the Anno universe? From April 12th to April 20th, Anno 1800 will be playable for free! The Free Week will include the full base game without the DLC and will be savegame and multiplayer compatible. 

And did we mention our Friend Referral program? By getting your friends to play Anno 1800 you will both receive the “Seasonal Decorations” Pack CDLC for free, if your friends purchase the game! 

Twitch Drops 

The DLC 10 release will be accompanied by a Twitch Drops event, that will last from April 8th to April 20th – more details coming next week! Just one little spoiler from us: this time, our Twitch Drops event will be open for all streamers! 

Anno 1602 Annoversary 

In the past few days, we have been talking a lot about the future and our upcoming content for Anno 1800. However, we cannot forget an important milestone: Today, Anno 1602 turns 24! Happy Birthday to the game that started it all!

Annoverse Q&A session 

Last but not least, a couple of weeks ago we announced our Roundtable on the Annoverse Discord that will take place tomorrow, April 1st. During this Q&A you will have the chance to ask all your questions about Anno in the text chat, that will be then answered by the Anno Team in the voice channel. The session will be split into two parts, German and English.  

German session: 7pm– 8pm CEST/UTC+2

English session: 8:30pm – 9:30pm CEST/UTC+2

You can join the Annoverse Discord server via this link – there you will find a channel dedicated to the Roundtable (Annoverse Stage) and later on also a dedicated channel to post your questions. Again, a huge thank you to the Annoverse team for organising this event. We hope to see you all there! 

This is all for today’s Union Update. Quite a lot to unfold, right? As usual, if you got any question do not hesitate to comment down below or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or our official Forums. 

Happy city-building! 




  1. G Goose7118 April 2, 2022

    Живешь в России, ни как не касаешься политики, покупаешь весь контент в Anno 1800 и в итоге 4й сезон нет возможности купить, ну так нельзя же…

    • o olaf-11 April 3, 2022

      Мы заложники. Но дело здесь не в политике, а в войне.

  2. H Halk_Hogan_PL April 2, 2022

    Hello. Can you apply two-sided rendering for textures (architecture, vehicles, objects etc.)? I just really love exploring my cities in first person, and it saddens me that some buildings have holes in them. I would also like the collisions of objects to be more realistic, I would like to be able to climb stairs etc. and not get stuck on invisible walls. Please, give some more love to the first person mode, I think a lot of people would be happy!

  3. F Faltbootsardine April 1, 2022

    I really like that the the Twitch Drops are available for every streamer now!

  4. H Humility925 April 1, 2022

    Question about Arctic Airship and New World Airship? What is difference between of two Arctic and New World’s reward of Airship? Will that make Arctic less useful than new world? New World already more useful to old world, while Arctic is only useful because of airship and simple gas, anything other than is little bonus of fur and gold for better than new world and Old world, but mere cost more people and resource from new world and Old world’s resource to supply.

    • H Humility925 April 1, 2022

      Annoverse Q&A session, seem I can’t join due disability, deaf, so how can I question and talk on those Roundtable (Annoverse Stage) if not allowed to type word and read word, only speak and hear by normal people?

      •   Ubi-Thorlof April 1, 2022

        Hey Humility, an audio-focused event like this is not very friendly towards peole with hearing impairments, I agree, and I’m sorry for that.
        I have talked with the team of the Annoverse server and they suggested that they will summarize our answers to your questions in chat for you to read. Unfortunately, live-transcribing the whole event is out of scope both for us as well as the Annoverse team.
        We will look into transcription options for the future.

        You can, of course, also always ask your questions here on the Anno Union or the forums and we will do our best to answer them.

        • H Humility925 April 1, 2022

          Thank you very much Ubi-Thorlof

    •   Ubi-Thorlof April 1, 2022

      It’s still too early to talk about DLC 11 in detail, but we will keep existing DLC (esp. the Arctic) in mind for the new content.


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